Sherwood Mattress Review

Sherwood Bedding company makes different mattress brands featuring various characteristics of a mattress. The leading brands include Sherwood Bedding, Lumina, Encore, Evosleep, and Dunlopillo. You’ll find memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses, or even hybrid mattresses in these brands, whether online or in Sherwood Mattress stores. 

Now comes the real deal, should you buy a Sherwood mattress? Is it worth it? Is it comfy enough? Or does it meet your body’s requirements? Mattressfirmpillows will give an in-depth Sherwood Mattress review in this article, so stay with us to find out!

Sherwood Bedding Reviews

Offering a wide of mattress constructions, mattress firm options, and body-type options, there’s a high chance you’ll find ‘THE ONE’ mattress for yourself. There’s a vast distinction in which specific model you choose. All the mattresses are manufactured in the USA.

Apart from the mattresses, the company also makes blankets, pillows, covers, mattress protectors, etc. There’s a whole bedding collection.


  • There’s an option of 7 unique premium-quality hybrid mattresses to choose from. Their hybrid mattresses are pretty popular due to their construction and tend to suit every body type in general.
  • Excellent motion isolation property.
  • Provide excellent support in any sleeping position.
  • It’s quick and easy to set up in general.
  • All the mattresses are certified.
  • Wide range of mattresses with different constructions and prices.
  • It keeps you cool and comfortable while sleeping.


  • The prices are higher than their competitors.
  • Not as durable as their alternatives for some models.
  • Not suitable for people who strictly like to sleep on their sides.
  • Back support and pressure relief might not be great for some models.

Sherwood Bedding Characteristics

People around the world are perfectly comfortable sleeping on Sherwood mattresses. However, people too have moderate reviews about the Sherwood mattress. Let’s look at Sherwood bedding reviews about the characteristics and features in general.


People concerning back problems need a little more in-depth Sherwood mattress review before purchasing one. It might not be suitable for them if they have backaches or need spinal alignment.

Better orthopedic beds are available for them that can do more than treat their issues, such as providing comfort and excellent support and cushioning.

On the other hand, Sherwood mattresses seem to impact people with no chronic issues significantly. Their backs, neck, and body get enough support to sleep comfortably.

Edge Support

Since there are different mattress models, some have the perfect even-ness and edge support, while others might feel discomfort due to lumpiness. The hybrid versions provide excellent edge support because of the coil springs.


Having a mattress that lasts long and is in good condition is everybody’s goal. Generally, its durability is moderate – not too good and not too bad. If you’re the kind that uses the mattress only during nights, then it’s preferably an excellent idea to have a Sherwood mattress at your home.

However, if you’re living in a hostel and spend most of your day and night on your mattress, then it might not meet your expectations. There’s below-average durability for most cases of Sherwood mattresses.

Edge Support⭐⭐⭐⭐

Sherwood Bedding Brands

Each mattress comes with premium quality breathable covers that can stretch according to your body. This way, it helps with pressure relief as well. It comes in 5 leading brands that have different mattress types.

Let’s consider the brands thoroughly to help you differentiate between classes and models respective of their brands.

Dunlopillo Mattresses

Dunlopillo mattress brand consists of 100% natural Talalay latex foam. It features all-foam mattresses with graphite infusion to keep you cool throughout the night. High-density upholstery foam layers count for support.

Let’s look at the three mattresses from the Sherwood Bedding Dunlopillo range.



Apart from the Talalay latex foam, it consists of highly dense convoluted foam layers. The layers allow air to pass through and help dissipate heat while you sleep. It’s best for hot sleepers as it comprises a breathable Tencel-blend knit cover engineered with Max Breeze cooling technology.

The Sherwood Bedding Barcelona mattress is available in two types: Luxury Firm and Luxury Plush. The firm mattress is best for stomach sleepers, while plush mattresses are best for side sleepers. These options allow people to understand their body types and what type of mattress they want to purchase.


It has a similar foam structure to the Sherwood Barcelona mattress, except that it focuses on aligning the spine and dealing with backaches. The mattress adjusts according to your body type and provides excellent support. An additional airflow through complex layers allows a more relaxed and fantastic sleep.

The stretchy knit cover further aids to this cooling ability. There’s no plush option available; you can only get it in Firm or Luxury Firm mattress firm options. Considering this, it’s best for back sleepers and stomach sleepers. If you’re a side sleeper, then you might consider other mattresses.


This mattress has similar properties as the Barcelona mattress. It is versatile due to its top cover quilted with high-density upholstery foam. This foam provides additional cushioning and a plush feel for a cozy sleep. Soft wool rosettes inside the mattress make it exceptionally durable and smooth.

