Purple Mattress VS Sealy

By performing a one-on-one Purple Mattress vs Sealy comparison & technical mattress analysis against each other, this helpful blog divides results into the most critical factors.

Although Purple and Sealy are two of the most popular brands in the bedding world, they’re pretty different. Purple is a new-age mattress company that has achieved tremendous success, while giant Sealy is one of the most recognizable mattress brands in North America and globally. In this post, Mattressfirmpillows put the Purple mattress to the test against the Sealy Posturepedic.

Purple Mattress

Purple Mattress is taking the mattress industry by storm with its purple-colored responsive polymer.

The Purple Grid Gel technology comprises a hyper-elastic polymer that molds it into a grid shape. Featuring air channels for cooler effects, the Purple Gel Grid contours the body like other memory foam mattresses, but its sensations are more responsive.

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Purple Mattress - Purple Mattress vs Sealy Posturepedic Mattress

Types of Purple Mattress

Purple claims to use a super elastic purple polymer, Purple Grid technology, in their mattresses. This mesh keeps the cooling effect and provides sleepers with great pressure point relief. We are going to show you three different mattress lines backed by the bedding giant Purple.

The Original Purple Mattress:

The Original Purple Mattress comes with 2 inches of breathable gel flex grid layer. It supports your back and pressure points like shoulders and hips, keeping the rest of your body aligned. When paired with a dual-layer comfort foam base, the result is a perfectly supported sleep.

It provides you with the firmest feel of the other three options. It’s comparable with the Purple Hybrid with the same 2 inches thick Purple gel flex grid layer. This Dual-Comfort foam base is highly recommended for back sleepers. It gives sleepers a feel of floating while dealing with pressure points.

Ideal motion with less bounce – the foam is less springy and has a little motion isolation than coiled mattresses, so you will not feel your partner’s movement. The edge support is reinforced around the mattress

Purple Hybrid Mattress

The Purple Hybrid provides a slightly firmer-feeling, responsive base with no pressure points. Purple Hybrid is highly recommended for average-sized individuals and back sleepers. The 2 inches thick GelFlex Grid layer enhances the body support, durability, and airflow.

In addition, the coils in Purple Hybrid are designed to compress under particular pressure points so that your body sinks into them for more comfort. These responsive coils, along with Purple Grid, acclimate readily to all sleep positions and body types.

Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress

Amusingly indulgent with enough firmness to feel your body balanced, the 3 inches of the Purple Grid hits the perfect body alignments providing you with a weightless experience. It is highly recommended for couples and for those who like to change their positions frequently.

The Hybrid Premier offers a 50% thicker GelFlex Grid compared to the Purple Hybrid for a healthier experience of softness without sacrificing your body support. However, the Purple Hybrid Premier 4″ is usually recommended for light or heavier individuals and side sleepers.

Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress - Purple Mattress vs Sealy

Sealy Posturepedic Mattress

Sealy Posturepedic-a mattress for every kind of sleeper uses an arrangement of gel memory foam technology; it provides body-hugging support for every body part. This mattress is incredibly a great way to fight back pain, with many firmness options. On the other hand, Sealy Posturepedic Mattresses does an excellent job by providing you the edge support.

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Sealy Posturepedic Mattress - Purple Mattress vs Sealy

Types of Sealy Posturepedic Mattresses

The Posturepedic line designed with the tips from orthopedic specialists appears in three of Sealy’s following mattress lines:

  • The Response line
  • The Conform line
  • The Hybrid line

Each of the Sealy lines has three following collections:

  • Essential
  • Performance
  • Premium

Here, the Essential collection is not featuring Posturepedic technology and offers simple basic models of mattresses. Posturepedic technology could be found in premium and Performance collections.

Sealy Posturepedic Response Mattress

Mattress Performance

Sealy Posturepedic Response line types can be considered Hybrids as they consist of two layers of foam over coil system support. The response line of Sealy is described by an innerspring that typically has only a thin topper over coils.

The Performance mattress of height 11.5 to 13.5 inches offers pocketed coils that deal with motion isolation and support. Above the individually pocketed coils, layers of gel-infused memory foam and breathable foam; that help to contour and cushion your body to relieve pressure.

In addition, the moisture-wicking technology in the mattress cover plays its role in keeping your body comfortable and cool as you sleep.

