Purple Mattress vs Casper

The Purple and Casper mattress, both are the superstars of the mattress industry, in generating the company’s monthly income through special advertising sales and presenting themselves with the most convenient method of bed-in-box style.

But, have you ever wondered, do these superstars go along well? What are the rivalries among them? Which is more popular and how it suits the customer’s taste? Is there a third danger?

In this article, we’re going to compare Casper vs Purple mattress and rate them among other popular mattresses to clear your thoughts about whose fan to become for the rest of your life.

Let us start with their interview individually.

Life on Purple Mattress

Hey! Has your weight crossed above 130 pounds?

Hey! Aren’t you uncomfortable sleeping hot? You reek of sweat. More than that, is your bed even hypoallergenic?

You guys, say hello to Purple mattress. Bring it to your life and live the luxury of sleep away from all those disturbances like anyone else.

purple mattress

Is Purple a Good Mattress?

The purple mattress model is a solution to all the above-mentioned discomforts. The purple body of the mattress gives off a gel-like, unique feel that comes from the Hyperelastic polymer. Though it is a polymer, yet the gel-like feel imposes a smooth, elastic, and bouncy give to the user’s pressure points especially if he’s a stomach sleeper. The remarkable amount of support to proper spinal alignment coming from the original purple mattress is also a good sight for any type of sleeper.

Thanks to the hyperelastic polymer, the purple mattress exhibits a cooler environment for the user and the gel grid which grants for more air transfer through the mattress is the best option for hot sleepers.

Heavyweight people require more support and firmness from the mattress they are using but if it is too plushy like a Casper mattress, they would certainly wake up sore in the morning, unable to perform the daily activities. This is right where the coiled Purple mattress comes in, supporting the weight of the user with the help of inner coils.

Much larger and heavyweight people should consider the full size purple mattress which adapts according to the height, and unique sleep formation of the sleeper.

What are Purple Mattresses Made of?

The leading light of the Purple mattress which represents its uniqueness from other mattresses is the most top layer of hyperelastic polymer and beneath which are the 3.5” polyurethane mid foam which provides enough sinking, and the 4” bottom base, as the stability provider.

The purple mattress topper is a large grid of minute squares of gel, also called a gel grid. It possesses motion, durability, and the need to regain its original self due to elasticity, which makes it powerful in the mattress industry. The joy from the gel gird is a pleasant feel as if your body is floating on a cool & chill swimming pool and you feel refreshed for the activities. This cooler sensation comes from the polymer material and the gel grid promoted airflow through the polymer for further breathability.

The mattress ranks about 4 – 4.7 on the mattress firmness scale, slightly below the feel of the medium zone. The mattress gives just the right feel, molding according to the sleeping position, supportive on your back, firm if you’re lying on your stomach but, plush and soft to the side. Such an incredible experience coming from one single bed with proper sinking, reduced pressure points, and perfect spinal alignment.

Purple Mattress Against the Traditional Memory Foam

The key question to think about here is, why to choose the purple mattress over the traditional memory foam mattresses. Simply because purple mattresses provide double the skill to that of traditional ones. Being the most innovative and unique mattress out there, it can satisfy all types of sleepers being firm or plush at the moment.

The purple mattress is cooler than any memory foam mattress which means it has a more breathability rate. Also, its increased resilience to inelasticity makes it more attractive.

Are Purple Mattresses Worth it?

To have a good slumber means to have good health and the Purple mattress proves it.

Cost: With only $500 to $900, you can sleep in the luxury of a Purple mattress twin, twin Xl or Full size Purple mattress. With dollars above $1000, you can access other bed sizes as well.

Best for: All types of sleepers and especially if they’re overweight, the Purple mattress comes in a variety of sizes to adjust to the sleeper’s body.

Convenience: How much less of a hassle can it be to receive a bed-in-box. The bed frame for Purple mattress can be of any size, since it’s elastic and supports, the mattress will easily conquer the frame.

Embark on a voyage to the realm of dreams by exploring our Mattress Reviews. Discover the ideal sleep companion for you with just a click.

Life on Casper Mattress

While the Purple mattress shows off its unique skills, Casper takes on the interview, presenting itself as the “genius” in the mattress industry providing a completely different comfort strategy and skills to the variety of sleepers. It’s quite interesting to know that Casper and Purple, both are best for any type of sleeping position.

casper mattress

Casper Mattress Company

Outreaching its sales in successive transmission to its users and always advancing and improving based on advanced sleep technologies, Casper bed upholds a conquering base in the mattress industry with surprising benefits.

Mattress purchase:

Casper single mattress for a full, twin, and twin XL size bed, comes with an affordable price between $500-800, and the Casper king size mattress or larger bed sizes will come between $1000-1300 only which is much less expensive than the Purple bed mattress.


The Casper mattress ranks 7 on the mattress firm scale, which is quite great with a zoned supportive base. A balanced foam feels for reducing pressure points. The main middle layers consist of a combination of latex and memory foam with high-density polyfoam material.

All of these bring combined ultimate support and pressure relief to the joints, introducing proper spinal alignment with any type of sleeper. Having memory foam introduces viscoelasticity in the bed, with no matter how much force is applied, it will regain its original position and mold directly to the body’s shape.

Casper bed doesn’t come all supportive and rough to the end, it does carry a Latex foam layer, producing comfort and contour cushioning to the body. The most top layer is the advanced Airscape foam featuring small pores to allow air passage throughout the mattress to keep it cool and calm.

