How To Store A Mattress

Whether you are converting your room into a gym, downsizing your home, or have a teenager going off to college, you might need to store your mattress someplace. No doubt, mattresses are steep, so it is important to take the steps to preserve the longevity of your mattresses while in storage point. 

how to store a mattress - 2023 Guide
how to store a mattress – 2023 Guide

If you’re contemplating how to store a mattress, the Guides section at mattressfirmpillows is your go-to resource for essential steps to properly preserve your valuable mattresses. While leaning mattresses upright in your store or attic might seem like a good idea, it can lead to dented areas or the development of bacteria in your mattresses. Explore our comprehensive guides to ensure the proper storage of your mattresses for long-lasting use.

Here are some steps to store your mattress:

Clean Your Mattress

Even if you wash your mattress or keep clean your mattress steadily, your mattress can start to accumulate sweat, dirt, and dust mites over time. Storing a dusty mattress can start to cause leading to mold, bacteria, and fungus growth.

There is an easy way to get your mattress ready to store and pasteurized to avoid issues after you retrieve it. Here are some tips to follow

  • Remove the mattress from your base and strip the blankets, sheets, and pillows.
  • Apply baking soda and let it sit for an hour on the outer layer of your mattress. It will help to absorb odor and remove tough stains.
  • Use a vacuum and suck up all the pieces of baking soda after waiting an hour.
  • Air out your mattress for a couple of hours to certify your bed is completely dry.

Cover Your Mattress In A Wrap

An essential step in maintaining the cleanliness of your mattress, including exploring methods like steam cleaning, is to cover your mattress in plastic wrap. This precautionary measure prevents dust from settling on the external layer of your bed and attaching itself to the fibers of the fabric. If you’re wondering, Can you steam clean a memory foam mattress? explore our comprehensive guide for effective cleaning techniques.

Always avoid trying to use plastic covering because it can accidentally trap moisture and lead to bacteria and fungus growth. Use light, breathable plastic wrap with duct tape to secure it in a place or a mattress bag.

Place Your Mattress In The Truck

It is best to avoid strapping your mattress to the top of your car or trying to squeeze it into the back of a pickup van or a truck. In both cases, you risk damaging your mattress’s inner area.

To avoid that issue, it is best to rent a moving truck according to your mattress size. Move your mattress to the truck, and line the truck with old blankets and sheets to prevent damage. Once you load it, you can then drop it to a specified place. It will help to prevent your mattress from external damage.

Store Your Mattress Lying Level

Although you can transport your mattress upright for a short period, it will eventually cause damage to its interior part. The pressure on one side can destroy the cushion and internal structure.

If you have the spare room to store your mattress flat on the ground, keep this in your mind to place a tarp or other material underneath your mattress so it is not directly on the ground.

If you don’t have space, remove some other furniture pieces to create a surface to lay it down.

Remove Items Off Your Mattress

Once you store your mattress on flat ground in a storage area or room, it is essential to avoid placing several additional items on it. Storing heavy items on a mattress can eventually damage or D-shaped the inner working of your mattress.

Placing heavy items or furniture pieces on your mattress can cause permanent damage and leave it spoiled. No one wants to sleep on a D-shaped or warped mattress, so it is best not to take a risk of anything.

Remove Lingering Odor

Even after taking precautions to preserve or store your mattress, it might still come out of storage with some persistent odor. Before sleeping on your bed, it is essential to unwrap your mattress for a couple of hours.

After unwrapping your mattress, repeat step one to clean your mattress again. Apply a little bit amount of baking soda, and let it sit for an hour. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck up all the residue and let your mattress air out one last time.

Now your mattress should be clean, fresh, and ready to have slept on it.


Cleanliness is very important to keep ourselves healthy and safe. We all spend one-third sleeping time in bed so our bed-holding items must be clean and sanitized.

The above-mentioned steps will help you to clean and How to Store A Mattress for specified seasons.

Uncover the keys to the ultimate sleep sanctuary through our insightful Mattresses and Pillow reviews, leading you back to our homepage’s world of tranquility.

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