Casper Sleep Snow Mattress Review 2023

Casper Sleep Snow Mattress Review

Are you looking for a better night’s sleep? Well, fear not because mattressfirmpillows are reviewing a product that might just be the solution to your problem. The Casper Sleep Snow Mattress is a comfortable 3 ergonomic zoned hybrid mattress. It’s a good choice for people who feel too hot at night because this is going to be perfect for your needs.

Casper Sleep Snow Mattress

Product Details

Mattress Material







100-night sleep


Free for North America (USA and Canada)


Fully refund

Side Sleepers
Hot Sleepers

Ideal if you weigh up to 130 lbs

back sleeping
Back and Side Sleepers

Ideal if you weigh up to 130 lbs

stomach sleepers
Stomach Sleepers

Ideal only if you weigh up to 130 lbs max

Who is this Casper Sleep Snow Mattress recommended for?

This product is mainly recommended for average-sized people who weigh between 130-230 pounds. Of course, at the end of the day it is really all up to personal preference but statistically speaking people in this range will find this very useful.

Recommended for

Casper Sleep Snow Mattress is really great for the following types of people.


Hot Sleepers

The Snow line of Casper mattresses is geared towards great temperature regulation and cooling. The Casper Sleep Snow mattress is no exception to this and provides great cooling. So, people who tend to get hot in their sleep will find this mattress to be great.

Side Sleepers

In particular, side sleepers are advised to use it since it offers the ideal combination of pressure reduction and spinal alignment, especially for light individuals.

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers want a combination of pressure alleviation and support, just like side sleepers do. Fortunately, this model works hugely in favor of back sleepers because of its firmness and excellent pressure relief. But keep in mind this is recommended for lightweight people. Your mileage may vary once you cross the 230-pound cut-off.

Stomach Sleepers

Although this position is still relatively fine It is the least ideal out of the 3 sleeping positions. The mattress is overly soft, which causes the hips to sink a little bit too deeply during long periods of sleep. This throws the spine out of alignment which is not very comfortable.

Not Recommended for

The Casper Sleep Snow Mattress is not recommended for the following types of sleepers.

Heavy Sleepers

As mentioned previously the Casper Snow Mattress is not highly recommended for heavyweight people/people who weigh more than 230 pounds. This is because heavyweight people may need a little more support to keep the spine aligned.

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How is the Casper Sleep Snow Mattress Designed/Constructed?

Construction of Casper Sleep Snow Mattress

The Casper Sleep Snow mattress is made of three distinct layers with some additional gimmicks built in. It is a medium-firm model that is graded around level 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale.

Let’s check out its construction starting with the top layer. The first layer is made of Casper’s AirScape foam. AirScape is simply a memory foam layer with lots of precision-drilled holes in it. These holes/perforations provide passage for hot air to escape. However, there is something special too; in the snow mattress, this layer incorporates phase change material. 

Simply put phase change material can absorb a lot of heat because there melting point is somewhere close to room temperature. When materials change their phase (i.e., melt from solid to liquid) they absorb a lot of energy(heat). The Casper Snow mattress incorporates material that has a melting point between room and body temperature. It does not actually change state to liquid though. Anyhow, this allows this AirScape layer to absorb a lot of heat from the sleeper’s body, thereby keeping them cool. The perforations in the layer also remove this heat from the foam so that it can continue to absorb heat from the sleeper.

Right below this layer are six heat delete bands. They are small strips made of graphite laid vertically with about 6 inches or more in between each band. These bands can conduct heat very efficiently and spread it across the mattress so that one spot (i.e., where the sleeper lies) does not become overly hot. They conduct heat away from the body and help to keep it cool.

Below these bands is the second layer which is made of zoned memory foam. This support layer has a firm middle zone and softer edges. The firm middle zone provides support for the back and shoulders and helps them to stay in a neutral pressure-free position. Ultimately, this results in great comfort.

Finally, we have the final layer of spring coils that provide support to all the foam layers above. These individually pocketed coils not only provide support but also help reduce motion transfer. This layer is bordered with a strong, firm edge that lends itself to great edge support.

All of this is neatly packaged in a non-removal cover made of specialized cooling yarn that helps to move heat away from the body.

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What are the Features of Casper Sleep Snow Mattress?

These are the features of the Casper Sleep Snow Mattress that enable it to provide comfort and support for the intended types of sleepers.

Motion Isolation and Transfer

Motion isolation is a valuable feature in mattresses especially for people who share their bed with their kids, partner, or pets. The movement of other people in the mattress can disturb you, but with great motion isolation, the disturbance can be minimized. 

