Best Hybrid Mattress On Amazon

What is a Hybrid Mattress ?

A hybrid mattress combines multiple layers of foam such as Latex, gel, or memory foam. It comes along with an innerspring system to enhance the support construction. A hybrid mattress may include high-density memory foam, base foam, quilted cover, or standard memory foam.

There is a 1-inch foam Base-layer at the base of the hybrid mattress. This layer causes the bed to stay sturdy and stable. Then comes the Support core, which is the main body of the mattress. It is about 8 inches thick and consists of coils and springs to keep your back comfortable. On top, there is a 4-inch Comfort layer. It is the soft layer on which your body rests and is made of memory foam, cool gel, or Latex.

An additional feature of some hybrid mattresses includes the pillowtop layer. A pillowtop is sewn on the top layer to give extra comfort and style.

10 Best Hybrid Mattress on Amazon

If you are the kind of sleeper who needs a peaceful sleep at night but is in search of the perfect hybrid mattress, this blog is just the one for you!

Here is a detailed guide about the best Hybrid mattresses of 2020 that will help you sleep better. Mattressfirmpillows has listed the essential details of each hybrid mattress that we have reviewed thoroughly. This way, it’ll be a lot easier for you to decide on the best hybrid mattress you can buy.

Let’s look at our top 10 best hybrid mattresses to help you decide the perfect bed for yourself.

Highlights: Best for firmness and comfort, having memory foam layer and innerspring system.


Best for:

  • Memory foam lovers
  • Couples sleeping soundly in bed with their pets
  • People who prefer long sound sleep

The Sealy hybrid mattress consists of multiple layers. The springs are spread in five different parts to support your body, especially the spinal cord and pressure points. It provides a high to moderate firmness level for excellent sleep.

Apart from supporting your body, Sealy Hybrid Mattress provides complete comfort and a cooling effect on its users. The gel foam layer absorbs the heat of the body that helps you stay cool.

Your sleep routine gets better, and you will not have to wake up with a sore body or aches. There are multiple dimensions you can choose from according to your requirements. Some of the sizes include Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, or Cal King size mattress.

Sealy hybrid mattress is worth every penny. It is very comfortable and works well for firm mattress lovers. It easily adjusts to your body shape. It is best for people who want to have smooth and combination mattress types at a moderate price around $695.


  • Provides a super comfortable sleep
  • Gives you a “hug” feeling
  • Promotes cool sleep
  • Has good edge support


  • Your body may become hot during sleep

Highlights: A combination of premium foam with pocket springs proving high durability and stability.


Best for: 

  • Stomach sleepers and back sleepers
  • Back pain relief
  • People who move around and change positions

The Ashley Chime hybrid mattress is a medium-firm mattress that is best for combination sleepers. Side sleepers might not feel as comfortable on this mattress as it is more firm than soft. It has numerous coils inside that promote a bouncy feel.

People who produce a lot of heat and need a chill sleeping time love that Ashley Chime hybrid mattress is made pocketed coils support system. This layer is best for supporting you at night.

The transition layer adapts to the body shape to relieve pressure points and straighten the spinal cord. It works wonders for people struggling with back-ache and wants a sound sleep. The cover of the Ashley Chime hybrid mattress is immensely soft and provides you with a sound sleep

You can sleep peacefully on an Ashley Chime hybrid mattress that is just the right size for you! You can select from Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, or Cal King size mattress.  You can get it now for as low as $399.


  • Provides a comfortable and cozy sleep
  • Made of hypoallergenic material to keep skin fresh


  • Not superb body support
  • Molds from the sleeping place

Highlights: Combining memory foam, gel pods, and active pocket coils in the best way to provide excellent support and comfort.


Best for:

  • Cozy sleepers
  • Hot sleepers
  • Side and back sleepers
  • Isolation motion

The Olee Sleep hybrid counts as the best hybrid mattresses out there. The Olee Sleep Hybrid mattress comprises of 5 pocketed innerspring coil system. The bed is 12″ thick and very soft, with medium firmness. The bed is super comfortable and gives you the best hug and bounces feel.

The mattress cover is a mixture of gel infused memory foam and innerspring foam. These layers help to regulate the temperature to prevent heating from accumulating. The gel pods present in this mattress help your body and shoulders to sink entirely.

It provides greater overall comfort and helps to improve sleep cycles. It is easier to move around in bed without noticing too many movements. The Olee Sleep hybrid mattress is less costly than average hybrids, yet it provided a great comfort.

Olee Sleep hybrid mattress comes in Full and Queen costs around $225 and gives you a desired level of coolness and comfort. It is a one-time buying price, and then it’s all a sleeping-in-the-heavens experience.


