Split Queen Mattress

Are you the total opposite of your sleeping partner? Do you sleep on a firmer mattress while your partner on a softer mattress? If so, you’ll find the answer to having a sound sleep with this Split Queen Mattress reviews & guides.

What Is A Split Queen Mattress?

A split queen mattress, or an adjustable split queen mattress, can cater to the requirements of two individuals at the same time. With Split Queen mattress, you both can sleep together at the same type while sleeping on different types of mattresses. Sounds awesome, right? 

It is a queen size mattress that splits in half, with each side being different from the other.  

A split queen adjustable mattress can serve you in many ways, and it can prevent a lot of couple fights too (You know why). It works best to provide support to different comfort preferences. Although a split queen bed is super useful, it is unfortunately not available in too many places. But guess what? You’re lucky you’re reading this since we have done all the research for you and found the best places to buy a split queen mattress from. 

Following are the top 5 best Split queen mattresses Mattressfirmpillows have found that may serve you in the greatest way possible and that you can consider buying one.

Spinal Solution Split Queen Size Mattress

Highlights: Spinal Solution Store is the best place to look for any adjustable split queen mattress having 79 x 60 x 8 inches dimensions.


Best For:

  • All types of sleepers
  • Especially for people with body aches

The specifications of this split queen mattress are 79 x 60 x 8 inches in dimensions and around 50 pounds in weight. Unlike most of the other adjustable split queen mattress in its category, this Split queen mattress is made out of a strong, traditional wood structure. It can be grueling to find a half queen mattress in sizes other than King, but this Spinal Solution offers one of the most popular bed size: Queen. 

This split foundation box spring can be set up within seconds and thus is quite easy to store and transport from one place to another. It also offers optimum support on each of the two sides of the bed for two sleepers with the central support beam.

Wooden slats of this Split queen mattress set are sturdy and they’ve spaced a bit too far about 9 inches apart. These support slats are designed to evenly distribute the weight of the mattress, which can help reduce tossing and turning, letting you sleep soundly at night. This split queen mattress size is equipped with a strong cardboard piece that lays on top of the foundation, which provides ample support.

Though it weighs only 50 pounds, it supports up to 800 pounds of weight. It has the best Split queen mattress reviews, listing it in one of the Split queen mattress toppers out there. Of course, that contributes to the higher price of this adjustable split queen mattress. It costs about $ 219 but it’s worth every penny as it puts you at ease! 


  • Fully assembled
  • Super compact and sturdy
  • Split designed
  • Durable


  • Not available in other sizes except queen size

Continental Mattress – Split Queen Mattress

Highlights: It weighs around 25 pounds and measures 79 x 59 x 8 inches while its box dimensions are 80x60x8 inches.


Best For:

  • People with body aches  
  • People with a high budget
  • Individuals who move a lot during sleep

To find the perfect mattress that makes you feel like you’re on a cloud can be quite a chore. A box spring will give you that perfect amount of high-quality support. This spring foundation in half queen mattress not only helps deliver more support to the bed but also increases the durability of the bed set-up. Foundations are built from wood or metal and that will facilitate the circulation around the mattress to in turn aid in temperature regulation. 

These key pieces in your split queen mattress set will help reduce motion transfer, so you’re less likely to wake up your partner as you turn over throughout the night. This split adjustable queen mattress is quite sturdy as it is made up of dense lumber and traditional wood structure which crack and keeps the mattress in perfect shape and prevents the box to loosen up.

 If you have a king bed, a split model box spring makes moving through your narrow hallways & doors easily. Queen box springs will give your mattress optimum support from edge to edge. This split box spring is good for all mattresses. Besides, this split queen memory foam mattress will work great with lower mattresses as this 8-inch box spring will give a perfect rise to your mattress.

Moreover, it’s shipped fully assembled so just open the box and you’re good to go. A low-profile adjustable split queen mattress box spring can be helpful for some sleepers who may have a hard time crawling in or out of their beds at night. Paired with the perfect bed frame, it’ll help you sleep your best. This split queen adjustable bed and mattress set costs around $238 but it’ll certainly prove to be one of your best purchases ever!


  • Easy to move
  • Sturdy construction
  • No assembly required


  • A bit costly
  • Available in only queen size

Zinus Split Queen mattress

Highlights: Zinus Store can be the best spot to look for any split queen mattress for sale. it measures around 79 x 59.5 x 7.5 inches and weighs about 37.5 pounds.


Best For:

  • Individuals who prefer a bit elevated mattress
  • Light weighed Individuals 

The slats of this split queen hybrid mattress are spaced well 2.8 inches apart so that you get air through from your mattress through your foundation, rather than getting trapped. Besides, this split-top queen mattress has a tall foundation, so it gives your mattress an 8-inch rise from your mattress frame. It’s all sizes can support up to 650 pounds, so, this may be a better option for those who are lighter weight than others.

For an all-around perfect box spring with a sturdy steel frame, poly jacquard cover, and durable engineering, we recommend the Zinus split queen mattress set. it’s made of heavy-duty steel, with a five-year warranty to back it up. This high-profile platform is 7.5 inches tall, so it’s perfect for those who like their bed to be a little more raised. 

