What is a Hybrid Mattress? 2023 Buying Guide.

Welcome to the world of sleep innovation! If you’ve ever wondered what is a hybrid mattress and how it can revolutionize your slumber, you’ve come to the right place. A hybrid mattress seamlessly blends the best of two worlds, combining the contouring comfort of memory foam with the responsive support of innerspring coils. This perfect marriage of materials creates a sleep surface that offers unparalleled pressure relief, excellent motion isolation, and enhanced breathability. In this informative guide, Mattressfirmpillows will delve into the intricacies of hybrid mattresses, helping you make an informed choice that will undoubtedly lead to a restful and rejuvenating sleep experience like never before. Say goodbye to restless nights and join us as we embark on a journey to uncover the secrets of the remarkable hybrid mattress!

A Brief Introduction to Hybrid Mattress

If you are looking for a mattress that has some individual pocket springs and can give bounce as well as ease and also carry the body weight equally then a hybrid mattress is the right choice for you. A hybrid mattress is a multi-layered mattress to provide comfort to its user with the help of the springs and foam layers inside it. It is also known as a combination mattress because of this feature. This type of mattress is the best to offer the responsiveness and firmness of the innerspring mattress and the softness of a memory foam mattress along with pain-relieving properties.

How Hybrid Mattress is Invented?

The invention of the hybrid Mattress took place because of the complaints received from
its customers. It was about the comfort of the mattress and the cause was the coil and
foam system inside it. To solve this complaint, Mark Quinn, CEO and President of
Sibose LLC, and his team started their research on mattresses and came across the
term ‘Hybrid’. To test this terminology, they approached CEO and President Mark
Kinsley and brought hybrid mattresses to the market. This mattress was introduced to
the public in 2008 by using memory foam.

How Hybrid Mattresses Are Constructed?

What is a Hybrid Mattress
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A hybrid mattress has layers of different materials with an innerspring core. This core is made from different metal coils. These coils may vary in category, thickness, and number. Usually pocketed coils are used for better motion isolation. The performance of the hybrid mattress depends not only on the innerspring core but also on the material used for layering. The materials used in the hybrid mattress are as follows;

  • Memory Foam: The main component of this foam is a polymer. The mechanism
    of this component is that it becomes soft with the temperature of your body and adjusts to the body due to the pressure applied on it for further distribution of the body weight.
  • Polyfoam: This is synthesized foams, which are comfortable but not as bouncy
    as memory foam.
  • Latex: Latex is rubber. This type of foam has 2 to 3 inches of latex inside. It is
    lightweight and can be considered the best for those, who want an eco-friendly
    and bouncy mattress.
  • Microcoils: These are tiny coils used in hybrid mattresses for better airflow. The
    mattresses having micro coil are flexible as compared to other mattresses and
    also, give good responses to pressure points.

How many different Layers are in A Hybrid Mattress?

Irrespective of the materials used in the construction of a hybrid mattress, every hybrid mattress has the following layers for the provision of comfort and support;

  • Base Layer: This is the basic 1-inch foam layer that offers stability to the rest of
    the structure of a Hybrid mattress.
  • Support Layer: With a thickness of around 7 to 8 inches, this layer of a hybrid mattress provides support and firmness through the pocketed inner coil by
    minimizing the motion transfer.
  • Comfort Layer: You rest on this 3 to 4 inches layer. It is made from the material
    including memory foam, latex, etc.
  • Top Layer and Transition Layer: The top layer offers support and protects the
    pressure points on hips and shoulders from pain while the transition layer is
    relatively firm and supportive for larger bodies.

How to Choose a Hybrid Mattress?

