How To Dispose Of A Mattress – 2023 Guide

A few years back, people used to replace or dispose of a mattress only if needed. You will be amazed to know that some users even prefer to use the same mattress for twenty years.

However, with time, the behavior of consumers shifted due to more awareness and access to information. Now they do not use mattresses for more than ten years and disposal of mattresses has become a common activity. As per the statistics of 2022, US consumers have disposed of almost 20 million mattresses.

However, the reasons to change or dispose of a mattress can vary. Some people may explore how to dispose of a mattress because they wish to replace it with a new one featuring different specifications, types, or models. Others may consider changing the mattress based on their evolving comfort needs, influenced by factors like age, weight, injuries, etc.

It is vital to understand that now is the time to shift to a comfy sleep mattress

Dispose of a mattress

3 Signs You Need a New Mattress

Disposing of an old mattress and buying a new one is really an important decision. Moreover, it also needs bucks to invest in the purchase of your mattress. If you really want to know that it is the time to change your mattress, then here are a number of factors you should consider before making this buying decision. If you’re looking for high-quality mattresses and comfortable pillows, be sure to check out Mattressfirmpillows for a great selection and expert advice.

  1. Your Mattress Is Old

It is essential to understand that the lifespan of the mattress is dependent on various factors. These factors may include the type of mattress, the material used in it, its design, its usage, and the environment in which it is used.

Some mattresses can be used for longer than others can. For example, a hybrid innerspring foam mattress can be used for six years whereas a plain innerspring mattress can be used for ten years. Surprisingly, latex mattresses and memory foam mattresses can be used for fifteen years but with proper care and protection. If your mattress is being used more than the committed period then it is time to change it.

  1. Your Sleeping Experience On Your Mattress

Your sleeping experience on your mattress also decides whether you should change your mattress or not. If you do not feel comfortable while sleeping or wake up tired and your body is aching even after sleeping, then it is the right time to change your mattress. Besides this, if you feel the movement of your partner on the bed than you used to feel or your bed makes a sound on every movement of your partner then it is better to change the mattress.  This all indicates that when your sleeping experience is not worthwhile, then it is the right time for the disposal of old mattresses.

  1. Condition of Your Mattress

The condition of your mattress also makes it easy to decide that it should be changed. If your mattress is sagging, hammocking, making noise, having lumps and worn edges, or making you feel the coils while sleeping then it is time to change it. Apart from these issues, mattresses can also be changed if they smell bad, have bugs, or become the reason for your allergies. 

Keep in mind that there is no exact time to change your mattress. Hence, if you are observing any of the aforementioned problems then you should change your mattress for sure. 

3 Things to Consider Before Getting Rid of an Old Mattress

There are a few things, which you need to check before disposing of your mattress. The details are as follows:

  1. Warranty of Your Mattress

If you have purchased your mattress directly from a retailer then it must have a warranty card with it. There are different conditions mentioned in the warranty card including information about covers’ removal and replacement. Therefore, you will need to check the warranty of your mattress whether you can replace it or get it into a better shape in case it is damaged. 

Keep in mind that every manufacturer provides different warranty conditions depending on what you have purchased from where and how. Usually, everything is covered by the warranty that comes along with your mattress. However, if it does not include removal, then you will need to dispose of it on your own.

  1. The Policies of Your State Regarding Mattress Disposal

Another thing that you should consider is the state policy regarding mattress disposal. The basic purpose of this policy is to dispose of the mattress without creating a bigger impact on the environment. You can say that the state wants safe disposal of such big items. To achieve this purpose, they also offer manpower and tools. Read the policy of your state in detail to know what you can do and cannot do to get rid of your mattress.

  1. Be a Good Citizen While Disposing Of Your Mattress

There are many options to choose from while getting rid of your old mattress. Your responsibility is to be a good citizen and opt for the way with which you can limit the disposal impact on the environment. You need to understand that throwing out the mattress will end up in a landfill and will lead to pollution. Do you know how? It is simple. Almost every mattress contains carbon-based materials. This material creates methane gas, which contributes to global warming 23 times more than carbon.  

Determine What to Do With Your Old Mattress

Once you have decided that you will buy a new mattress by disposing of the old one. The other concern is how you will dispose of your old mattress. There are several ways to dispose of your mattress. The details are as under:

Recycle it

It is the most environmentally and eco-friendly option. It is always better to keep Mother Nature healthy to sleep healthy. According to the Mattress Recycling Council, around 80% of mattresses can be recycled so it is very likely that yours can be done too. The only need is to research online with your area zip code to find all possible options in your locality. Keep in mind that recycling rules and regulations may vary from state to state and country to country. However, in general, there are two options. You can consider anyone of them for recycling a mattress.

