ALASKA KING MATTRESS 2023 – Buyer’s Guide

Do you think your bed seems small for you and your family and you’re unable to find space on your bed for your dog to sleep? Alaska king mattress seems to be just the right one for you then!

Here is a detailed guide about the Alaskan king mattress, its general size, uses, pros and cons, and so much more. This unbiased guide will also help you find the best Alaska king mattress from mattressfirmpillows for you, so keep on reading and munch some popcorns while you do.

What Is An Alaskan King Mattress?

Alaska king mattress counts in as the biggest mattress size available commercially. It offers plenty of space for you and your family or your pet to sleep on a single bed. King size mattress was the only huge mattress by 1960, however, California king mattress came and then Eastern king mattress, Wyoming king mattress, and then the largest Alaska king bed.

Finding an Alaska king mattress may be a tough duty as it is available only at a few shops online or offline. Luckily, with the advancement of online mattress retailers, you can easily get an Alaskan king bed online.

So, why exactly would you go for an Alaskan king bed? You might already have a California king bed but if you want to go for a bigger mattress size, then the Alaska king mattress should be the one for you. Perhaps you’re a sportsperson or someone who is tall and requires extra space – The Alaskan king mattress has got you covered!

What Size Is An Alaskan King Mattress?

Alaska king mattress has the largest bed size with dimensions 9 feet x 9 feet (or 108 inches x 108 inches). It can easily accommodate you and your family. If you have a pet, then your pet can sleep comfortably along with you on this huge mattress.

While the Alaskan king bed remains the largest, the Wyoming king bed size is 84 inches x 84 inches, the Texas king bed size is 80 inches x 98 inches, and the California king measurements are 72 inches x 84 inches. Comparatively, the Alaskan king bed seems to be the best fit for people looking for the largest bed size.

With its largest bed size, you would prefer to keep your mattress in a large room so your mattress can easily fit in. It is ideally used in large homes or basements that make it an oversized sitting room.

Alberta King mattress and double king size bed also include in the “Oversized” mattress category. The Alberta King mattress measures 96 inches x 96 inches while the double king size bed measures 152 inches x 80 inches. The double king size bed is the widest compared to the other mattress, but its height is smaller as compared to the Alberta king mattress.

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How Much Does An Alaskan King Mattress Cost?

The Alaskan king mattress price is as low as $2000, or as high as $7000. If you want to go for an Alaskan king mattress that you wish would do just fine for everyday use then you can buy an Alaskan king bed for a lower price. Nevertheless, royal and luxury mattress is the need for some people, which then cost higher than normal prices.

The price of an Alaskan king bed varies according to mattress firm levels, type of mattress, and the comfort and support levels of a mattress.

Before you choose to buy an Alaskan king bed, you should know the prices of other large size mattresses as well. The Wyoming king mattress price is around $ 1500 to $ 3000, The Texas king bed costs $2000 to $3500, and the California king bed costs $500 to $5000.

Places To Buy An Alaskan King Mattress Online

If you have questions like, “Where to buy an Alaskan king mattress?” or “What are the best places to buy an Alaskan king mattress?” then you’re at the right place!

It’s easy to find king size beds for sale online or at a store, but finding an Alaskan king mattress can be a bit tough, especially the one that suits your needs. You can search online for companies that specifically make an oversized mattress or take custom orders.

Here are our best picks for the best Alaska king mattresses:

Alaskan King Bed Mattress by MattressInsider

alaska king mattress

Highlights: An overall good Alaska king mattress with durable features.


Best For:

  • People who need plenty of space to sleep
  • Tall people
  • Hot sleepers

MattressInsider has an Alaskan king bed for sale with dimensions 108 inches x 108 inches. It is super wide and long and can easily occupy a family along with their pet. You can easily enjoy a movie with your loved ones on the same bed and move around without any troubles.

This mattress has the benefit that you can adjust the feel of this mattress easily within a few minutes. It will not take you long to flip or remove the layers of your mattress to manage the mattress firm levels according to your desire.

The comfort layer along with the cooling gel memory foam layer and a Talalay latex layer, both being 2 inches thick, help to regulate the temperature as you sleep through the night. Both of these layers are encased in cotton fabric to promote breathability during sleep.

