How Long Does A Mattress Last

Who doesn’t want to go home and just lay on their bed and rest for some time? That feeling is indescribable as in how relaxing and comforting it is. However, you only get the heavenly feeling when your mattress is comfortable and durable according to your body shape and size.

Let’s have a closer look at how long does a mattress last and we’ll consider different types of mattresses here on our Guides.

How Long Does A Mattress Last

Average Life Span Of Different Mattresses Foams

There are different companies in the mattress bedding industry and you may find an excellent mattress, but perhaps it won’t last long if you did not research well about it. Following is an average estimate of the longevity of different types of mattress foams:

  • Latex Mattress lasts from 15 to 25 years.
  • Memory Foam Mattress lasts for about 10 years.
  • Hybrid Mattress has a life span ranging from 8 to 10 years.
  • Innerspring Mattress lasts for about 7 years.

Consequently, you should invest in a mattress that runs a long time if you’re looking to purchase one so that you use your money wisely.

Factors That Determine The Longevity Of a Mattress:

Although mattressfirmpillows have given an estimate of the average life spans of different mattresses above, there are still important factors that calculate how long does a mattress last.

How often do you lay on the mattress?

The more you use your mattress in terms of sleeping, or relaxing on it, the more it shall become accustomed to your body, and gradually it will start sagging after about 8 or 9 years.

The weight on your mattress

The more people sleep on the bed and the more weight you put onto it, there’s a high chance that your mattress will sag more quickly than it should (especially if it does not support heavy-weighing people).

Materials and layers of the mattress

This is super important as it determines the durability, support, and comfort of the mattress which then explains its longevity.


If you see two mattresses with similar properties but different prices, then go for the one that is a bit costly as this factor counts for its durability if you’re purchasing it from a known company. Otherwise, simply look out for reviews of other mattresses.

What is The Perfect Time To Replace Your Mattress

When considering how to dispose of a mattress, it’s crucial to address the issue when you start feeling discomfort during your sleep. If your mattress fails to offer the necessary comfort and relaxation, it may lead to restlessness and discomfort. So, how to dispose of a mattress? Consider the following aspects

Replace your mattress when:

  • Your mattress starts to sag and you see lumps on your mattress.
  • You can feel the inner coils
  • Your mattress starts making squeaky noises
  • Your start feeling muscle or body pain
  • Your mattress loses its motion isolation ability
  • Your mattress is not able to handle the weight
  • You start feeling allergies or breathing issues
  • Your notice bed bugs in your mattress

Drawbacks Of Sleeping On An Old Mattress

A healthy lifestyle requires a healthy routine, meaning you sleep well and wake up fresh. For this, your mattress needs to be your best partner in providing you with healthy sleep. Sleeping on an old mattress can be dangerous as it can cause several bad impacts on your body and your health.

People facing diseases like asthma and others might feel their disease level elevating and it could be troublesome. It can cause risks of heart disease, high blood pressure, and body pains. It might also affect your mental health. Proper sleep has a huge impact on our life as it helps us to have good control over our brains.

How To Make Your Mattress Last Long

There are ways you can prevent your mattress from sagging quite early. For example, you can rotate your mattress once in 1 or 2 months or use it upside down. This can prevent the mattress from molding from one place and balance up the mattress. It would help if you also kept your mattress in sunlight once in a while to prevent bed bugs and to kill any germs.

There are mattress toppers available in the market that you can use in your bed if you feel like your mattress is sagging. This will help when you can collect money to buy a brand-new high-quality mattress. It is a great option for those who want a temporary solution to their mattress to have a comfortable sleep.

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