Memory foam is widely known to resist motion transfer. Fortunately, the Casper mattress has memory foam on its second layer to exhibit such action and reduce the toss and turns one makes.


Escape the hassle of taking a mattress to your room with the help of 4 hands and arms, rather take the bed-in-box from your door to the room by yourself or an adult only. This method is both productive and convenient for customer service.

casper mattress

Casper vs Purple Mattress: Which is Better?

It’s always a tricky question when it comes to Purple vs Casper. The best way to help you find the right mattress is to get to know each of them and finally understand their relations with each other and with other mattresses.



·  Both Purple and Casper mattresses work for all sorts of sleepers and combinations of sleepers.

·  Both have a cooling mechanism in their top layers.

·  The prices for varying bed sizes are about the same for both of them.

·  Are by far the most innovative pieces in the mattress industry, supplied in box form and shipped to the house directly.

·  Both range different on the firmness scale, yet satisfying the customer with every way of sleep.

·  The Purple mattress is powdered non-toxic polyethylene copolymer but, should be looked after, whereas the Casper mattress is free of such powders.

Purple Mattress vs Casper: Comparison

It’s always a tricky question when it comes to Purple vs Casper. The best way to help you find the right mattress is to get to know each of them and finally understand their relations with each other and with other mattresses.

Purple Mattress

Casper Mattress

The Purple hybrid mattress fashions in a way such as to maintain breathability through an air passage in the perforated mattress. Lycra, polyester, and stretchy materials are added to the mattress to make it more comfortable. An addition of 1” transition PCF polyfoam layer and 7.5” pocket coiled base to add durability and increased bounce.

Hybrid Version

The Casper mattress top layer is excellent for maintain breathability and cooling sensation for the user, with high-density foam as its main supportive base unit. The inside traditional layered foams feature comfort and elasticity.

Purple mattress top layer is made of polyethylene plastic polymer which is used to reduce adhesive strength during compressed form. Once allowed to expand, the purple is more breathable and cooler. It allows early expansion and removal of foul odors


Casper mattress is tedious in off-gassing and decompression.

The Purple bed has reduced motion transfer and exhibits lesser toss and turns to prevent disturbance among couples or users, and it does not produce noise.

Noise and Motion Isolation

Casper mattress has great motion isolation properties due to its all foam structure, and it does not produce noise as well.

Purple mattress’s gel grid promotes air transfer in the mattress.

Hot Sleeping or Cold

Casper uses advanced Airscape technology for the air ventilation

Purple mattress is more to the softer side, though it can also adjust to any unique changes with the position.

Stomach and back Sleeper

The Casper is originally designed best suitable for stomach and back sleepers since they require firmer support. the support and firmness which these sleepers type receive from the Casper bed are extraordinary.

None can resist the soft, plushy, and contour cushioning feeling that comes from the Purple bed mattress.

Side Sleeper

The original Casper mattress also accommodates to side sleepers.

Purple Mattress vs Casper: Pricing

Your answer to how much is a Purple mattress and how much is a Casper mattress is right here!

Purple Mattress - Hybrid Premier


Casper Mattress - Nova Hybrid



$595 - $1,195

$849 - $2,599

Twin XL

$695 - $1,345

$1,049 - $2,799


$995 - $1,895

$1,199 - $3,099


$1,095 - $2,095

$1,499 -  $3,699


$1,295 - $2,395

$1,499 - $3,699

California King

$1,295 - $2,395

$1,698 - $5,198

Split King


Final Thoughts

We hope to have delivered some important guidelines based on comparison for Purple mattress vs Casper. Stating with their basic, individual introduction and later to the comparison chart and ending with FAQs.

Before finalizing your thoughts, do go through other mattress comparisons reviews that Mattressfirmpillows have listed in our blogs for Purple mattress alternative and Casper mattress alternative.

Let our Mattresses and Pillow reviews light the path to unparalleled comfort, leading you back to our homepage where dreams find their resting place.


The stain of toxic white powder is sought from the top layer of the Purple mattress in the hyperelastic polymer.

A polyethylene-filled (commonly known as plastic) powder is manufactured in the industry to prevent the adhesion of foam in compressed form during shipping. This powder is non-toxic, as it is used in everyday life, in the form of plastics in chewing gums, in water bottles, in medical equipment, and much more.

Unlike Purple mattresses, Casper mattresses are not manufactured using any sort of powder either toxic or non-toxic. Their toppest layer is made of Airscape foam which is not polyethylene copolymer.

Neither the purple bed nor the Casper bed has any coils instilled in them except in their advanced hybrid form. Having coils can sometimes be irritational to the user, due to coils’ sensational feeling, they feel discomfort. But having a PCF layer added can reduce this sensation.

The Aftersale of the beds comes with 10- year worry-free warranty or even a 100 day free trial without pay. Though it depends upon one’s usage and the time it has gotten too worn out or sag. Flipping and rotating are ways to prevent such a commotion.

The answer to this question is yes both indeed have pet beds that come with the same skilled materials and provides comfort zone to the pet level. Odor-free and hypoallergenic cover which can be easily washed as well.

It usually takes 24 hours to come to its perfect shape, whereas Purple mattress may take 48 hours to inflate fully.

Purple brand does not yet have their own mattress toppers but you can check Avocado mattress toppers here if you are looking to purchase one with an affordable price and great quality.

Purple mattresses can range from $500 to $900, depending on the type of mattress.

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