Foam mattresses are usually great at motion isolation because of the natural elasticity and vibration absorption capabilities of foam. Since the Casper Sleep Snow has two such layers it has better than average motion isolation. This is further supplemented by the presence of spring coils. Springs are excellent at motion absorption and because they are individually pocketed they have very little contact with each other and therefore do not transfer much motion to each other.

Thus, overall, there is very little motion transfer. To give you a better idea here are some motions that transfer well and some that do not. Ordinary movements like tossing and turning are barely felt if at all. We tested this with an average-weight person on each end of the mattress and tasked them to move toss and turn while the other lay still. 

More aggressive motions such as jumping on the mattress, kicking the covers, and throwing oneself onto it were felt noticeably. However, such motions do not typically occur during sleep time, so you can be sure that your sleep will be disturbance-free. 

Toni, a Casper customer had this to say about the motion isolation feature in their five-star review.

“We’ve also been impressed with the Casper Snow mattress’s motion isolation. Even when one of us gets up in the middle of the night, the other person doesn’t feel it. Overall, we’re extremely happy with the Casper Snow mattress. It’s comfortable, cool, and supportive, and it provides great motion isolation. If you’re looking for a new mattress, we highly recommend it.”

Cooling and Temperature Regulation

The temperature regulation on the Casper Sleep Snow Mattress is a game changer. It keeps you comfortably cool throughout the night ensuring a refreshing sleep. The top AirScape foam layer with its breathable design efficiently dissipates heat preventing any uncomfortable warmth. Even on hot summer nights, this mattress excels at maintaining a cool and cozy sleep environment.

The heat delete bands as well as the phase change material in the AirScape layer are extremely efficient at taking heat away from the body. Therefore the cooling is exquisite and lives up to the name of “Snow”.  

A customer review by DY (an Amazon shopper) corroborating this claim is given below:

“My partner sleeps hot, so we were after a mattress that cooled well. With the combination of the Snow mattress, a Turmery GOTS cotton waterproof mattress protector, and linen sheets, she’s now freezing by morning time and I feel like I woke up in the ice age every day

Pressure Relief

The Casper Sleep Snow Mattress offers commendable pressure relief, catering to a broad range of sleepers. Its top layer, the AirScape foam gently cradles the body promoting a sensation of weightlessness. This alleviates pressure points and reduces the pressure on the shoulders and hips making it a pain-free sleep making it an excellent choice for those seeking relief from aches and pains. 

If you’re particularly sensitive to pressure points or prefer a softer feel you may want to consider adding a mattress topper for that extra layer of comfort. But this only applies to light people. Average-weight people will have no qualms about pressure relief.

Brian V another Amazon customer who claims they weigh 205 lbs had this to say about the pressure relief feature of this mattress.

“I’m fit, but for the last year or two, I’ve had weird hip pain. Since I haven’t suffered a hip injury or done anything to cause the pain, I chalked it up to my age and resorted to sleeping with a pillow between my legs to mitigate the pain. However, after one night on this mattress, the pain is gone and hasn’t come back. I had no idea my old mattress was causing the pain, but it was. That was a nice surprise.”

Edge Support

The Casper Sleep Snow performs well in terms of edge support, although not as well as some comparable mattresses. Edge support is critical since it determines how much of the mattress surface is utilized. When a bed has solid edges, people can sleep near the edge without fear of rolling off. 

The Casper Sleep Snow Mattress has great edge support due to the strong border surrounding the spring coil layer. This border helps you make the most of the sleeping surface and you can sleep near the edge comfortably (provided you do not weigh more than 230 pounds). 

You will only feel the edge support lacking when you sit near the edge. Sitting is a position that puts all of your body weight on your hips. So, the pressure exerted is higher than the lying down position. This much pressure is enough to overcome the resilient border. So, you won’t be doing any sitting on the edges of this mattress.

Shirly, another Casper customer had this to say about the edge support.

“Slept on my Snow mattress last night and slept like a baby. So comfortable with just the right support and softness and cool comfort. The outer edge of the mattress is nice and supportive. The Casper company was easy to work with and answered all my questions in chat support. Highly recommend this mattress”

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Testing Casper Sleep Snow Mattress with Different Weights and Sleeping Positions

Now, before we begin, I just want you to know, that The Casper Sleep Snow Mattress is designed for lightweight sleepers/people under 130 pounds and average-weight sleepers/people in between 130-230 pounds. That’s why it performs well for those weight classes. However, heavier people will not find this mattress to be comfortable in the long run.