You can get Portofino Sherwood mattresses in Luxury Firm and Luxury Plush types. Both options are manufactured considering the type of people and their needs.

Encore Luxury Mattresses

This range of Sherwood beds contains three hybrid mattresses. There are multiple layers of foam and coils in each mattress, with distinctive functions. The general structure of each mattress is a supportive layer of pocketed innerspring coils, then a conforming nano coil layer.

The foams used are memory foam or natural Talalay latex foam, which control pressure relief and comfort.

encore luxury mattress

Milan Hybrid Mattress

It is made from high-density memory foam quilted with a comfort system. A nano coil layer under manages pressure relief and provides a cozy, flexible sleeping routine.

Milan hybrid mattress has a Tencel blend cover with Max Breeze cooling technology. It has reinforced foam edges. It comes in Luxury Firm, and you can also add a Plush Euro-top or jumbo pillow top finish to add cushioning according to your needs.

Riviera Hybrid Mattress

This Riviera mattress is unique for its firm spinal support. The high-density polyfoam and conforming memory foam work together to provide excellent support and comfort to the body. The smooth top finish helps in sleeping comfortably. Sleeping on this mattress makes sure that your spinal cord stays aligned while you sleep calmly.

Edge support around the Riviera hybrid mattress is okay-ish, and the innerspring provide enough motion transfer. You can move around the bed at night without disturbing your partner. It also uses Max Breeze technology and Tencel fibers to allow breathable and relaxed sleep.

The mattress firm options include Firm, Luxury Firm, Latex Luxury Plush, and Plush. There’s a wide variety that’s suitable for different sleeping positions.

Sovereign Hybrid Mattress

This one focuses on the durability of the bed. The Talalay latex foam manages pressure points and works to dissipate heat while you sleep. It consists of high-density memory foam to deal with joint pain and pressure.

Sovereign hybrid mattress from the Sherwood mattress reviews focuses on working for a long time. The foams are premium quality used to prevent sagging and enhance edge support. It comes in Luxury Firm and Luxury Plush mattress firm options.

Supreme Hybrid Mattress

It has various layers of foam. First comes the dense polyfoam core that provides excellent back support. Then there’s an upholstery foam and gel-infused memory foam. These molds according to your body to provide the proper contouring. Furthermore, the foam layers work altogether to provide comfort and pressure relief.

The gel particles in the memory foam exert a cooling effect on your body. The stretchy and breathable cover takes away the body heat for air ventilation. Eight models in this Supreme category relate to different body types and firmness options from super firm to super plush. Plus, there’s a choice of smooth or quilted finish as well.

EvoSleep Hybrid Mattress

If you are a memory foam lover, then this one’s right for you! EvoSleep hybrid mattress comprises two memory foam layers. These layers have an open-cell structure that allows air ventilation. The cells help dissipate body heat, thus allowing you to sleep cool at night. It’s also great for hot sleepers.

CoolGel Hybrid Mattress

This mattress has the primary function of allowing calm sleep. It is designed so that the cooling gel-infused foam and temperature work together. It prevents overheating and tends to pressure points as well.

This mattress is super breathable, and it includes a stretchy and cooling cover. The perfect mattress for Hot sleepers is probably the CoolGel Sherwood hybrid mattress.

Lumina Mattresses

The primary feature of the Lumina mattress is the individually pocketed springs. These springs compress independently, which makes the whole mattress supportive and durable. It also holds for the fact that it has excellent motion isolation. There’s enough space in the mattress to allow excellent cushioning and pressure relief.

The Lumina Mattress brand features three innerspring and hybrids mattresses. Let’s consider each in detail.

lumina mattress

Sedona W/Nano Coils

Sedona W/Nano Coils features high-quality innerspring mattresses. The mattress uses high-carbon springs. These springs provide excellent support to your body. The springs are separated into individual pockets, resulting in more excellent edge support. There’s a tight encasement for added edge support.

The Sedona W/Nano mattress comprises a comfort system with upholstery foam and adaptable memory foam. These work together to adapt to your body while providing excellent pressure relief on aching joints.

You can find this range in Luxury Firm and Euro Top Plush versions. There’s a choice of Jumbo pillow top finish as well.

Sedona W/Latex

This one is similar to the previous Sedona W/Nano coils model. It has a foam-encased innerspring system as the support core. The Max Breeze cooling cover functions to keep you cool throughout the night. There’s a comfortable latex foam layer as well.

This mattress is available in Luxury Firm, Euro Top Plush, and Jumbo Pillow Top options.


