Purple Mattress

It is much difficult to find the perfect mattress that caters to all your concerns, therefore, this Purple mattress review can help you figure out the pros and cons associated with this mattress. Being one of the oldest and first of its kind, Purple mattress is the perfect foam mattress that would not require you to rob a bank. Its slim construction and superior design sets it apart from many of its competitors. The durability coupled with the quality, firmness and value of mattress makes Purple mattress ideal for the customers.

But the real question here is why should you buy the Purple mattress; so let’s dive into the nitty-gritties and look at all the pros and cons affiliated with this mattress.


If you are looking to shop for a comfortable mattress on budget then go for this mattress as it not only comes with an affordable price tag but it also offers free delivery to your doorstep. It comes in various sizes: twin, twin XL, Queen, King, California King, split king and Full sizes; so, grab the one that suits you and enjoy the firmness and comfort of the Purple mattress.

As far as the construction of this mattress is concerned, it has many layers that are primarily incorporated in the Purple mattress to impart the utmost level of comfort to you. It has 2 inches of comfort layer of Purple Grid which is followed by a 3.5 inch layer of polyfoam, and a support layer of 4 inches which high density polyfoam, to support your body weight conveniently during the night.

These layers are designed specially to ease the pressure on your body and relax your muscles so that you sleep peacefully. In order to further enhance your sleep experience, Purple mattress has a soft cover made of polyester and viscose fabric.


Before rushing to buy your own Purple mattress, it is essential to go over all the pros and cons of this mattress.


  • The mattress is highly durable hence, a good investment at a budgeted price.
  • It is designed to fit your body perfectly and to hug all your curves to allow you to sleep in a better way
  • The material used in its construction is highly hypoallergenic and non-toxic.
  • Its adjustable feature can adapt perfectly to any body type and offers a greater edge support
  • It releases the pressure off your pressure points and helps you get comfortable in bed.
  • Its warranty and price are the perfect combination for anyone looking to buy on budget.


  • Many other affordable brands available
  • If you are looking to buy from a relatively older brand then you might look for other alternate brands.
  • Many customers have complained about delay in shipping


Moving on, let’s talk about the performance of Purple Mattress, and how it can satisfy its customers.

Motion Isolation

Firstly, Purple Mattress offers strong motion isolation that is a golden factor for anyone who sleeps with their partner or shares a bed with someone. Usually when one person moves around in bed, the other one gets disturbed due to the motion transfer, but the Purple Mattress keeps this in mind and eliminates motion transfer, which allows you to sleep peacefully with your partner. The memory foam layer in these mattresses is the main isolator of motion.

Pressure Relief

The second golden feature about Purple mattress is that it relieves pressure. If you are someone who suffers from back pain, then this pressure relief feature of the Purple mattress makes it an ideal fit for you.

The Purple Grid contours the body to offer strong support and the foam layer keeps in check that the sleepers do not sink deep into the mattress, hence allowing a peaceful sleep. Purple Mattress ensures that you are relieved from all your pains so that you can get a better night’s sleep.

Temperature Control

We also have the perfect solution for hot sleepers as well with the temperature control feature of the Purple Mattress. It helps you stay cool throughout the night and sleep peacefully. The upper most layer of Purple Grid maintains the temperature of your mattress; unlike the heat-trapping memory foam mattresses.

When compared will all the other mattresses, the Purple mattress holds the top position amongst all when it comes to temperature control. The Purple Grid technology regulates the airflow of the mattress to keep you from waking up again and again due to the hot temperature.

Edge Support

Edge Support and ease of movement are two of its other irresistible features that can attract the customers into buying this amazing mattress. Even though it has been rated as an average mattress in terms of its edge support but it can offer enough edge support for your ease and comfort. Many of the other memory foam mattresses are unable to provide as much of edge support as Purple Mattress. The basic purpose of the edge support is to make it easier for the sleeper to get out of the bed.

Furthermore, Purple mattress provides ease of movement and it has been rated average on it, but it is enough to help you acquire a good night’s sleep. The Purple Grid technology provides a better support and ease of movement than many other mattresses.

FInal Thoughts

Other perks of the Purple Mattress include its ability to provide ease for all types of sleepers, may it be side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper. In addition, its budget friendliness is another one of its major plus points, as it provides optimum quality of comfort at an affordable price. The 10- years warranty of this mattress can help you replace the mattress at any point if you are unable to find it suitable.

To sum up, this Purple Mattress Review has listed all the potential details that are essential for you to consider before buying your own Purple Mattress. Happy Shopping!

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