  • Keeps body and spinal cord aligned
  • Regulates temperature
  • Eases pressure points
  • Super comfortable for good value


  • Will sag after a long time

Highlights: A medium-firm mattress for hot sleepers providing a heavenly floating feel.


Best for:

  • Hot sleepers
  • Firmness and support
  • Soft mattress lovers

The American Bedding hybrid mattress is made of several layers of foam with an inner pocket coil core. The mattress is a combination of soft memory foam, Cooling Gel foam, Firm support Foam and Pocketed coil foam. It allows the circulation of air to regulate the heat. It gives a more sinking feeling, so it is best for people who do not weigh much. It offers a great level of comfort thus giving you an excellent sleep experience.

It helps the mattress to adapt to your shape appropriately without trapping heat, and therefore, keeping you cool at night. The transition layer helps to separate the pocket coils and your body to make you sleep comfortably.

American Bedding hybrid mattress helps to relieve pain from pressure points as it sinks your body in the foam. You can quickly move around the bed, so it eases sleep. Furthermore, it is a great option for those of you looking for movement isolation, proving to be an excellent choice for couples who do not want to disturb their partners.

You can choose from various size options. You can choose any option from Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, or Split King. Each size varies, and so do the prices. Prices go from as low as $395. It is an affordable choice so grab your favorite mattress now!


  • Great motion isolation property
  • Allows a cool sleep
  • Does not use any harmful chemicals
  • Good body support


  • Does not improve body aches

Highlights: This dual-firmness mattress having a unique combo of memory foam with copper, focuses on responsiveness and improving edge support.   


Best for:

  • Warm sleepers
  • Light sleepers
  • Varying firmness lovers

The Southerland hybrid mattress is a unique combination of memory foam and gel infused foam with PowerEdge wrapped coils. This combo works to provide a relaxed and calm sleep. The coils present in this mattress’s inner system help reduce motion fee, and it also prevents heat from trapping inside. It disperses the heat instead of giving it all out.

This hybrid mattress has a zoned support foam that sinks your shoulders deeply in the bed, so you do not get body aches when you wake up. The specialty of this bed is that it is flippable. It means you get two levels of firmness in one mattress – medium and firm. It makes it easy to select which one works for you.

The layers work to perfectly contour your body, providing you with an excellent spinal cord alignment and support for your lower body area. It also keeps your head in place, all cushioned up. IBnB hybrid mattress keeps your body in perfect shape and also prevents anybody aches so you can sleep soundly in bed at night.

Southerland hybrid mattress comes in all standard sizes like Queen, Twin, Twin XL, Full, King, and Cal King. The prices are not as costly as other hybrids, but they cost about $599 to $1149.


  • Provides a comfortable sleep
  • Has good support for shoulders and body
  • It is flippable


  • Eventually sags

Highlights: A high-quality mattress having custom firmness options caters to specific sleeping positions and works to improve sleep.


Best for:

  • Stomach sleepers and heavy sleepers
  • Breathability and support
  • Firm mattress lovers 

The Zinus hybrid mattress is one of the best Hybrid mattress on Amazon for the firm mattress lovers. It consists of several layers: 1.25-inches layer of soft comfort foam, 2.5-inches layer of high-density durable foam, and 7.5- inches layer of motion-isolating iCoil pocket springs. The top is filled with microfiber and it has a quilted jacquard cover. It dissipates body heat and gives a relaxed and calm sleeping effect.

The pocket springs in the inner part support your body and make you sleep comfortably. The Zinus hybrid mattress responds quickly to pressure as well. It is an extra firm mattress that is best for back sleepers as it provides excellent support for the spinal cord and the overall body, including the hips. It’s also a good option for stomach sleepers.

This bed may be a bit too firm for side sleepers, but most people will not have trouble moving around the bed or switching positions throughout the night. The motion isolation is strong, so your partner will not feel you moving at night. Hence, making it a very good option for couples. The Zinus hybrid mattress’s edge support is strong, and you don’t have to worry about falling off the bed at night.

You can select from various sizes such as Twin, Full, Queen, King. Prices can cost you $1171 or more, which are reasonable compared to other hybrid mattresses. 


  • Provides extra stability
  • Has good motion isolation
  • Provides good body support
  • Super durable


  • Starts sagging in a few months

Highlights: It is made with a unique combination of Charcoal and Aloe Vera infused support foam and an innerspring system.


Best for:

  • Hot sleepers
  • Combination sleepers 
  • Edge Support

LUCID hybrid mattress consists of Charcoal and Aloe Vera infused memory foam with high-quality layers, steel coiled layer and 6 inches edge support layer. The memory foam works to contour your body and adjust to your body’s shape so you can sleep peacefully. You may start to feel that you’re sinking in the foam, but the innerspring edge support your body and prevent you from slipping.