This split queen bed is super easy to put together and comes with all the required tools. It has a plush knitted cover and can go over any platform bed or bed set up. Perhaps the only issue with this split queen adjustable mattress is its weight limit. A half queen mattress that’s made of wood, has a reasonable price tag, heavy-duty metal construction, high-profile design affordable, and has perfectly-spaces slats for only $211 could be what you’re looking for. 


  • Easy to put together
  • Provides optimum support
  • High-profile design and sturdy metal construction


  • Not available in all sizes

Mattress Solution Split Queen mattress

Highlights: Its measurements include Length-70 inches x Width-60 x Height-8 Weighs-22 lbs.


Best For:

  • Individuals who prefer elevated mattresses
  • People with back pain      

It is equipped with brushed microfiber. This split queen mattress cover can work with all mattresses as its box spring is good for all sorts of mattresses. With a center support frame, it can hold up to 800 lbs. This split queen mattress pad is available in queen size only. This half queen mattress is shipped with full assemblage and thus is ready to use. 

These split queen mattress sheets will work best with lower profile mattresses as the 8-inch-high box spring will give a perfect rise for your mattress. This will increase the height of your mattress, making it easier for you to get in and out of the bed. If you have back pain or any other joint pains, a low profile may cause difficulty in getting in and out of bed, so you need to go for boxes spring or foundation split queen adjustable mattress.

This split-top queen mattress has plush firmness. You can buy this split queen adjustable bed and mattress set from its manufacturer brand Mattress Solution. Foundations of this split queen mattress set are compatible with memory foam, innerspring, latex, and hybrid beds. It costs around$220.69. This split queen-size mattress offers support, allowing you to experience deep, snuggly sleep.


  • Coils promote airflow and enhance breathability
  • Coils serve as shock-absorbers
  • Supports the mattress


  • Box Springs break down over time
  • Chances of sagging
  • Not suitable for few mattress types

Spring Coil Split Queen mattress

Highlights: This Split queen adjustable mattress has body dimensions as Length-80 inches x Width-60 x Height-8 Weighs-22 lbs.


Best For:

  • Soft mattress lovers
  • People who prefer elevated mattresses

Spring Coil brand manufactures high quality split queen mattresses & box Springs, providing comfort and quality. This half queen mattress is uniquely designed to give you the kind of undisturbed sleep that you intend. Spring coil-split queen bed has body dimensions as Length-80 inches x Width-60 x Height-8 Weighs-22 lbs.

Box Spring of this half queen mattress supports all mattress types. This is fully assembled and thus is ready to put onto the frame! Spring Coil, 8″ split box spring//foundation is constructed from pine wood and thus is too fragile. Box spring coils of this split queen mattress set are compatible with innerspring beds.

Spring coils are more likely prone to wear and tear in turn causing noise potential and broken coils. These split queen mattress cover coils promote airflow and enhance breathability. It costs around $218 but getting a split queen memory foam mattress in this price range is quite a big deal.


  • Coils promote airflow and enhance breathability
  • Coils serve as shock-absorbers
  • Durable
  • Provides ideal support


  • Fragile because it’s made of wood
  • Foundation may create pressure points with a firmer surface

Split Queen Mattress VS. Standard Queen Mattress

Since both are in queen size, they generally measure the same size unless a brand chooses to change the dimensions on their own. The standard queen mattress is a single queen mattress that is made of only a single type of mattress. Whereas, a split queen mattress is divided into equal halves. 

These can be a split queen memory foam mattress or a split queen hybrid mattress. This half queen mattress is best for couples who prefer different mattresses, while a standard queen mattress works best for people who can share the same type of mattress.

Discover the ideal mattress by delving into our extensive collection of Mattress Reviews, just like numerous others have done.

What are the different types of split queen mattresses?

You can buy split queen mattress in different versions such as:

Hybrid Split Queen Mattress:

If you don’t have any particular needs for a specific mattress, you may simply want to go for a hybrid mattress. A hybrid split queen mattress works wonders to support your body and to get you the comfort you require. Due to the innerspring/coil system and multiple foam layers, the majority of people consider buying a hybrid split queen adjustable mattress.

Latex Split Queen Mattress:

Latex is a natural substance that is taken out from a rubber tree. Any mattress made of latex is harmless since it doesn’t use any harsh chemical substances. You may want to consider buying a Latex split queen mattress if you feel like you have sensitive skin, or if you catch on allergies quickly. It provides good support to your body as well.

Split Queen Memory Foam Mattress:

Memory foam mattresses are quite popular and common these days, especially for their reasonable prices compared to the hybrid split queen mattress or the latex split queen mattress. You should go for a split queen memory foam mattress if you love a sinking feeling, and you do not want a springy mattress (because they do not have coils). The memory foam contours your body and you sink in the foam, and you may sweat sometimes too if there’s no cooling gel property in a memory foam split queen mattress.

Final Thoughts

Get your hands on the amazing multipurpose split queen mattress if you sleep with your partner who is the total opposite of you, or if you want to try mattresses of different types for different purposes.

Dive into the world of restful slumber with our comprehensive Mattresses and Pillow reviews, leading you back to our homepage where sleep perfection begins.

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