Duck and Goose Mattress Topper

Want to give your bed a new life? We know you’ve had enough of restless sleep and you simply want to replace your mattress with a new one.

Don’t you worry now if your mattress is sagging, or getting timeworn? A mattress topper could be the perfect solution to your problem and you don’t have to spend a ton of money. has properly tested out the famous Duck and Goose mattress topper. We have reviewed in detail how Duck and Goose mattress toppers can make your mattress better and comfier.

Duck and Goose Co mattress topper comes in various versions. Let’s discuss them one by one so you can know which one works best for you!

The Classic Mattress Topper by Duck and Goose

Duck n Goose classic mattress topper

The Duck and Goose Classic mattress topper is the perfect addition to a firm mattress – Latex, or Memory foam mattress. This Gel-Fiber overfilled mattress topper plays its part in keeping the sleeper’s body aligned. It is an extra thick mattress topper that provides its user’s ultimate softness and comfort levels while sleeping.

This Classic fiber filled mattress topper is the best replacement for feather down mattress topper, especially for people who are most likely to get allergic to feather odor. Most memory foams trap heat during your sleep that may make you feel uncomfortable. You can use this Classic extra thick bed topper to eliminate the heating property of a memory foam mattress so you can sleep cool throughout the night.

The duck and goose company mattress topper is super convenient to use and to take care of. To get the best out of it, dry it on low heat to plump up the fibers before you use it. One drawback, however, is that you can not wash it using a loader machine as it may destroy the quality of your mattress.

Nevertheless, it is worth the buy because of its luxurious comfort, clever square shape stitching design, fluffing, and maintenance. D & G the Duck and Goose Co thick plush mattress topper comes in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Short Queen, Queen, King, and California King sizes.

The Airflow Mattress Topper

The Airflow Mattress topper is a thick dual layer mattress topper. It uses the latest Airflow technology design to allow optimal breathing and temperature control so that heat dissipates. The Airflow mattress topper by D & G is generally 50% thicker than a mattress pad. It is a hard mattress topper acting as the best replacement for a memory foam mattress to relieve back pain instantly.

The thick mattress topper king size is mostly adjusted on any type of mattress that is 18 inches in size, however, other sizes of this Airflow mattress topper can be adjusted on various sizes. It comes in King, and Full sizes (not too many options, but a good choice for soft mattress lovers!)

The material of this thick dual layer mattress topper is Microfiber – a splendid material for comfort and support. It is a cooling pillowtop bed topper, which is a very good thing for hot sleepers. This Airflow Duck and Goose Co mattress topper, nonetheless, does not provide enough softness to a high firm mattress. It will only act as a soft layer on top of a firm mattress – just enough for the sleepers to sleep okay-ish.

People also worry about the life span of their D&G mattress topper, but we have a solution for that. To prolong the life of your mattress topper you will need to first clean it by drying it on low heat, and then fit your topper in a mattress protector. You should not use a top loader machine to clean your Airflow mattress as it will destroy the fibers.

The Embossed Mattress Topper

Just like the Classic mattress topper, here is another Duck and Goose Co extra thick mattress topper. One thing that differentiates between the two is that the Embossed mattress topper is a fiber filled pillow top mattress topper. It is filled with 95oz of down alternative microfiber content. This provides an extra cushioning to the mattress, thus a cozy sleep.

This mattress topper provides pressure relief at joints, hips, and shoulders. It uses air flow technology to provide a breathable and cool sleeping experience to its users. Another good thing about this overfilled mattress topper is that it is odorless. It does not have that strange smell which most mattresses have, so you can easily add a mattress topper on your smelly hybrid mattress to cut down the odor.

One thing that makes it special is its improved deep pocket design. You can easily fit this mattress topper on your mattress, and it will securely attach to it due to its elastic deep pocket. You will not need to worry about your mattress topper tossing over while you sleep!

You can buy it in Twin, Full, Queen, and King sizes. It is one of the best mattress toppers – Just a little soft. A bit too soft doesn’t hurt anyone, right?

The Z-Style Mattress Topper

D & G Z-Style mattress topper is a fiber filled mattress topper with 86oz snow down alternative fiber. It looks and feels quite soft because of its breathable fabric and microfiber material. As with its name, it is designed in a special Z-Style stitching format to provide a unique look and to fill in the mattress plush content.

Just like a Z-style thick mattress topper king size, it comes in Twin, Full, and Queen sizes as well! This D&G mattress topper fits in perfectly with a general mattress and has a pretty well-managed size. The closely packed microfiber content inside the topper makes it super soft which means it is much effective with firm mattresses as well.

The Duck and Goose Co mattress Z-Style mattress topper offers the finest support and padding for every kind of mattress, making it widely used. It is made from a light breathable fabric that offers optimum relaxation to its sleepers. However, you should not wash it on a top loader machine if you want to preserve the quality of your mattress. It’s overall good and soft mattress topper to buy!

