Queen Mattress Under 200

Are you worried about finding a mattress that is reliable yet in your budget? If so, welcome to the buyer’s guide that will make your life easy.

In order to help you buy the best queen mattress under 200, mattressfirmpillows has laid down all the requirements that you need to know prior to your purchase. So, if you want to find a mattress that fulfills your mattress needs and does not cost you a fortune, we have prepared this mini guide to aid you in buying good on budget. What are you waiting for, then? Let’s start!

To relieve you of your misery, we have used several mattresses and after a critical evaluation, picked the following five mattresses on Amazon which is the best place to buy a mattress:

Best Queen Mattress Under 200

  1. Olee Sleep 10 in Aquarius Memory Foam Queen Mattress
  2. Linenspa Firm Support 5”Gel Mattress
  3. ZAIPP Comfort Mattress
  4. 8 Inch Iyee Nature Cooling-Gel Memory Foam Mattress Bed in a Box
  5. Sleep Innovations Marley Queen 8 Inch Cooling Gel Memory Foam

Highlight: Good news for hot sleepers as this medium firm queen mattress under 200 will cater to all the sleeping positions.


Best for:

  • All sleeping positions
  • Hot sleepers
  • People with a limited budget

Looking for a cheap mattress that can keep you cool? Well, Olee Sleep 10 inches queen size mattress is the best budget mattress that will not only keep you cool, but is also very comfortable.

If you are struggling to sleep due to pain in your pressure points, you need to get your hands on this mattress as it is a mattress firm enough to help all types of sleepers to get a comfortable sleep at night. The construction of Mattress is based on 2 layers: cooling gel infused layer that maintains the temperature and keeps you cool, and the second layer is based on high density base layer that makes the mattress last longer.

In addition, Olee Sleep 10-inches Queen size Mattress is a resilient mattress that facilitates all sleeping positions and helps you get rid of back and neck pain. The queen size mattress cost for around $195, this mattress is the most suitable option for those of you looking to buy an economical mattress, that is a good queen mattress under 200.

Size: A comfortable 60 into 80 inches mattress with a thickness of 10-inches, to help you sleep like a baby.

On the contrary, the firmness of the mattress may not be satisfactory for the people who prefer to sleep on an immensely soft mattress; hence, if you need to buy a soft mattress you may need to reconsider your choice.


  • Good body support
  • Prevents memory foam defection
  • Odor quickly dissipates


  • A bit too firm/hard for some people

Highlight: A mattress having medium mattress firm level that is a perfect solution for those who want to buy a reliable mattress in a low budget.


Best for:

  • People with back pain
  • Pressure points pain
  • People with a low budget

Are you tired of sleeping in a limited space that does not allow you to move around freely? If you are someone who loves to snuggle up to your partner while sleeping and move around freely, this is the most pertinent choice for you.  Linenspa Queen Mattress is known for its firmness and low price. 

This Mattress comes in various types of foams including: Gel foam, Memory foam, Latex hybrid etc. These mattresses are highly suitable for bunk beds and if you want a temporary mattress due to tight budget, you need to grab Linenspa Queen Mattress. Its price is around $150.

It is composed of 2 layers: 1-inch layer of memory gel foam and 4-inch layer of support form. These layers make it an ideal fit for the people who complain about pain in the back and the pressure points, giving them a good night’s sleep.

Size: A 60 inches into 800 inches mattress that can accommodate people looking for an cheap queen mattress under 200.

However, despite being a cheap solution for people with a limited budget, Linenspa Queen Mattress is not very durable and the firmness of this cheap mattress is not up to the mark for many sleepers.


  • Pressure points relief
  • Excellent back support


  • Has irritating fiberglass
  • Molds after some months from sleeping place

ZAIPP Comfort Mattress

Highlight: A thick roll up floor mattress which is super comfortable.


Best for:

  • Average weight people
  • People who prefer sleeping on the floor
  • Back sleepers

Longing for a good night’s sleep that you have not had in a very long time? ZAIPP Comfort mattress is what you need. This cotton knit floor mattress is an excellent support to your body and adjusts according to your curves, giving you a comfortable position to sleep.

The high-density foam layer comprises of very thick support foam that is highly recommended! It is highly dependable in case of motion support and you can easily move around in bed without disturbing your partner.

This is a perfect and a super comfortable good queen mattress under 200 that provides a soft, warm, and cozy sleep. ZAIPP cheap mattress can be purchased for as low as $175, thus making it an appropriate choice for people who want to buy a soft mattress to sleep.

Size: This mattress is 59 x 79 inches queen mattress that can give you enough space to move around in bed and sleep comfortably.