Sealy Posturepedic Plus Premium

The Posturepedic Plus features Hybrid technology that separately enfolded the coils, packed densely for body support. Above the coils, two layers of memory foam provide support and cushioning and include memory foam with cooling gel with responsive memory foam and reinforced center support. The mattress cover is designed for a cooling effect and allergen protection to free the mattress from dust mites and molds. It is one of the best memory foam mattresses without fiberglass. The Sealy Posturepedic Plus comes with the following five firmness options:

  • Ultra-soft
  • Soft
  • Medium
  • Firm
  • Ultra-firm

These mattresses are taller than most standard mattresses, with an average height of 13 to 15 inches.

Sealy Posturepedic Conform Mattress

The Performance

Are you going to prefer a foam mattress? Sealy’s Conform line features several firmness choices.

In Conform Performance mattresses, layers of foam work together to provide body comfort and support. Gel-infused foam of two types and memory foam adds cushioning that helps you to maintain a sleeping temperature.

Your body support and alignment are provided by the dense foam placed in the middle of the mattress. The mattress covers the moisture-wicking technology for warm sleepers. However, it comes in an average of 10 to 12 inches in height with the following mattress firm options:

  • Plush
  • Cushion Firm
  • Firm

Sealy Conform Premium Mattress

The Premium category in the Sealy Conform line has almost a similar construction compared to the Performance mattress; it provides you the dense Posturepedic foam support at the center (middle) of the mattress.

The Premium Conform mattress also comes with an additional cooling gel foam layer and a mattress cover that provides a cool touch. It is designed to allow you to use that mattress from side to side or corner to corner by featuring reinforced edges. Its firmness goes to Ultra Plush and Firm standards with a height of 12 to 13 inches.

Meanwhile, this Premium version is much thicker than many standard foam mattresses. Hence it provides better body support for heavyweight people.

Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Mattress

The Performance

A Sealy hybrid mattress provides memory foam and spring coils that may offer an excellent option to consider. It features combined coil support attached with layers of comfort materials to your body that provides comfort and support. Open-cell and gel memory foam layers are placed above the coils that cushion and offer a cooling effect to the sleeper.

The mattress cover may also be designed for cooling development and allergen protection. Good motion isolation with 13 to 13.5 inches of height and supportive edges can be considered.

Premium Hybrid Mattress

A ted set of differences from other Sealy versions places the Hybrid Premium mattress firmly into luxury mattresses. Like different Premium versions of Sealy Posturepedic, it offers a cooling mattress cover with an additional foam layer designed to have a cooling effect on the touch. Moreover, allergen protection in the mattress cover also helps to keep the mattress clean and fresh. In addition, strong and tight bands of flexible coils are placed in the middle of the mattress, having dense memory foam to deliver more substantial support.

The Sealy Hybrid Premium comes with memory foam and spring coils with an average height of 14 to 15 inches. Its firmness includes the following options:

  • Ultra-Plush
  • Plush
  • Firm

 - Purple Mattress vs Sealy

Purple Mattress VS Sealy Comparison

It’s always a tricky question when it comes to Purple Mattress vs Sealy. The best way to help you find the right mattress is to get to know each of them and finally understand their relations with each other and with other mattresses.

Purple Mattress

Sealy Mattress

A unique Gel-like feel


A firm memory foam feel




·  Good temperature neutrality

·  Great motion isolation
·  Firm, but not too much


·  Decently sturdy edges
·  Bouncy
·  Affordable

·  Expensive
·  Don't provide the best edge support


·  Lacks motion isolation
·  Not durable
·  No pressure alleviation

Great price VS quality. Best for side sleepers.


Decent innerspring mattresses, but there are better options around.





Customer Satisfaction


Purple Mattress vs Sealy Technical Analysis

The detailed Purple vs Sealy mattress comparison chart shows that the Purple mattress takes the cake when talking about the pricing. The Purple pricing is fair when considering the overall quality and the material used in it. Purple is best in edge support, durability, and responsiveness. However, when we talk about the general technical facts, Purple surpasses Sealy by gaining higher support for some of its most essential features.

The Pressure Points analysis of Purple mattress vs Sealy exposed that Purple mattress offers better support & helps with releasing pain. After considering all of the technically analyzed features, it’s pretty clear that Purple is the winner of the Purple mattress vs Sealy comparison!

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Final Thoughts

The Purple mattress is proved to be a fantastic product – it’s of motion isolation, has perfect firmness, and offers good noise. It is comparatively bouncy and suits side and back sleepers the best. Although, meanwhile, it may be a bit expensive in the mattress industry, the quality of the product is on par.

Seal, on the other hand, out of three available collections in the Response line, the Premium collection is no doubt the best option to have. Sealy mattresses lack durability and pressure point relief but are pretty cool for a good sleep and are pretty affordable.

The comparison between Purple Mattress and Sealy reveals that the Purple Mattress beats Sealy in many important mattress features and fields.

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