The Block Border Mattress Topper

This one is a very special and favorite one of many sleepers. The Block Border thick mattress topper offers optimum plushness, relaxation, and comfort to the sleepers. It has an additional super thick and fluffy border surrounding the entire block mattress topper. This enables high edge support and a contented experience to its users.

It is also a fiber filled mattress topper, having 96oz down alternative fiber content. It is the softest pillow top mattress topper which offers ideal support and padding for a firm mattress. This mattress topper not only gives you a feeling of sleeping on the clouds but also regulates your body temperature. It comes in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Short Queen, King, and California King sizes!

This thick down mattress topper is the best replacement for a mattress having a stingy feather down the odor. It has no smell – so you will not get allergic to your mattress! Although it does regulate heat, you may still feel a bit warm during your sleep because of the structure of this Block Border mattress topper. It shouldn’t be much of a problem if you are a soft mattress lover and looking for a snuggle down mattress topper.

The Sherpa Mattress Topper

Sherpa mattress topper stands out for its quality of being a reversible mattress topper for summer and winter. It has two sides, one for using it in summers, and the other one for using it in winters. Yes, the Sherpa topper is quite versatile like that.

The summer side of the Sherpa mattress topper offers a breathable and cooling experience to its users. It is a cooling fiber mattress topper from the Summer side and a polyester mattress topper from the winter side. The winter side is super plushy and offers a warm and cozy experience to its users. The Sherpa fleece cover from the winter side helps in providing a relaxed and comfortable sleep.

Overall, it is a super thoughtful mattress topper. One can’t think of creating a topper that works two different ways. The Sherpa mattress belongs to Duck and Goose thick mattress topper with temperature control properties as well. It has deep pockets improvement which means you can easily fit it in your mattress, and it will not move around during the night!

You can choose from Twin, Full, Queen, and King sizes. The summer side rates better than the winter side since it may get a little too warm during the winters and you may feel uncomfortable, but it shouldn’t bother that much.

The 3 inch Cotton Mattress Topper

3 inch Copper mattress topper is a D & G the Duck and Goose Co extra thick mattress topper. It is made from a 3 inch fluffy loft which provides extra cushioning. This means you can also use it for a firm mattress to provide you with better and cozy sleep. This cooling mattress topper dissipates body heat during the night which allows the sleepers to sleep cool.

This 3 inch cotton mattress topper uses cotton fabric which is breathable, soft, and quite light. It gives a light feeling – much like sleeping in a cloud kind of a feel. This cotton topper is filled with 6D premium quality plush microfiber. Again, making it soft and fluffy. It has a secure fit elastic that stretched out when needed; it is mostly used to attach to the mattress. This mattress topper is preferred by people who have sensitive bone issues, or who want to relieve pain from their body. This extra thick cotton mattress topper works to deliver good pain and pressure-relieving sleep to its users.

Just like extra thick mattress topper queen size, you can get it in Twin, Twin XL, Ful, Full XL, Short Queen, King, and Cal King as well! There’s quite a variety of size options to choose from. You should not use a top loader machine to wash the mattress, or it will ruin the fibers.

The Classic 3 inch Mattress Topper

The Classic 3 inch mattress topper belongs to D & G The Duck and Goose Co extra thick & soft mattress topper. The mattress pad is filled with snow fiber content which enables the mattress topper to become super soft. It not only gives extra thick cushioning when used on a firm mattress but also supports the sleeper’s back to relieve pain.

This Duck and Goose mattress is the ideal replacement for a memory foam mattress or even feather down mattress topper. You can be carefree about your allergies since it is odorless and skin-friendly. It uses soft polyester fabric to get rid of allergies and to reduce body heat during the night. This extra thick mattress topper uses secure fit protection that can easily get attached to the mattress without turning with the sleeper’s movements.

Since it is the perfect match for a firm mattress, it may be too soft for other firmness level mattress. It would not work so well with an already low firm mattress.

You can easily take care of your Duck and Goose mattress topper; just clean it and dry it on low heat to get the best results. You can do this annually, just make sure not to wash it on a top loader machine as it can cause damage to your mattress. It comes in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King sizes.

The Cooling Pad

The Cooling Pad is the best replacement for a mattress topper, and can also act as a mattress protector. It is made with a cotton cover and a soft snow fiber filling. As with its name, it gives out a cooling effect throughout the night so the sleeper can sleep without radiating too much body heat. It uses special Airflow technology to dissipate body heat.

It has a secure fit attachment option with 4 elastic corners to ensure a secure fit. The cooling pad refrains from moving with the motion of the sleeper so that you can have a better comfortable sleep. You can wash the D & G Cooling pad but avoid using bleach and concentrated chemicals. Dry your cooling pad in low heat.


The Duck and Goose Co D&G mattress toppers are one of the best mattress toppers widely used. It has models for every type of mattress, according to its size, structure, firmness, and other essential qualities listed above. 

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