Local Recycling Centers

Some local recycling centers accept mattresses as a whole to recycle them. Please note that almost every area has at least one recycling service provider. To find such a center, you have to search online with your area code. The best part is that many recycling companies also provide the pick and drop facility for the mattress for recycling against the nominal charges.  Some of the well-known mattresses recycling providers are as follows:

  • Bye Bye Mattress: Mattress Recycling Council has a database named Bye Bye Mattress. It provides the details of the recycling programs in states including Rhode Island, California, and Connecticut. 
  • Earth 911: It is one of the largest databases in the world, which provides details of more than 100,000 recycling centers. You just need to find a suitable service provider by entering your zip code with the name of the product you want to recycle. 
  • City Resources: You can also contact municipal offices of your area. They can also provide you with details regarding recycling procedures in your state. 
  • Local Residential Facilities: If you cannot find any recycling service provider in your locality then the best approach is to contact any facility that has a higher need for mattress disposal. These facilities have contact with local mattress disposal entities, which can guide you on how you can recycle your mattress in an appropriate manner. 

DIY Recycling

There are a few other companies, which accept mattresses, split them, and recycle every component of these mattresses. Do you know what the main components of a mattress are that can be recycled? Following four main components of mattresses are as under:

  • Mattress Coils are of Steel. People melt it for recasting new products.
  • Frames are of wood. Use it as fuel.
  • You can use chipped foam as the carpet pad.
  • The cotton in the mattress is good for insulation.

To opt for the services of any DIY recycling provider is best if you do not have any recycling facility in your vicinity, which accepts the mattress as a whole. Breaking down a mattress into parts is not that easy task and for this, you should know how to dissemble your mattress in detail. 

Besides this, you can also break down your mattress and recycle the parts on your own. 

To achieve this target, you just have to break down your mattress into recyclable parts to resell it for recycling. This option is best when you do not find any recycling service provider, who accepts the mattress as a whole. Apart from re-selling it, recyclable parts can be used in home repair, gardening as well as creating items for home decoration. 

Donate Your Mattress

Many people prefer to donate their mattresses instead of disposing of them. This donation can be the best approach for those, who cannot buy a new mattress. You can also donate it to non-profit organizations as well as to charities. You want a new mattress despite the fact that your old one can work well for another 3-4 years then the best approach is to donate it to a family. If you are planning to donate the mattress then make sure to donate the one that others can use too. It is not worth donating if someone cannot sleep on it due to its bad shape. 

How Do You Know If Your Mattress Is Good to Donate?

Once you have decided that you will donate your mattress then the question arises that how you know the mattress is worthy of donation or not. The mattresses, which are no longer usable, must not be donated. If you are planning to donate the mattress to any charity or organization then you have to check their standards before donating your mattress. However, the common guiding principles are as follows:

  • Infestations

Mattresses with infestations must not be donated. Many users think that such mattresses can be donated once they are cleaned up, which is not right. Infestations of any kind especially bed bugs and pests can run deep within the mattress and cannot be treated. Therefore, mattresses with molds and pests should not be donated. 

  • Stains

If your mattress has stains then first, you should analyze the type of stains. If the stains are small, you can remove them through spot cleaning. You can use baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, liquid dish soap, or any other cleaning method. By doing so your mattress will have a good presence. Donating your mattress with confidence. However, mattresses with significant stains that resist correction should not be considered for donation.

  • Physical Damages

Mattresses having prominent physical damage should not be donated. These physical damages may include holes, rips, burns, or any kind of wear and tear. Make sure that your mattress is in good condition like its cover is attached to it before donating to anyone. 

  • Odor

Mattresses emitting strong odors should also not find donation recipients. Yet, if your mattress carries a mild odor, you can rectify it by lightly sprinkling baking soda over the foam. Let it stay over there and vacuum it off after a few hours. Conduct the sniff test. If it still has the odor then you must reconsider your decision of donating it. 

  • Structural Problems

A structural problem in your mattress can render it unusable for others, and if it is indeed unusable, you should refrain from donating it to anyone. These issues, such as sagging, indentation, bending coils, and broken pieces, become noticeable while sleeping on them.

Best Options for Mattress Donation

A large number of organizations are there to whom you can donate your mattresses. Some of them provide pick and drop facility for free of cost. Some charge a few bucks for this facility whereas some accept mattresses as a donation without providing pick and drop facility. If you are planning to donate your mattress to any large organization then a list of a few well-known names is as under. You can also search online to find the big names providing this facility in your locality:

  • Salvation Army: Call Salvation Army nearby you. Ask them whether they can pick up your mattress or if you have to drop it off at their location. Remember, all donations to Salvation Army are tax-deductible
  • PickUpPlease: They take donations under different donation programs. All you have to do is to visit their website and schedule a pick-up after viewing the list of acceptable donations on their website. 
  • Catholic Charities: Shelter homes and housing programs are often in dire need of old mattresses. Locate programs run by them in your area. 
  • The Arc: They accept all physical items as donations. Just contact your local chapter and schedule a pick-up via The Arc to donate your old mattress. 
  • Habitat for Humanity: They own a chain of thrift stores under the name of ReStore, which may accept mattresses as donations with free pickup service.
  • Furniture Bank Association of America: They provide furniture to deserving communities and can pick up your mattress if you live within 20 miles radius. 
  • Goodwill: Goodwill is operational in more than 162 locations in America and Canada. They also accept mattresses as donations.  

