Purple Mattress vs Nectar

Choosing the “bestie” among your two great friends can be a hard choice, as you are familiar with both of them and have spent a period of fun time alone with both. This can be the same as choosing between the two most popular mattresses Purple and Nectar, even though you are familiar with the aspects of both but, can’t choose the ONE.

Mattressfirmpillows help you narrow down your thoughts by representing their features, and the differences from one another, and how each ranks among the other popular mattresses as well (the other friends you have).

The Nectar Mattress

When you are sad and upset; when tears can’t stop coming from your eyes. Who’s the one that comforts you? Who’s the (soft yet firm/Plush) and the comforting one that gives you a mother-like warmth? From a mattress’ perspective, it’s the supporting Nectar mattress; the soft and cushioning one which grasps you into its smooth and motherly vibes, giving you both support and warmth. Following is a short Nectar mattress review.

nectar mattress

Where is the Cushioning coming from?

Having 12’ thickness and ranging 6-6.5 on the mattress firm scale, the mattress industry has upgraded Nectar into three types of mattresses each consisting of three layers and a top covering.

The top covering

The mattress cover is a natural blend of polyethylene, polyester, and nylon. Two of the mattresses, the Nectar Flagship and Nectar premier are covered with this to allow breathability. The premier copper Nectar is more breathable due to copper fibers instilled in it. The bottom covering prevents the mattress from slipping from its surface.

The Comfort layer

Remember his/her arm hanging around your shoulders when you feel like your bond is unbreakable? And he/she carries the burden off your shoulder to help you distress. The comfort layer of the Nectar mattress gives this same sensational touch coming from the 3” gel-infused memory foam layer. The memory foam is good for reducing pressure points whereas the gel-infused addition creates more air passageways to pass through the mattress. The Premier Copper Nectar has 4 layers of gel memory foam.

The Support Core

This layer of High-density foam provides support and maintains the stability of the mattress. The Flagship and Premier Nectar have a 7” support core while the Copper Premier is at 2” lead.

The Purple Mattress

It is your firm friend. The strongest one in the group, able to carry the burden on your shoulders. The honest and trustworthy, the one who keeps your secrets safe. It’s your family friend whom you grew up with. This Purple mattress provides the support your body requires for pressure relief and to focus on the body pains in order to remove them.

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purple mattress

Can you trust this family friend?

Let’s play a game of comparison with Purple mattress vs Nectar and see which one is more close to you.

Difference between Purple Mattress Vs Nectar Mattress



·  Both are all-foam mattresses.

·  Scale range is 6.5

·  High-density foam supportive layer

·  Both brands offer three types of mattresses

·  Offer Sleep trial plus warranty

·  Both are shipped conveniently

·  Different constructive materials build

·  Purple is more preferable for hot sleepers.

·  Overweight people suit Purple and petite sleepers suit Nectar

·  Durability is great in Purple Mattress

·  Nectar mattress’s longevity is high

Let’s take this game to the next stage and compare its features.

Purple vs Nectar Review Ratings

Customer reviews are a crucial part of the whole mattress industry, indicating a certain brand’s both positive and negative sides. These ratings depend on the reviews which customers give and it’s not hard to seek a bad review. The factors which determine ratings are the mattress durability, comfort or support, motion isolation, off-gassing, breathability, and last but not least pressure points relief.

These mattresses can be as good as reducing pressure points. Hence, no more back pain, backache, sore mornings, or any pain sensation. It all depends on the type of material which these are made of.

Purple Mattress

Nectar Mattress

Purple Mattress reviews are higher at this stance thanks to the gel-grid comfort layer. This 2-inch grid of hyper-elastic polymer will reshape itself in no time after usage.


The Nectar mattress isn’t behind longevity span because its top layer is a memory foam which is also called the viscoelastic layer.

Most of the customers were happy with the Purple mattress for expanding in nearly 30 minutes after unboxing. They were more excited to sleep on it as no foul odor or smell was coming from it. The mattress felt just as new as it was.

Expansion & Offgassing 

For a typical Nectar bed, it takes 24-72 hours of expansion. But, the worrying part is, sometimes there is this weird smell coming from it making the user less comfortable to sleep on it.

The gel grid of the Purple mattress is far bouncier and springy unable to absorb motion transfer.

Motion Transfer

Many positive points in the Nectar review for handling motion transfer extremely well. Not much surprising because memory foam mattresses can absorb one’s toss and turns.

The Purple mattress introduces an advanced level of pressure-reducing technique with the help of its Hyperelastic polymer body.

Pressure relief

Generally, the traditional memory foam layer of the Nectar mattress is highly viscous and pressure reducing, as it molds according to our body positions.

Which Mattress is Cooler?

The Purple bed is in the lead because of its gel grid which provides more airflow than the original Nectar model with a 3” gel-infused layer of memory foam. The temperature decreases further if you are buying the other models of the Purple family, the same happens in the Nectar family. The Copper Premier Nectar model can give a close cooling to the Purple Mattress but, so far the Purple Hybrid Premium is the coolest.