It combines gel-infused memory foam with high-carbon innerspring along with the upholstery. The comfort system works to dissipate heat which allows air to pass through. It prevents overheating. A reinforced foam perimeter across each edge caters to wear and tear and enhances the edge support.

Tencel blend covers come along with the mattress. It is available in Extra Firm, Firm, Luxury Firm, and plush. For extra cushioning, you can select Jumbo Pillow Top finish. There needs to be a model that suits all body types with this many options.

Sherwood Mattresses

This range uses unique pocketed springs in the hybrid series. Each mattress has an open spring core layer with other comfort and support layers. All the layers work together to provide the perfect cushioning, comfort, and support to your body.

sherwood mattress

Sunrise Hybrid Mattress

The structure of this mattress is somewhat like this: it is a pillowtop innerspring mattress with a comfort system consisting of upholstery foam layers and a breathable cover. Springs function to provide stability and edge support and make the mattress last longer.

The comfort system is well known for adding a cushion to the bed that allows a comfortable sleep. When you move your body on the bed, the cover adjusts accordingly to flex with your movements. The Sunrise mattress series is available in Firm, Plush, and Pillow Top.


The Resort mattress consists of traditional pocket-spring mattresses. Its primary purpose is reducing motion transfer, which makes it best for couples. The mattress molds according to your body and has enough reinforced space to meet your covered area. This overall increases the durability of the mattress.

It comes in Firm, Luxury Firm, Cushion Firm, Plush, Jumbo Pillowtop, and Super Jumbo Pillow top. The wide variety makes it easier to select the right mattress!

Ocean View

This hybrid mattress has a double offset innerspring system that’s made to support your body. It has foam border reinforcement that elevates the strength of the mattress and makes it last longer.

The cover of the Ocean View mattress contains Tencel fibers and is super soft and comfortable. The comfort system of this mattress is made using gel-infused memory foam. You might know that gel works wonders for your body by dissipating heat and allowing you to sleep cool.

It comes in Luxury Firm, Plush, and Pillowtop versions.


The comfort system is made using dense upholstery foam. It also has a dual offset sprint support system like the Ocean View. This mattress is available in various mattress firm options, including Pillow top and Big Pillow top additional features.

How to Choose a Sherwood Bedding Mattress

If you’re looking for a mattress to buy, considering some factors are super important! The factors include the type of the mattress, the price, the features, and its pros & cons. You should know the weight your mattress will have to stand for the rest of the years it lasts, so try your best to look for a mattress that’s durable too.

Following is the general Sherwood mattress review considering the factors on choosing the right mattress.

Memory Foam Mattress:

Memory foam mattresses are known for adjusting and molding according to different body types. You may consider this mattress if you move around the bed a lot and require comfort sleeping in different positions in your bed. In Sherwood mattress bedding, the EvoSleep series include memory foam mattresses.

However, this might still be hotter and not suitable for hot sleepers if you are a light-weighing sleeper who can sleep at any temperature comfortably; this one’s right for you!

Learn how to enhance your sleep experience with our insightful Memory Foam Mattress Reviews – the initial stride towards achieving peaceful nights.

Traditional Innerspring:

There are several Sherwood mattress models featuring traditional innerspring. These are best for people with backaches or those who have breathing issues. The Sherwood Innerspring mattresses are also great for couples or people who share their beds with others.

Please note that these beds might be heavy and difficult to move around. If you frequently change your room settings, then try a lighter mattress.


The Dunlopillo Sherwood bedding mattress stands out in the Latex mattress types. It has hypoallergenic properties and great support. If you have a sensitivity and require a high level of support for your body, then try considering the Dunlopillo mattress.

Nevertheless, it might get heavier in your pockets to purchase this one. Latex mattresses are generally more expensive than other types. So, make sure to check your budget!

Hybrid Mattress:

As discussed above in the Sherwood mattress review, multiple ranges are Hybrid mattresses. These include Sherwood mattress, Lumina, and Encore. These are super adaptable and have excellent conforming and comfort layers. However, they are more expensive and heavier than the other types.

If you are unsure of the mattress firm-level you want, go for medium-firm as this usually suits every body type and sleeping position.

Discover the optimal blend of comfort and versatility! Explore our Hybrid Mattress Reviews to locate a mattress that caters to your individual preferences.

Final Thoughts

Sherwood mattresses have a variety in different ranges. All vary according to mattress types, firmness, and sleeping positions. There is a high chance you might end up purchasing a Sherwood mattress.

Don’t forget to check out the drawbacks of the mattress that you finally decide on. Remember to check the durability, support, comfort, price, and mattress firmness.

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