How to Keep Mattress From Sliding Around?

Have you ever experienced the frustration of being jolted awake from a peaceful slumber because your mattress shifted on its base? The discomfort and disturbance caused by a constantly slipping mattress can be a significant sleep disruptor. To compound the issue, your mattress topper or fitted sheet might also be prone to slipping and sliding, compelling you to remake your bed before finding a chance to return to sleep, ultimately affecting your overall rest. Effective solutions such as non-slip pads, carpet tape, and more can successfully stabilize your bed, ensuring a secure and uninterrupted sleep. Explore these remedies in our Guides to safeguard your sleep sanctuary.

Common Issues of Sliding Mattress and Its Impact on Your Sleep

The mattress sliding problem occurs when there is a lack of resistance between the bed’s structure and the mattress. Usually, it is caused by the absent rails on slats. This can be the primary reason for your disruption of peaceful sleep at night, as the mattress keeps sliding around on the frame. Sleeping on a sliding mattress feels like you are taking a nap in the funhouse where the floor keeps on moving frequently.

Sliding mattress makes you irritated all night and you cannot get a good sleep. You will feel tired in the morning, as you were fixing your sliding bed the whole night. In simple words, if you will be sleeping on a mattress that slides the whole night then you will not wake up energized. Less energy in the body will possibly end in experiencing aches in your body. It is also not safe to sleep on a sliding mattress because the mattress can move towards one side leaving the other side empty. You can also fall from the bed while sleeping and can get injured. Sliding mattress can turn into a big problem when it becomes a long-term issue. Your days will become stressful, as you have faced restless nights.

In this post, you will read a few practical tips to keep your mattress from sliding around. This will lead to getting better sleep and the comfort that is needed in the night. Remember, all of us need a comfortable sleep at night.

keep mattress from sliding around

What Are The Factors Of Mattress Sliding

There are a number of reasons, which can cause the mattress to slide on the bed frame. This will surely cause discomfort while sleeping. It is a good decision to have an idea about the causes of your slipping mattress; thus, it may lead you to find a proper solution for the problem. Remember, it is up to the user to detect the specific problem.

Improper support

If the frame of your bed is uneven and the slats of your bed are too wide, it will naturally cause the mattress to slide and you will face a sleepless night.

Lack of friction

If there is a lack of grip on the base of your bed, it will become difficult for the mattress to stay in a locked place. Some mattress can lack friction because of the manufacturing material like latex.

Bed Frame

The mattress must be according to the size of the bed frame. For example, if you place a king-size mattress on a smaller frame, it will automatically make the mattress slide. Therefore, it is important to choose the perfect size of mattress for your bed.

Missing Rails

Most of the bed frames are built with no rails. The slats of the bed (to hold the mattress in a firm position) are a little lower than the bed frames. Before buying a bed, keep in mind that your bed frame must have a proper railing to keep the mattress in its accurate position. Platform beds often lack a headboard and footboard, which causes the mattress to slide around the bed frame.

Old Mattress

The old age of the mattress is another cause of its sliding over the bed frame. As time passes, the core of the mattress gets covered with sweat, dirt, and dead skin. This layer of gunk is very difficult to remove, as it resides for years. It is good to change your mattress after every 6 to 7 years. Moreover, change your mattress fitted sheets at least after 10 years to protect your mattress from body oil, dirt, and dead skin cells. It will enhance its period.

How Mattress Sliding Cause Discomfort?

Mattress sliding from the foundation of a bed is a very common problem. This slightest problem can ruin your entire sleep, leaving you tired, ending up on the floor, and snoring all day. It can cause discomfort and disrupt sleep. It is also dangerous to sleep on a sliding mattress, as you can fall on the floor while sleeping.

DIY Methods to Keep Your Mattress in Place

A sliding mattress is maybe a sign that now you need a new mattress because your old one is not good enough to give you support. However, buying a new mattress needs a big investment and detailed research.