Whilst, it must be noted that if you are looking for an extremely firm mattress, ZAIPP Comfort mattress may not tend to your needs. Another negative aspect associated to this mattress is the strong odor of the mattress which can take a long while to dissipate.


  • Can be rolled easily while maintaining durability 
  • Supports your body
  • Very comfortable


  • Strong smell

Highlights: A mattress firm enough with cooling gel infused layer that can keep you cool at night.


Best for:

  • Hot sleepers
  • People who want a better support
  • People with limited budget

lyee Nature Cooling-Gel Queen size mattress costs around $185-199, and is the perfect solution for the hot sleepers. It’s cooling- gel foam works marvelously to keep you cool at night and regulate the temperature of the mattress, to give you a perfect sleep. It is one of the best queen mattress under 200 on Amazon.

Comprising of three foam layers, Iyee Nature Cooling-Gel Queen Mattress is designed in a way that each layer tackles different needs. To improve the environment of the mattress, a 2-inches memory foam layer is added, and then comes a 1-inch comfort layer for a sound sleep, and the last 5-inches layer is for the support.

This mattress is responsible for providing you with a sound sleep as the layers of the mattress contours perfectly to your body shape and takes the pressure off the body, resulting in a perfectly comfortable sleep. Hence, sleep cool and comfortably with lyee Nature Cooling-Gel Queen Mattress. It is also the best cheap mattress in a box on Amazon.

Size: The dimensions of the mattress are 60-inches into 80-inches.

If you love that sinking feeling in bed, this mattress may not be the one for you, as it hugs your curves flexibly but lacks that sinking feeling. Also, if you have a greater budget, you can check for other better options.


  • Dissipates heat faster to allow a cool sleep
  • Made without any harmful chemicals


  • Mattress molds after a few months
  • Edges/corners take time to develop

Highlight:  A medium firm queen mattress under 200 with edge support foam for a good sleeping experience.


Best for:

  • Hot sleepers
  • A limited budget plan
  • People who sleep near the edges of their bed

Are you a hot sleeper who wants a cool sleep?  If yes, then you need to get your hands on Marley Queen 8 inch Cooling Gel foam mattress, that has 3 layers; each catering to a distinct need.  This is the best cheap mattress for your children’s room or the guest bed room that is super affordable yet comfortable.

 The 2-inch layer is based on advanced cooling technology that can keep you cool, the next 3-inch layer is made to facilitate the breathability that can prove to be highly effective in dissipating the body heat and the last 3-inch layer is made to support your body and give you a perfect edge support.

Moreover, for a whole night’s comfortable sleep, you can buy this mattress and sleep in a cool environment. Its edge support layer is highly comfortable and gives you a better sleep at night. The edge support also prevents you from rolling off the bed while you sleep.

Size: This 80-inch into 60-inch medium firm mattress can contribute to a good sleep.

It must be noted that the foam is not much of a superior quality foam. A common complaint is that the Mattress sags after some time, thus the durability is not very high. Despite having a support layer, the mattress is not rated well on the basis of its support but if you want a mattress under 200, this $192 mattress is a good option.

Bid farewell to sleepless nights! Our Mattress Reviews serve as your initial guide on the journey to discovering the perfect bed for your dreams.


  • Allows cool sleep
  • Made of Hypoallergenic design to let you sleep fresh 
  • Provides pressure relief and motion isolation
  • Good edge support


  • Mattress starts sagging after a few months
  • Has high mattress firm levels

Types of foams in Queen Size Mattresses under 200

Memory foam: Made with high density latex or all memory foam, this type of foam does not contain coils and provides a good pressure relief for your body. It can prove to be efficacious in spine alignment as well.

Latex: Highly comfortable and supporting foam that can carry your body weight and relieve you from the pressure points pain, in your body.  It provides a highly responsive surface that can facilitate body movement.

Innerspring: This is a bouncy yet firm mattress that can be highly effective for people with a lower budget. Its economical nature makes it a pertinent option for people to buy.

Factors to consider while buying a good Queen Mattress under 200

Durability: Even when investing a lower amount of the mattress, it is good to check for the durability of the mattress. Keep in mind that such a mattress can last for 2-4 years.

Mattress Firm Levels: Getting a mattress firm enough for under $200 is not a challenging task. Look for a mattress that can be rated 7/10, at the minimum on the firmness scale.

Edge support:  This refers to the flexibility of the Mattress when pressure is applied on the mattress, thus, it is essential to look into this factor as many low-cost mattresses may sag.

Final Thoughts

Buying a mattress on budget can be a hassle, hence, follow this elaborative guide to know about the main features of the Queen Mattresses under $200 to buy the one that fits all your requirements. People look for different factors in a mattress and this article can help you find the most affordable memory foam mattress. Happy Shopping (on a budget, obviously)!

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