The Alaskan king bed by MattressInsider is super durable, lasts long, and supports body weight extensively. It is easy to set up, rotate, and purchase the mattress. However, it costs $5999 which may be too expensive for some people. But, MattressInsider is the best place to look for king beds for sale online.


  • Easily Adjustable
  • Regulates Temperature
  • No shifting of the layers
  • Good body support
  • Easy to rotate


  • Expensive compared to the others

12″ Alaskan King Mattress Soft by RestRightMattress

Highlights: A soft mattress having a low mattress firm score overall, with plenty of space to have fun!


Best For:

  • People with skin allergies
  • Soft mattress lovers
  • People with a body ache

Another place to buy an Alaska king mattress is from the restrightmattress. The 12 inches Alaskan king mattress has a soft feel and is made of three inner layers. The top layer is encased in a soft cotton fabric cover. The cover removes the bacteria and germs.

The outmost gel memory foam layer provides a cool sleep and relieves pressure from pressure points. It also helps to align the spinal cord. The Dunlop latex layer of 2 inches thickness makes the mattress durable by allowing the material to stretch easily. This prolongs the life of the Alaska king mattress.

The support layer is 7 inches thick and helps to support the body from sinking too deep. It is an overall soft mattress with a low mattress firm score. The price of the Alaskan king mattress costs $4440, but restrightmattress is also another good place to buy king beds for sale.


  • Removes bacteria and kills germs on the cover
  • Relieves body pain
  • Helps keep the skin healthy


  • Not a very good body support as it has a low mattress firm score

VON EPICA Rundle by Von Viva

Highlights: A good and reasonable mattress with a different variety in mattress type and mattress firm scores.


Best For:

  • All types of sleepers
  • People with a low budget
  • People with back pain

The Von Epica Rundle mattress in Alaskan king size is another awesome mattress by Von Viva. It is a hybrid mattress with a moderate mattress firm score, although there is an option for mattress firmness that you can select from.

It is a 108 inches x 108 inches mattress with plenty of room for a couple to sleep with their pet, a family, or a tall individual to sleep peacefully and comfortably. The top layer is about 3 inches thick made of Memory foam or Latex (you can select any one) and is stretchable which makes the Alaska king mattress durable.

The 7 inches thick density foam layers provide excellent support for the body, and helps to keep your muscles relax while you sleep. This mattress is suitable for all types of sleepers. It uses Dunlop Latex and Talalay Latex (if latex version selected), Joma wool, high resilient foam, and memory foam (for memory foam version). This Alaska king mattress price is CAD 2569.


  • Perfect body support
  • Promotes breathability during sleep
  • Offers replacement option
  • Can be recycled


  • A higher mattress firm score may be a bit too firm

The Original by Alaskan King Bed Company

alaska king mattress

Highlights: A firm mattress having overall well features with affordability.


Best For:

  • Firm mattress lovers
  • People with back and neck pain
  • Couples

This Alaskan king bed is super comfortable and plays an excellent part in providing good body support. It is an overall best Alaskan king mattress that controls motion across the bed, allows you to sleep cool through the night, and improves blood circulation as well.

It has an extremely soft cover that encloses the cooling gel foam layer and the base layer perfectly. Both the layers work together to relieve joint pain and neck pain. This Alaska king mattress is durable and can be flipped as well.

With a price of $2900, this Alaskan king bed proves to be one of the best affordable oversized mattresses. It also has complete 108 inches x 108 inches dimensions. However, this mattress has a high mattress firm score and is not much suitable for soft mattress lovers.


  • Provides Motion Isolation
  • Good body support and alignment
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Promotes cool sleep


  • Not of a very high-quality mattress
  • May sag earlier compared to its competitors

Things to consider when purchasing an Alaskan King mattress?

It is essential to know some of the basics of purchasing an Alaskan king mattress before you buy one. Since you are going to spend your money, you should spend it on the right product that will result in the best way possible for you.

Type of Mattress: You can be back sleep, a stomach sleeper, a side sleeper, or a combination sleeper. Each type of sleeper requires a different type of mattress that suits and caters to the needs of an individual. Types of mattresses also involve options: Memory foam mattress, Gel-foam mattress, Latex foam mattress, Hybrid mattress, and Innerspring mattress.

Thickness: Your Alaskan king mattress needs to be perfectly fit into the bed frame, and for that, it should have a specific thickness. Many thickness options are available to get that perfect Alaskan king bed.