Local Donations

It is a fact that big names have firm policies. If your mattress cannot fulfill their regulations then you can consider donating your mattress to any local comparatively smaller non-profit entity like GreenDrop. These local entities will take your mattress to help the community. Just search on Google to get the list of local entities accepting mattresses as donations around you. If you are not good at conducting online searches then you can click any of the following online resources to find the best local place to donate your mattress. 

  • Donation Town: Donation Town is an online resource to find a suitable charity to donate your mattress in your locality. 
  • United Way: United Way is the best online resource to search the database of homeless shelters for women, children, and youngsters around you. Find a shelter home and call them to ask whether they need a mattress or not. 

Resell Your Mattress 

Another option, which works well when you want to purchase a new mattress by getting rid of your old one, is to resell it. You can do so if your mattress is in good condition and can serve its purpose for another 3-4 years. Selling your old mattress to any familiar will enable you to earn some bucks. You can use this money in buying a new mattress. 

You can advertise your mattress including its size, the price you want, and your state by placing the flyers in your school, nearby coffee shops, universities, etc. The Social Media Platform is also an excellent place to advertise your mattress. You can reach out to individuals who have an interest in purchasing a used mattress.

Give Away Your Mattress

Besides selling the mattress, you can also contact Give Away Groups available online in order to give it away to someone directly.  These online marketplaces aid you to give your mattress away before buying a new one. Some of the popular online marketplaces for such purposes are as under. You just have to select your area before placing your ad on any of these marketplaces:

Repurpose Your Mattress

Do you love creating new objects from the parts of your old items? If yes, then your mattress is the best available resource with which you can create many other things. Simply break down your mattress to create different crafts.

  • Wooden parts
  • Different types of foams including memory foam, latex foam, and polyurethane foam
  • Steel
  • Screws
  • Nails

You can try using latex or memory foam for creating new stuff in Art & Crafts class. You can use cotton and foam for carpet padding, cleaning sponges, and pillows. Create DIY rugs from fabric. You can utilize wooden parts in various projects, such as crafting compost bins, designing kitchen racks, constructing bottle holders, making lawn mulch, and incorporating them into gardening endeavors. Springs and coils are also good options for decoration purposes as well as for making ornaments and plant holders. Besides this, you can resell the steel and springs of your mattress. 

Throw it away

Perhaps you’ve grown extremely weary of your current mattress due to the negative vibes it imparts. You’ve attempted everything—from donating, reselling, to recycling—in your quest to part ways with it, but your efforts have met with failure. At times, your mattress might not be in a suitable condition for donation, or you could find yourself unable to locate a nearby recycling service provider. In such a situation, you can always throw your mattress away. 

Here you need to understand that you just cannot throw your mattress anywhere as some states do not allow you to do so. Remember states have policies and procedures to dispose of your mattress. Some waste management departments have strict rules for throwing out items like mattresses. Google can be your best friend to find out what the policy of disposal of mattresses is in your state. The common practice is to wrap your mattress in a plastic or mattress bag and seal it properly before disposing of it. There are a few options to dispose of your mattress. Details are as under:

Heavy Trash Day

In certain states, people who wish to dispose of their heavy items in bulk have celebrated Heavy Trash Day on a bi-weekly or monthly basis to facilitate the process. Just search online if there is any such activity in your area. 

Mattress Hauling Service by Mattress Provider

Some new mattress providers also offer mattress-hauling services. At the time of delivery of a new mattress, these service providers pick up your old mattress against nominal charges. Some companies offer this service without charging a single penny. All you need is to ask the company at the time of placing an order whether they offer mattress-hauling service or not.

Junk Removal Services

These are the private service providers, which specialize in disposing of items that cannot be thrown in regular garbage. Mattress hauling is one of their services. However, it is advisable to conduct an online search to find some reliable names after reading online reviews about their services. Two well-known junk removal service providers are as under:

  • 1-800-Got-Junk: This company picks up dumps like mattresses and other heavy objects, which you cannot normally throw in the trash. Be careful, as this service provider does not accept mattresses with bed bugs. 
  • Load-Up places: You can try the Load-Up Places that offer junk removal services. It is usually located in 500 states. The best part is that this company has the best customer service and they remove mattresses with bed bugs even. 


In a nutshell, it is a fact that buying a new mattress is not that difficult. You just have to find a reliable vendor and pick up your mattress after paying money. However, the real task is to think and decide what you will do with your old mattress. For more information and tips on mattress disposal, check out our Blog. Each tip mentioned above comes with a few conditions, so make sure that you research well before making your decision.

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