What Is A Plush Mattress?

Are you a plush mattress lover, or do you prefer a firmer mattress? Sometimes, you don’t know the answer to these questions yourself. This blog will assist you to know all about what is a plush mattress.

If you really want to know what a plush mattress means, then stick with this informative blog Mattressfirmpillows help you decide your type according to your preferences.

what is a plush mattress

Taking a Scroll Inside a Plush Mattress

A plush mattress generates a softer feel. It wraps the user around its softness, giving a gentle feel, like when one grasps onto mother’s warmth.

Almost everyone needs a soft spot where they can find peace and relaxation. A plush mattress consists of several layers of thick foam to establish plush comfort for the user. It is the softest mattress that makes one feel cushioned. Since there are so many types of sleepers, a plush mattress matches a specific category of people.

Plush Mattress is a Luxury For:

Side Sleepers

When you sleep sideways, your whole body pressurizes your neck, shoulder, and hips area. One needs a plush mattress that cushions these pressure points and provides perfect spinal alignment.

Petite Sleeper

People who weigh less than 130 pounds are generally satisfied with plush mattresses because their pressured points are less pressed. The experience they gather from the coziness is to their keen. It helps them sleep without sinking into the bed.

But What Makes a Plush Mattress Attractive?

Be careful with what you choose. As the saying goes, “All that Glitters is not gold.”

Of course, a plush mattress is eye-catching bedding whose inside core is made flexible – perfect for customers who want contour cushioning. It is even extended to Ultra-Plush mattress level.

However, the plush mattress doesn’t comfort everyone.

Plush vs Ultra Plush Mattress

A plush mattress is a catchy material that falls between 2 to 3 on the standard mattress firm scale. Wondering what lies before it? It is the Ultra Plush mattress.

The softest, more sinking & more cushioning as compared to the Plush mattress. It’s a rather rare build or uncommon in the industry but it gives the feel 2x that of a Plush mattress. Avenco mattress is the most plush mattress but you can search for more on our blog.

Plush vs Eurotop or Pillowtop

A Pillowtop also entitled as a pillow on top of bedding is an extra layer of soft padding seen on top of a mattress mainly to give additional plush comfort. Similar to this is a soft padded layer stitched beneath the bed cover, namely Eurotop.

Both stand at 2 or 1 on the standard mattress firm scale but, they’re not a proper bedding as the plush mattress. They’re just an additional soft layer that has zero level of support; people often get a sinking feeling.

Plush vs Firm Mattress

As the name implies, a firm mattress is firm, sturdy, and has rigid support. It’s the opposite of a plush mattress. Or some may say, a natural enemy of the plush mattress. A firm mattress is the best option for stomach sleepers or back sleepers whereas a plush mattress is best for side and petite sleepers.

There are various brands like Avocado or Olee Sleep Mattress that provide mattresses with varying mattress firm options.

Does a Soft-Firm Mattress Exist?

Yes, a plush firm mattress (medium) does exist for people who are looking for a mattress that is neither too soft nor too firm. A neutral balance between soft and firm provides correct spinal alignment and is suitable for almost every type of individual.

It especially caters to the needs of couples – two individuals who tend to have different mattress preferences. You can find adjustable split queen mattresses for this sake. A soft-firm mattress ranges from 5 on the standard mattress firm scale.

Types of Plush Mattress:

Plush memory foam mattress:

A Plush memory foam mattress has many benefits for its users.

Memory foam is also called viscoelastic polyurethane foam or LRPU. In simple terms, memory foam is both viscous and elastic. A viscous material is more tedious to change its shape under pressure while being elastic, it will return to its original position after stretching.

The plush memory foam mattress molds itself according to the area of contact with the user’s body. A plush memory foam mattress provides comfort, pressure relief, and cushioning to the user.

Plush Innerspring mattress:

An innerspring mattress is a spring mattress that grants support to your body weight with the help of springs and coils. The innerspring mattress has an inner coiled base and comes with a variety of springs that not only permit firmness but also make the bed bouncy.

Sleeping on a plush mattress means sinking into the bed which is a stress-relieving state! At the same time, one might suffer from backache or strained tissues. This is because the body weight isn’t equally supported throughout the night and too much pressure builds up at one end. Having a plush innerspring mattress prevents sinking deep with the strength of its coils.

Plush Hybrid Mattress:

A hybrid mattress is also instilled with coils as its major support base. However, hybrid mattresses are rather less firm with a coiled base topped with 2 inches of either memory foam or latex comfort layer.

Memory foam is enough to add viscoelasticity to your bed. Latex contours your body shape gently and creates a calming effect. It’s also called a combination mattress, combining lower support from coils and upper comfort from soft foams with a plush bed that can put a back sleeper into a good night’s sleep.

Final Thoughts:

A plush mattress is a soft sinking bed, the best option for a petite and side sleeper. If it doesn’t meet your taste then you may try using a plush mattress topper, firm mattress, or even a soft-firm mattress.

You can even reconstruct your mattress firmness and support by rotation without purchasing any extra tools!


What if I’m a Hot Sleeper?

Having a warmer temperature makes the bed softer while a cooler temperature will make it firmer. Hot sleepers profusely sweat in plush mattresses, simply because their body parts aren’t entirely in contact with the bedroom air due to sinking in the bed and if the mattress is too soft for them, they would wake up feeling uncomfortably hot. So, a firmer mattress is much preferable for hot sleepers.

How to make a Plush mattress firm?

Naturally, a firm mattress would lose its firmness and adapt to softness overtime usage. However, a plush mattress can’t naturally go firm unless it means sagging. For that, you can rotate your mattress or even flip it to get a good night’s to prevent a lack of support.

How do I rotate my Plush bed?

It means turning your bed over 180 degrees, switching the sinking part of your plush mattress below your feet and the less touched part will come beneath your pressure points thus equally contour-cushioning them to provide stability and support. It’s advised to rotate after every consecutive odd number of months so you get the same sleep as you slept on your first day on this mattress.

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