Which Mattress is Better Nectar vs Purple

We’re closer to know who to choose now that we’ve discussed their similarities and differences. But, it is yet to know which is best for whom specifically? Say both of your friends are having trouble with something. Now the solution to the problem relies on YOU. How are you going to help them? It’s how strong your bond can be. To make someone your best friend is for you to be their best friend.

Overweight or Lightweight

Take a closer look at yourself. Are you overweight? Does your weight measure above 130 pounds? Preferable for you is the Purple Mattress. Because both of you can match with each other. The Purple mattress offers its hyperelastic gel-polymer which gives ideal support to an overweight person. Now, you’re helping the mattress in a way, not leaving him alone, giving him company at the night, and staying close enough to him determines how strong your bond is with the mattress.

Similarly in the case of petite sleepers, more preferable is the Nectar mattress. Overweight people might find their bodies not properly aligned because of the softness less support coming from the Nectar mattress.

Stomach and Back sleepers

These sleepers experience a remarkable sleeping environment when lying down on the Purple mattress. The gel grid gives enough support, spinal support, and edge support to our entire body by leveling our hips. It is a responsive, pressure-relieving mattress with adequate firmness.

Nectar mattress creates good vibes for the back sleepers but can be troublesome with stomach sleepers. They don’t get enough support from Nectar mattress layers.

Side Sleepers

The Purple mattress gives a decent amount of support to side sleepers but it is not enough to relieve pressure because the mattress is rather not the plush-firm material.

The Nectar mattress is more suitable for side sleepers and pressure relief because of the top memory foam layer on it. It is rather the plush-firm material that gives off contour cushioning to our joints and not that high toning like the Purple bed.

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Purple Mattress vs Nectar Mattress Cost with Size

The price range varies between their models. It is greater for the Premium and Premier model and even higher for the Hybrid Premium and Copper Premier.

Purple Mattress - Hybrid Premier


Nectar Mattress - Premium Copper

$599 - -


$499 - $1,299

$849 - $2,599

Twin XL

$669 - $1,349

$1,049 - $2,799


$799 - $1,599

$1,199 - $3,099


$899 - $1,699

$1,499 -  $3,699


$1,199 - $1,999

$1,499 - $3,699

California King

$1,195 - $1,999

$1,698 - $5,198

Split King


Nectar Mattress vs Purple Aftersales Policy

The aftersales policy comes after the purchasing of a mattress brand, which the company offers you, to create a strong bond between you and the company. Different companies offer a variety of services that meets the customer’s demand. 

Purple Mattress

Nectar Mattress

The Purple company offers free shipping in the US as well as Canada (except the local tax). An additional cost would be included for shipping other than here.

Delivery or Shipping

The Nectar mattress company is issued in the United States, which means it is Nectar’s birthplace. It is shipped without cost in the US in whichever state you live in. globally, the shipping cost would be around $150. 

The Purple mattress is wrapped up in a vinyl tube for easy handling and carrying.

Packaging and Security

The Nectar bed comes in the old fashion way of bed-in-a-box which is still the most popular and common convenient method of shipping and delivery.

Purple mattress takes 10-12 days to arrive.


The arrival time for Nectar mattress is 3-5 business days.

Nectar vs Purple vs Casper

Does the player always win this fast or this easily? Only letting his/her qualities appeal to you and win the match? Of course not! There is always a twist in the story. Now another old friend of yours comes to hear the rumors of the “Best friend” winning the game and makes his/her way into the contest. The contest has become more challenging now with the arrival of the Casper mattress. Let’s see who holds the title! You can check out Purple mattress vs Casper in detail here.

This Casper belongs to the medium-firm side of the industry. Pretty exciting news for back and stomach sleepers, the Casper mattress is a blend of latex and memory foam with high-density polyfoam as the support base, providing enough pressure relief to the joints. This opponent is also suitable for hot sleepers and combination sleepers who change positions continuously.

Final Thoughts

Certainly, it’s a challenging decision to choose your best friend when it comes to mattresses. But it’s a priceless moment for you to understand whom you develop with more. If you are not so sure yet, you can take on the trials and decide accordingly. Hopefully, the result of Purple Mattress vs Nectar will account for your satisfaction.

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Simply not! Cut off the tapes attached to your box and let out the mattress to rest on a platform. You can roll it to fill your bed frame but it doesn’t come up rolled like the Purple mattress.

Eventually, there will be a point come for all mattresses to sag, and it’s not surprising that you flipped your bed or rotated it, or even added another layer to it. They will sag over time of usage. For the Purple bed, if the person’s weight is too great then sagging can be quick.

The height of your bed and ceiling doesn’t matter. What matters is your bed frame should be right about your knee level, which is 16-20 inches off the ground. In this way, your feet can be firmly placed on the ground whilst you are sitting on the edge of your bed.

Your room’s floor or any floor of your house where you can put your mattress has already been occupied by dust and allergies. Even if you clean it, dust will grow again and will dirty your newly brought mattress. It’s best to buy a platform that is higher than the ground preferably 16-20 feet high where you can put your feet down to rest.

Once you’ve unpacked your mattress and rolled it onto your bed frame. Let it decompress and reach its mentioned size so that you won’t have any measurement issues with it. Also, it’s best to allow it to remove and foul odors from itself.

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