Among all types of reasons that are causing sleep disruption, sliding mattresses are possibly the oddest one. Sliding mattresses can generate a sense of continuous imbalance, which makes it difficult for the users to sleep. It can also result in injury as you can fall from your bed while you are sleeping. The continuous placing of the mattress in the right place can become extraordinarily frustrating. There are some DIY methods, which can solve the sliding problem and are under your budget. Details are as under:

Rug Grippers

Sometimes our best mattress is not staying in its right position. Relying on the material of your mattress, you may notice that it keeps on changing its position at night. Behind this, the main culprits are the pads or the sheets, which make the mattress move around. In this case, a mattress gripper can help you in controlling the situation. Mattress grippers, also known as rug grippers, are like strips, which are made from non-slipping material.
When these grippers are placed in between the mattress and the base of the bed, they can help in preventing the mattress from slipping.

Double-Sided Carpet Tape

Double-sided tapes are usually used when there is a need to hold things from both sides. These are used for sticking carpets, mats, and other items on a surface, as they have the potential to hold things strongly. These types of tapes can also be used for making your mattress non-slippery. All you have to do it to cut the tape to the desired size and stick it under the mattress or on the floor of your bed. Put the mattress back in its place and your DIY non-sliding mattress is ready to use.

Double-sided carpet tapes can also be used as an alternative to Velcro tapes but these carpet tapes are not long-lasting as compared to Velcro strips. Hence, these carpet tapes can be considered a temporary solution.

Potential Drawbacks of Using Tape

There are also some drawbacks to using the tape. Tape has a sticky substance, which sticks around the surface and can also damage your mattress. It will provide an instant solution but it will not be long-term. After some days, it will start leaving its grip and leave sticky remains on the mattress and on the bed floor. Remember, the sticky substance will be difficult to remove and you may also scratch the surface of the mattress while removing it. It will ruin your mattress. Before using carpet tape, you should be very careful and should understand the drawbacks of the tape.

Alternative Non-Slipping Solutions for Mattress Stability

In case, you do not want to use the tape, then other alternatives to solve the slipping problem of the mattress are as under:

Non-Slip Mattress Pads

Buying a non-slip mattress pad is an economical way to get rid of slipping and sliding of the mattress. These non-slip mattress pads come in rubber form, which is often used to keep carpets in place. Non-slip mattress pads come in thin layer foam so that they may not change the feel of the bed.

Before buying the pad, you must know the accurate size of your bed. This will help you to ensure that you are purchasing the accurate-sized product for your mattress. If you purchase a pad bigger than your bed’s size then no need to worry, as you always have the option to trim it. If you have a king-size mattress and cannot find a pad according to its size, then you can also pair up two separate mattress pads together.

For placing it in the right place, you just have to lift your mattress and lay the pad on the foundation of your mattress box frame. After this, place the mattress in its right position. The best part is that many non-slip mattress pads can be washed easily if they get dirty.

Velcro Strips

Velcro Strip, also known as Adhesive Hook-and-Loop, is one of the effective tools to hold a mattress in its accurate place. Separate the two hook and loop sides of the Velcro strip. Place the ‘hook’ Velcro strips under the mattress and the ‘loop’ Velcro strips over the bed frame. Make sure that the ‘hook’ and ‘loop’ pieces of the Velcro strip are precisely equal to each other on both sides. If the ‘hook’ sides of the Velcro strip do not match the ’loop’ side, the Velcro strip will not work. You can also put a long Velcro strip on the foot and head sides of your mattress as well as in the center of the mattress if you want.

Yoga Mats

Yoga mats, which are used for yoga and exercise, are manufactured from either rubber or PVC. The material used in yoga mats is non-slippery to ensure that people do not get slipped from these mats while doing exercise. A yoga mat can be placed under the mattress so that it can stay in place. The mattress will stop sliding around once the mat will be placed under it.

Most people are having yoga mats in their homes. If you also have a yoga mat in your home, you can use it instead of wasting money on buying other items from the market. Moreover, if the available mat is huge then you can cut it into four pieces. Place the cuttings under the mattress; it will help your mattress to stop sliding.

Rubber Shelf Liners

Another item to use under the mattress to avoid slipping is a rubber shelf liner. These are also non-slippery and used on the shelves and in cabinets to stop slipping. Shelf liners are usually of small size so there is no need to cut them. Simply place them in the four corners of the board under the mattress.

You can easily place yoga mats or rubber liners under the mattress. All you have to do is to hold your mattress up and place these mats under it. Your mattress will stop sliding and you will enjoy comfortable and peaceful nights.