The selection of a mattress is purely a personal decision, as the preferences and priorities of every individual differ. However, there are a few attributes based on which one should focus while buying a hybrid mattress;

  1. Body Type: The most important feature based on which one should buy a hybrid
    mattress is one’s body type, which is categorized into three main categories i.e.
    people under 130 pounds, people between 130 to 230 pounds, and people over
    230 pounds. Remember that one mattress that brings comfort for one sleeper
    may not bring the same for the other because of the body type. So, select wisely.
  2. Sleeping Position: Another feature to consider while making this purchase is the
    sleeping position. It is vital to understand that your body needs support while
    sleeping to align your pressure points and it all depends on your preferred
    sleeping position. You may be a side sleeper, a stomach sleeper, or a back
    sleeper. If you are a back or stomach sleeper then you need a firm mattress but if
    you are a side sleeper then a soft mattress is best for you.
  3. Requirements: Why you need a hybrid mattress is the most important factor to
    consider while buying this product. For example, if you are buying this for
    relieving your pain then selecting the hybrid mattress with the right material and
    firmness is mandatory.
  4. Budget: Last but not least, budget is another important factor to consider if you
    buy a hybrid mattress. Do not worry, as different types of hybrid mattresses are
    available in the market, which can be pocket-friendly as well. Moreover, you can
    also avail different discount offers offered by the mattresses’ seller on a time-to-
    time basis.

Hybrid Mattress VS Foam Mattress

Hybrid Mattress VS Foam Mattress
Image Credit: Nectar Sleep

Do you like the feeling of “sinking in the bed”? If yes, then a memory foam mattress is best for you. This will give you a soft feeling when you lie down and will prevent the bounciness caused by the innerspring mattress. It may be the perfect fit if you are looking for a quieter mattress and if you are a cool sleeper, as it traps the heat inside the mattress and keeps you warm. However, memory foam mattresses tend to sag after some time due to their construction.

A Hybrid mattress, on the other hand, is an amalgam of foam and innerspring mattress. It is a breathable solution due to the airflow that is facilitated by the coil in the mattress. The innerspring in the hybrid mattress makes it perfect for people, who prefer a bouncier bed. However, the foam gives support and hugs your curves nicely.

Hybrid Mattresses VS Traditional Innerspring Mattresses

Hybrid VS Inspring Mattresses
Credit: Purple.com

The hybrid mattress is a combination of a traditional mattress and layers of foam with at least 2 inches in thickness. Its basic function is to provide you with the comfort of a foam mattress while giving you the bouncy feel of a spring mattress. It is designed to cater to the sleep problems of the modern era.

However, Traditional Innerspring Mattresses are firm, more focused to give you a bouncy feel, and are also long-lasting. They are light in weight and can give comfort to sleepers irrespective of their body type. They are also best for stomach sleepers.

Why Should You Consider a Hybrid Mattress?

A hybrid mattress is the modern version of a traditional mattress and one should consider buying this mattress because of the following reasons;

  1. It is ideal for different kinds of sleeping positions.
  2. Its better airflow makes it more breathable.
  3. It is firmness and support is best for back pain relief.
  4. Its minimized motion transfer makes it a good fit for couples.
  5. It also provides comfort to hot sleepers.
  6. It is durable and offers a higher level of edge support.
  7. Last but not least, it reduces sagging.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does a Hybrid Mattress Last?

A hybrid mattress is considered durable. The hybrid mattress made from high-quality material lasts for longer if you take proper care of it. However, it is observed that these mattresses are usable for six to ten years. Remember, a good thumb rule is to change your mattress after every ten years to enjoy comfortable and smooth sleep on it.

Is a Hybrid Mattress Good for Back Pain?

The mattress that enables you to maintain good posture while sleeping by aligning your spine can relieve your pain at best. Always remember that too firm and soft mattresses will not give you appropriate support while sleeping. Moreover, if your body and mattress have a gap in between then the mattress is not right for you. Therefore, if you will buy a hybrid mattress wisely by considering your requirements then it will be the best mattress to provide support to your body, relax your muscles and improve the quality of your sleep.

How Much Does A Hybrid Mattress Cost?

The cost of a hybrid mattress varies depending on the materials used in it and their quality and quantity. However, these mattresses will usually cost you between $1200 to $4000 on average.


Although hybrid mattresses are more expensive than traditional spring mattresses, yet they bring comfort to sleepers. If you’re interested in learning more about mattress options and making an informed choice, consider checking out our Blog on mattress selection. Moreover, it is observed that for a luxury product or to enjoy more features of any product, we all have to pay a little extra. Do not worry, as availing the option of discounts for buying this luxurious product is always available. It is a fact that every hybrid mattress looks after the different sleeping needs of the sleeper. Therefore, try to find what type of mattress you want as per your body type and sleep position and invest your money accordingly.

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