Mattress Firm: If you are a firm mattress lover then you would require a mattress that would have mattress firm levels around 8-10 on the mattress firm scale. On the other hand, people who love to sleep on a cool and comfy mattress would prefer to go to a soft mattress that has a low mattress firm score.

Price: The price of an Alaskan king mattress may vary depending on its type, and comfort levels. It also depends on your affordability and if you want to go for a royal mattress feel or a simple mattress.

Frequency: The times that you are going to use your mattress depends a lot on how long it would last. If you’re on your bed at most times, it will likely sag after some time. So, try to buy a mattress of a higher quality even if it means spending extra dollars – at least your mattress will last long!

Brand Reputation: The place where you’re going to buy your mattress is an important factor. If you are going to buy an Alaskan king mattress from an online store then check the reviews thoroughly! Also, check the brand’s reputation if it’s online or a physical store.

How many people can sleep on an Alaskan King Mattress?

You can comfortably sleep or watch a movie with your entire family on your Alaskan king mattress. In terms of number estimate – it can hold up to four adult individuals comfortably. It is best for people who want more space. It works best for couples who want to sleep with their pets or families.

The Alaskan king bed allows family co-sleeping where babies and children sleep on the same bed with their parents. It builds trust and good bonding between the family and is quite easier for parents to attend to their child during the night. It also enables the mothers to nurse their babies well.

If you’re a basketball player or generally just tall, then you would know how difficult it is to sleep on a regular mattress. The Alaska king mattress is a perfect fit for such individuals as it embodies them nicely as they sleep.

How to Adjust The Feel of Your Mattress

Adjusting the feel of your mattress means you can manage the mattress firm score by flipping, adding, or removing layers from the mattress. However, some Alaskan king beds may not have the same layers, but you can adjust them according to yourself.

You can flip your mattress upside down, or probably try to rotate it once in a couple of months. You can also rotate or flip the layers in your Alaska king mattress. An easy way to do so is to roll the layer from one end, flip the direction, and then unroll it.

While removing a layer, you should be careful which layer you need to remove. There is a comfort layer, support layer, base layer, inner coil layer (if the mattress is a hybrid mattress), and so many more. If you want a higher mattress firm score then you can simply remove the comfort layer. On the other hand, if you need a lower mattress firm score then you can remove the support layer.

Alaskan king bed vs California king bed

Now that you have been reading this guide for a while, you would know that the Alaska king bed is larger and bigger than the California king bed. The California king size bed is 36 inches x 24 inches smaller compared to the Alaskan king bed. This means, there is not enough room for many people on this mattress. The Alaska king mattress offers a generous sleep experience with complete comfort and plenty of room to sleep and move around.

Another difference is that the Alaskan king mattress is not normally available in stores but you can get California king mattress easily from local retailers. Both of the mattresses may vary in style and design as well and may have different layers.

The California king bed size in feet is 6 feet by 7 feet, while the Alaskan king bed size in feet is 9 feet by 9 feet.

Alaskan king bed vs Eastern king bed

The Alaska king bed has an advantage over the Eastern king bed because of its size. The Eastern king size is 84 inches by 84 inches, which means there is a difference of 24 inches x 24 inches.

The Eastern king bed is also available normally at local retail shops while it is hard to purchase an Alaska king bed from the shops.

However, coming to think about it, the Alaska king bed is wider and much larger, which means it can occupy a complete family. While, on the other hand, the Eastern king bed may only occupy a couple with their dog.

How to get rid of an old Alaskan mattress

Maybe you’re tired of your old Alaskan King bed and want to purchase a new one. One of the things you can do is to find an online store that can recycle the existing mattress for you that would save you some dollars! Or, if you want to dispose of your old Alaskan king mattress then you can book a pick-up online that would help you dispose of the mattress.

Other things include giving away your mattress to someone needy or selling it away if it isn’t in a very bad condition. You can sell it by posting an ad online as it is much convenient that way because people usually search for “king beds for sale”, “king beds for sale”, or “buy Alaskan king bed”.

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Final Thoughts

An Alaska king mattress is best suitable for exceptionally tall people, a family, a couple, people who want to sleep with their pets, or any individual who wants ample space to sleep their heart out! Hope this guide has solved most of your queries, and you can purchase the best Alaskan king mattress for yourself.

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