It consists of Charcoal and Aloe Vera that help regulate the environment and soothe you at night. It helps to strengthen your back and provide comfort to a great level. It conforms to all parts of your body to deliver durable support.

You can select various standard sizes available like Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King. The price starts from around $305 and a durable option for you.


  • Conforms to your body perfectly
  • Aloe Vera usage provides fresh sleep
  • Good edge support


  • Fiberglass may reach everywhere
  • Does not get rid of back pain

Highlights: It is a relaxed and comfortable mattress that works for all body types and types of sleepers.


Best for:

  • Balance and Support
  • Back and side sleepers
  • Hot sleepers

The Sweetnight Ocean Blue hybrid mattress is made of 2 layers. The layers work to give you a soothing effect that helps to reduce stress and body fatigue, making you sleep like a baby. A mixture of soft foam and provides excellent softness and comfort to your body. It also allows you to stay calm, along with the gel-infused polyfoam.

The patented performance foam distributes your bodyweight evenly. This layer gives a bouncing effect that makes you feel like you’re floating. It supports your body from sinking too deeply in the foam. It works best for back and side sleepers due to its medium firmness.

It is easier for you to move around and change your positions during the night without disturbing your partner that facilitates the motion isolation. Your overall sleep cycle is improved as you wake up without pains and aches in your body. One drawback of Sweetnight hybrid mattress is that it has no provision for edge support.

You can select from Twin, Full, and Queen standard sizes that vary in prices and costs around $300, making it an affordable choice. It is best for people looking for all over good performance at a reasonable cost! You can also visit their website to check for discounted prices.


  • Has good motion isolation
  • Relieves pressure points
  • Does not use any harmful chemicals
  • Provides good back support


  • A bit too soft for some people

Highlights: An affordable and excellent quality medium firm hybrid mattress that offers good performance.


Best for:

  • People looking for an affordable mattress
  • People suffering from pressure point pain
  • Firm mattress lovers

The Linenspa hybrid mattress is made of 3 essential layers; memory foam, comfort layer, and the innerspring layer. It has an 8-inch thickness. The comfort layer helps in providing you a medium firm surface to sleep on. The memory foam layer conforms to contour to your body shape and size perfectly.

The innerspring separates you from the inner steel coil system of the mattress. Several coils play their part to offer firm support and making the mattress durable. The Linenspa hybrid mattress also delivers comfort, so you do the mattress contours your body accordingly.

The Linenspa hybrid mattress’s memory foam, comfort layer, and innerspring layer limit the pressure by contouring your body. This mattress improves the breathability of the mattress that can help you achieve a sound sleep, and counts in the best Hybrid mattress on amazon.

It is available in all standard sizes like Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, Short Queen, King, and California King. Price ranges from around $200 being the lowest, to $1049 being the highest. However, this is also best for people looking for sound sleep, and the one looking for a pertinent solution to minimize the pressure point pain. Plus, it is less costly than some other hybrids.


  • Keeps the spine aligned
  • Provides a restful sleep


  • May contain bed bugs

Highlights: A medium-Firm mattress to provide you with a comfortable sleep at night.


Best for:

  • People sleeping in awkward positions
  • Firm mattress lovers.
  • Minimizing pressure point

The REROM hybrid mattress is made with several layers and an innerspring system. It also has a flippable feature that works for the same layers on each side. It prolongs the life of the mattress to a greater extent.

This mattress further provides extra support to your body. This layer promotes the cooling effect and does not trap heat during sleep. It is super responsive so that you can move around the bed quickly. The supportive transition foam layer, along with the coils, helps support your body.

The REROM hybrid mattress is best for side, stomach, and back sleepers (basically combination sleepers) with a medium mixture of firmness and softness. It provides pressure relief by contouring your body. You do not feel excessive movements of your partner in bed. The coils reduce motion transfer to other parts of the mattress.

You can select from various sizes like Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, and Split King. The King Size REROM hybrid Mattress costs around $999, making it a pertinent yet affordable option for couples.


  • Provides extra body support
  • Super responsive
  • Good body contour


  • May eventually sag

Hybrid Mattress Construction

Hybrid mattress uses several layers to provide comfort and an inner system to provide support to your body. The true hybrids have coil-based internal systems. Every brand has various methods of constructing their hybrid mattresses, so the quality varies as well. The two essential factors for construction are Coil type and Foam type.

Coil Types

The coils act as the support core of the mattress, which can be the following:

Pocket Coils

These are pretty common and used by most mattresses because of how they join together to reduce motion effects. These are also called fabric-encased coils. These are made by wrapping cloth on the coil and stitching all the coils together.