Light Weight Sleepers in all three positions

Lightweight Sleepers should be comfortable in almost every single position with the Casper Sleep Snow Mattress as that is what it is designed to be.

Light Weight Side Sleepers

Lightweight side sleepers should not have too much problem having a comfortable sleep. The only problem that could occur with this However, individuals who weigh less than 130 pounds might experience some slight pressure in the hips and shoulders because they don’t weigh enough to make the mattress contour around them. However, it is safely ignorable and not a deal breaker.

Light Weight Back Sleepers

For lightweight back sleepers, the Casper Sleep Snow Mattress is an absolutely amazing choice. The mattress is sufficiently firm to maintain healthy spinal alignment for those who weigh less than 130 pounds and the conforming polyfoam-zoned support layer helps prevent discomfort in the lower back and shoulders.  

So, people who have issues with back pain and stiff shoulders will find this mattress to be phenomenal.

Light Weight Stomach Sleepers

The Casper Sleep Snow Mattress can provide comfort and support to most lightweight stomach sleepers. The mattress is a very good choice for lightweight sleepers as these sleepers exert less pressure on the mattress. 

Lightweight sleepers will not face the issue of their hips/pelvis sinking into the mattress and disrupting the neutrality of the spine as such even strict stomach sleepers can sleep well on it.

Average Weight Sleepers in all three positions

As part of the intended audience for this mattress, average-weight people will have comfort in all three sleeping positions. Average weight refers to people who are between 130 to 230 pounds.

Average Weight Side Sleepers

The Casper Sleep Snow Mattress is great for side sleeping. Side sleepers require that the mattress give under their weight just a little bit. This is to allow for good spine alignment.  Since the Snow mattress has a softer top layer this is possible. The mattress contours around side sleepers and lets the shoulders and hips stay level by letting them sink a little bit, thereby maintaining a neutral spinal alignment. Therefore making this position incredibly comfortable.

Average Weight Back Sleepers

This mattress is great for back sleeping for the average-weight sleeper. Due to the inherent nature of this position, the pressure on the body is spread out evenly. Furthermore, the zoned support layer provides great lumbar support and alleviates pressure from the hips and shoulders. This results in a comfortable experience that provides great pain relief. This mattress has enough support and bounce in it to allow average-weight people to sleep without sinking in it. So, they will be very comfortable with it.

Average Weight Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleeping is a unique position that requires more firmness to stay comfortable. The reason is that softer mattresses cannot hold the pelvis upright and let it sink too much, particularly in prolonged sessions. This is an uncomfortable position as it hurts the back and results in soreness. 

During our testing, it was revealed that people who weigh closer to the 130-pound cutoff can sleep comfortably on the Casper Sleep Snow mattress. However, stomach sleepers weighing near the heavier end of the average weight spectrum will need to switch positions after a while. My recommendation is that they should check out any of the hybrid mattresses by Casper if they are strict stomach sleepers.

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Heavy Weight Sleepers in all three positions

As this mattress is not designed for the heavyweight sleeper audience the Casper Sleep Snow Mattress is going to provide some issues for heavyweight sleepers.

Heavy Weight Side Sleepers

Overall, Heavyweight side sleepers had the hardest time with the Casper Sleep Snow Mattress. Now those above 230 pounds still liked this mattress during testing. But it wasn’t quite firm enough to offer proper support. I recommend not using the Casper Sleep Snow for strict side sleeping if you are heavy.

Heavy Weight Back Sleepers

To avoid lower back pain, back sleepers require robust structure beneath their midsections. It is provided with the zoned support layer. The mid-section of this layer is more firm, thereby providing more uplift. The spring coils and zoned layer together provide adequate support, which keeps back sleepers properly positioned atop their mattress. So, even heavy sleepers will have a good time in this position.

Heavy Weight Stomach Sleepers

People who sleep on their stomachs often need a mattress that is not too soft, so they don’t sink too much into it. This mattress is rated a 7 out of 10 for firmness. Unfortunately, that is not firm enough for people who weigh over 230 pounds. So I cannot recommend this mattress to them. They should look for a mattress that is more rigid or sturdy.

What are the Prices and Sizes Available for Casper Sleep Snow Mattress?

Casper Sleep Snow Mattress is available in a variety of sizes. Each size has a different price due to the amount of material used. There are a total of 5 sizes. You can see the price, weight, and dimensions in the following table.