Adjusting the Bed Frames for Better Stability

Nothing is more annoying than a shaky bed frame, especially after purchasing a new mattress. Those wiggles and squeaks with abrupt motions might be unsettling. However, purchasing a new bed frame can be expensive, especially if you recently purchased a new mattress. The best course of action in this situation is to strengthen your current bed frame by adjusting it to make it quieter, more supportive, and more durable.

Ensuring Proper Bed Frame Assembling

Bed when purchased needs to get assembled properly. Whenever you are adjusting the frame of your new bed, make sure that you are assembling it properly. Otherwise, the mattress will not be fitted on it and will also slide occasionally. Adjust all the frames of the bed and make it stable for the mattress. You can take help from the guidelines given in the manual along with the bed. Follow all the instructions provided to assemble the frames so that they can work well for a longer period.

Check the screws that are provided with the frames whether they are tight enough to get fitted with the frame or not. The beams should also be checked if they are strong enough to hold the weight on them or not. The frames should be fitted tightly using the proper tools. You should never fix them up with hands as their grip will not be strong enough to hold the weight on them.

Adding Rubber Stoppers or Grip Pads

Buying a non-slip grip pad or rubber stopper is an economical way to get rid of slipping and sliding the mattress. These grip pads and rubber stoppers come in rubber form, which is often used to keep mattresses and other slippery items in place. These grip pads are available in thin layer form so that they do not change the feel of the bed.

Buying the Right-Sized Pad

Knowing your bed frame’s exact dimensions is necessary before you buy grip pads. With this approach, you may purchase pads that are the right size for your frame. If you buy a larger pad then you can trim it. However, if the mattress is larger as compared to the pad then you can combine two different mattress pads to serve the purpose.

How to Use the Grip Pads?

You simply need to elevate your mattress and set the pad or stopper on the mattress box frame’s foundation to put things where they belong. After that, put the mattress in the appropriate location. If the grip pads get dirty, they are easy to wash as well.
Rubber stoppers also help the mattress to stay in its proper place just like grip pads.

Other Considerations for Mattress Stability

Mattress stability is the main goal when choosing your mattress. There are several things important to buy a mattress including prevention of mattress sliding.

Choosing the Right Mattress

There are many types of mattresses in the market. Whenever going to purchase a mattress, the buyers should have an idea about the features of the mattress they are about to purchase. It is because they are not only purchasing a mattress but will enjoy a restful sleep on that mattress.

Mattresses made up of sliding material will tease you every night. You will set it in the right place before sleeping but when you will wake up, it will not be in the same place. Therefore, it is very necessary to choose a mattress that features anti-slipping.

Importance of Antislip material in mattress

Moreover, when choosing a mattress, buyers should go for one that is made up of natural anti-slip material. It will avoid sliding every night and will stay in its place. There are a lot of mattresses in the market, which are non-slip. So go for them.

Normally, mattresses made from cotton and other organic material, resist sliding and allow you to sleep peacefully at night. Hence, whenever you go shopping for a mattress, it is important to check for the mattress material. It is essential to keep your mattress from sliding after the purchase

Regular Maintenance

Many items including greasy and some food items make the mattress slide from its place. So, always try to keep your mattress safe from all such things. Moreover, it increases the lifetime of the mattress when kept clean. Keep the surrounding area of the mattress tidy. Sometimes dust also makes the mattress slide from its place.

Cleaning and Maintenance of your mattress

Cleaning is very essential for the mattress, as it is a kind of investment. To make it long-lasting, you must plan and repeat mattress cleaning. For this purpose, you should know how to clean a mattress in 2023.

Conclusion To Keep Your Mattress From Sliding

When going to purchase a mattress, you should always have an idea about the features of the mattress, you are purchasing, because you are not only purchasing a mattress but also a healthy and comfortable sleep.

A sliding mattress makes you irritated all night and you cannot get a good sleep. Buying a non-slip mattress pad is an economical way to get rid of slipping and sliding of the mattress. You can use a yoga mat under the mattress so that to keep is from sliding. In this way, the mattress will stop sliding around.

To avoid sliding mattresses, you should understand the material that is non-slipping in nature, as it will help the mattress to stay in place. Always buy a non-slip mattress. If you are purchasing mattress covers then use covers made with natural products like bamboo mattress encasement. They are waterproof and will remain intact on the slippery surface of the mattress. For additional information on mattress accessories, you can also explore our blog at Mattressfirmpillows.

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