Bonnell Coils

Its shape is like an hourglass. All coils are linked directly to the internal lattice structure for more stability. They offer less support and also transfer movements.

Continuous Wire Coils

They work similar to Bonnell, the only difference being that they are made out of wire.

Offset Coils

These are not connected to the internal structure, thus produce more flexibility. They are linked together by a piece of wire.


The hybrid mattress involves several layers of foam, which vary from brand to brand. Here are some of the types of foam that are popular and widely used:

Memory Foam

As with the name, this type of foam adapts to your body shape and size quite easily. When you sleep on this foam, it memorizes your shape it gives a “hugging” feel, which reduced pain and body aches by relieving pressure. The thickness of this foam varies to brands and sizes. It is best of motion isolation as movements hardly reach out to other parts of the bed.

It is best for side and back sleepers. However, one drawback of memory foam is that it traps body heat. But being on a hybrid mattress, together with coils, the heat is transferred to all other parts. So it is balanced.


Luxurious mattresses use Latex. It conforms to the sleeper’s body and relieves pressure as well but not as good as memory foam. Its responsiveness is extraordinary. It also gives a bouncy feel. Latex regulates the temperature and provides a cooling effect.

The firmness may vary in Latex, so side sleepers and stomach sleepers may prefer a firmer version. However, Latex tends to be very costly.


Polyfoam works like memory foam by memorizing the shape of your body, but it is more responsive. Movements are made quickly, and the temperature is regulated as well.

It is also preferable for side and back sleepers, but a thin version of this may also work for stomach sleepers. These are generally reasonable at cost.

Who Should Buy A Hybrid Mattress ?

A hybrid mattress is made to cater to different types of people. Whether you are a hot sleeper, a combination sleeper, a couple, or an individual, a hybrid mattress plays a vital role in providing the best out of bed to you.

Some Hybrid mattresses are super bouncy and soft, which are great for cozy sleepers. They give you a sinking feeling – but in a good sense. They are super soft and less firm. Another type of hybrid mattress is firmer and moderately soft. They help to support your body and prevent you from sinking. These are best for people who want to reduce their body aches and focus on aligning their spinal cords. Every hybrid mattress varies according to your weight and size.

Apart from pain relief, hot sleepers should go for a Hybrid mattress. It helps to reduce and spread the heat trapped inside to you get a chill and calm sleep. You can select several options, including the standard sizes as well, such as Twin size, Queen size, or King size mattress.

What To Look For In A Hybrid Mattress

Things you have to look for in a hybrid mattress depend on your needs and requirements. Some of the major factors include:

Firmness: side and stomach sleepers may prefer a firm mattress. In contrast, other kinds of sleepers may choose a softer and cozier mattress.

Comfort System: comfort may vary depending on the size and type of inner layers of the mattress. It can be soft and give you a feeling as if you are sleeping in the clouds, but it can be less comfortable.

Contouring: more contouring, cradling, hugging, and conforming soften the impact at pressure points. It affects the factor for pain relief in people.

Motion Isolation: this factor counts mainly for couples or people who share their bed. The fewer movements you feel, the more peacefully you sleep throughout the night.

Ease of movement: this one is important to allow you to make movements in bed without any troubles.

Edge support: nobody likes falling off the bed at night, so if your hybrid mattress has good edge support, you are safe.

Temperature regulation: heat can easily be trapped inside and make you feel uncomfortable throughout the night, so look out for hybrid mattresses that spread the heat and prevent it from accumulating.

Pain Relief: the most critical factor for people who work all day long, or the elderly, who want an excellent peaceful sleep at night. Check for a hybrid mattress that relieves pain from pressure points and provide extra support.

Price: obviously. Look for the perfect mattress that is high quality and gives an overall good performance while at a reasonable price!

Size: you can select Twin, Queen, or King size. It all counts on your needs and how cost-effective it is.

Best Hybrid Mattress For Side Sleepers

The Sweetnight Ocean Blue Hybrid mattress is the best, as reviewed by us and experienced by many. It provides an overall good performance for the body. It helps in spinal cord alignment as well as keeping you cozy as you side-sleep. The firmness levels vary so that you can select the best firmer one for yourself.

It has the perfect firmness that allows side sleepers to sleep peacefully without waking up with body aches. It also provides more significant support for side sleepers. It has the ideal contour level and bounces effect that your body needs. It has a flippable design, and you can use it from the other side to prolong its use.

Transform your sleep, transform your life. Start by exploring our detailed Mattress Reviews.

Final Thoughts

Every Hybrid mattress suits the needs of different kinds of people. You have to examine your needs first, and you should know your body type before buying any Hybrid mattress. You can also compare the same kind of hybrid mattress’s prices in this article and decide which one is cost-friendly for you.

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