Check Price

  Twin XL

  38" W x 80" L x 12"H

  68.1 lbs


  53" W x 75" L x 12"H 

  85.2 lbs


  60" W x 80" L x 12"H

  104.5 lbs


  76" W x 80" L x 12"H

  129.2 lbs

California King

  72" W x 84" L x 12"H 

  129.2 lbs

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Ease of Use and Customer Service/Support of the Casper Sleep Snow Mattress

Casper is a great company that has been making mattresses in a box since 2014. Part of their success is due to their customer support and how they put ease of use before anything else.

Let’s look at some of the services the Casper Sleep Snow Mattress provides.

Unboxing and Off Gassing

The unboxing process is very quick and easy to do. The Casper Sleep Snow Mattress can show up to your home really fast because it gets delivered through UPS or FedEx. Once you bring the mattress in and unbox it you can easily put it on the bed, cut off the plastic wrap, and watch it inflate. 

Another point to take in note is as you lay down on the bed it might feel really soft and that’s just because it has been wrapped for so long so this is normal. There might also be a chemical smell. These issues naturally resolve themselves if you put the mattress in a ventilated room and wait a few hours before using it. This should make the softness and the smell go away.

Here is a review by Kari Shelley from Amazon about the unboxing of this mattress.

“This mattress is quite heavy so two people are needed to move it about. The mattress arrived in a box & it was rather easy removing the Matt from its packaging.

I allowed the bed a good 24 hours to expand before I began sleeping on it.

While it is a new bed, I do understand that it takes a good 30-90 days to fully break-in a new mattress, I’m quite smitten with how comfortable it is.”

She mentions how easy it was to unwrap even if it was difficult to move and that it was comfortable from the start even without the acclimatization period.

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Where Can You Buy It?

You can buy the Casper Sleep Snow Mattress from Amazon and the official Casper Sleep Snow Mattress website. However, brick-and-mortar stores such as Target, Walmart, Costco, etc., etc., also have Casper mattresses available.

Delivery and Return

Delivery is free of charge in the entirety of North America and Canada with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii. If you ordered the mattress from Casper or Amazon, UPS or FedEx will handle the delivery. Brick-and-mortar stores typically send their own people to deliver the mattress to your home.

If for some reason you want to return the mattress, the delivery is free of charge. But you cannot return the mattress before 30 days. This is to let your body acclimate to the new mattress which requires 30 days.

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Trial Period

Casper offers a trial period during which customers can return the mattress for a full refund if the product has issues or they don’t like it. The duration of the trial is 100 nights, but returns can only be initiated after 30. This limitation is there to ensure that customers do not prematurely return products. We already mentioned why the 30-day limit is present in the previous heading.


Casper provides a standard 10-year warranty for their mattresses. It covers manufacturing defects such as indentations larger than an inch as well as premature cracks and fissures. If the mattress has a removal cover, then faulty zippers are also included.

Normal wear and tear through normal use is not included in the warranty.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Casper Sleep Snow Mattress Review presents the Casper Sleep Snow Mattress as a solid product at a high price point for individuals seeking a comfortable night’s sleep. Those who tend to sleep hot at night will find its cooling features to be more than adequate. The zoned support system ensures excellent lumbar support for the spine and effective pressure relief for the shoulders. This product is particularly well-suited for individuals weighing up to 230 pounds, offering a reliable solution for a restful night’s sleep.

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Q. Who is the Casper Sleep Snow Mattress recommended for?

A. The Casper Sleep Snow Mattress is recommended for average-sized individuals who weigh between 130-230 pounds. It is particularly well-suited for people who tend to get hot at night, side sleepers, and back sleepers. However, it may not be the best choice for heavy sleepers.

Q. What is the construction of the Casper Sleep Snow Mattress?

A. The Casper Sleep Snow Mattress is constructed with three distinct layers. The top layer features Casper’s AirScape foam with phase change material for cooling. Below that, there are heat-dissipating graphite bands, a zoned memory foam layer, and a layer of individually pocketed spring coils for support and motion isolation. The mattress also has a cooling yarn cover.

Q. How does the Casper Sleep Snow Mattress perform in terms of motion isolation and temperature regulation?

A. The Casper Sleep Snow Mattress excels in motion isolation, making it a good choice for couples. It also offers excellent temperature regulation, keeping you cool throughout the night, thanks to features like the AirScape foam and heat-dissipating bands.

Q. What are the prices and sizes available for the Casper Sleep Snow Mattress?

A. The Casper Sleep Snow Mattress is available in various sizes, and the price varies based on the size. There are five different sizes to choose from, and you can find the specific pricing, weight, and dimensions in the provided table.

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