Wellsville Mattress Review

Wellsville mattress is mattresses brand having different categories. They create premium luxury mattresses from CertiPUR-US certified materials to enhance your relationship with sleep. Premium materials craft each mattress by using gel-infused memory foam, latex, phase change material, and a lower coil gauge. The brand provides a range of different constructions and heights to fit any sleep preference. 

Wellsville mattress offers a variety of foam and latex dedicated mattresses with and without the coil. These mattresses get a good rating from customers when it approaches initial comfort overall, but there were some complaints when it came to returns, high prices, and long-term comfort.

So, if you are looking for detailed insights in the realm of mattresses, considering factors such as a natural alternative to memory foam, a preference for cool sleeping, or staying within a budget, Wellsville creates many models to choose from according to your specific needs. Explore our diverse range in our detailed Mattress Reviews for a more informed decision.

Mattressfirmpillows will go through the fine points of Wellsville Mattresses below so that you know the ins and outs of their designs:

Wellsville Mattress Memory Foam

Wellsville Mattress Gel-Infused Memory Foam

Highlights: The Gel-infused Wellsville mattress has dimensions of 26.5 x 26.5 x 46 inches. It is available for under $2300.


Best For:

  • Teens
  • Side sleepers
  • Adults
  • People who love soft mattress firm levels

Wellsville 14’’ memory foam is a gel-infused ventilated luxury mattress. It is available in king size with a size of 14 inches. Its style is a plush top with two colors Grey and White. Having a luxurious 14 inches plush mattress that features a 1.5 inches top layer of ultra-plush ventilated gel memory foam. It also has a 3 inches layer of plush gel Memory foam, a 2 inches plush foam layer, and 7.5 inches of supportive high-density base foam.

Memory Foam instills gel beads that distribute and capture heat to regulate temperature. The top layer of memory foam has a ventilation design that improves breathability and airflow. The removable cover has a cushioning air layer which is a quilting pattern and the color of the cover may vary from product images. The king gel-infused Wellsville Memory Foam Mattress is 76 inches by 80 inches in dimension.


The medium plush Wellsville 14 inches Memory Foam Mattress offers incredible comfort and support. It is featured four layers of foam, that get the pressure point relief, temperature regulation, and support you all need. The first layer starts with an ultra-plush-gel-infused memory foam top layer that aligns the spine for all-night comfort. The second layer is 3 inches of plush gel-infused air memory foam that resists heat while you sleep.

The third layer deals with 2 inches of plush base foam. The final fourth layer is the high-density base foam that adds structure and support. Their sophisticated double jacquard covers offer a cushioned air layer that enhances softness, style, and breathability. 

The memory foam in a gel-infused mattress is independently tested, CertiPUR-US certified, and free of injurious chemicals. It confidently stands behind the 14-inch gel memory foam mattress and shields it with the 10-year US against manufacturer defects. The best thing is that this mattress is vacuum-packed and ships in a box for easy setup and transportation. 

It is available in California King, Split California King, Queen, King, Split Queen, twin, Full, Twin XL, and twin sizes.

Wellsville Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress weighs 137 pounds.

Enter the realm of luxurious comfort through our Memory Foam Mattress Reviews. Discover the secret to a dreamy sleep experience right at your fingertips!


  • Comfortable surface 
  • Adjustable to the bed frame
  • Moldable


  • May trap heat
  • Dense foam layers make this heavy and harder

Wellsville Mattress Memory Foam Hybrid

Wellsville Mattress Gel Memory Foam Hybrid

Highlights: The Gel Memory Foam Hybrid has a thickness of 14 inches. It is available for under $2500, having dimensions of 75″L x 54″W x 14″ Th.


Best For:

  • Couples
  • People with insomnia
  • Side sleepers
  • Adults

Wellsville gel hybrid mattress of 14 inches is the new trendsetter in sleep products, and for a good reason. It’s all about support, comfort, and temperature. Fall into coats of plush, holding memory foam supported by springy pocketed coils for the sleep you have been dreaming of. Gel beads, infused in 2 layers of memory foam, dissipate and capture body heat keeping you comfortable and cool.


It is ideal for adjustable bed frames; this hybrid mattress carries home an individualized feel. You can enjoy proper spinal alignment and relieve painful pressure points. Once you get the order, this mattress arrives rolled, compressed, and shipped in a box, making setup and delivery convenient and hassle-free.

It has a plush top style available in White color. The origin of this mattress is China, available in medium and plush comfort levels.

It is indulgent gel-infused air foam layered with ventilated gel memory foam. Has a robust 6.3-inch pocketed coils support and cradle for hybrid quality. The double jacquard cover enhances the breathable cushioned air layer.

It arrives firmly packed in a portable box for customer convenience. Remove from wrapping within 72 hours to maximize expansion. Then, you can sleep on it the same night when it is unwrapped, however, allow 48 hours to fully return to its original shape and size.

Sometimes, vacuum sealing traps odor. After unpacking, air for a couple of hours to eliminate trapped lingering odor. Due to machine-cutting manufacturing procedures, there may be minor variances in the dimensions of this product. So, the firmness level of similar products may produce different firmness results. 

Sometimes, we usually face the trouble sleep problem that is known as insomnia. It can help you to say goodbye to your sleepy problems and can enjoy deep sleep with gel infused hybrid mattress of Wellsville mattress.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Ventilated Gel to keep cool
  • Adjustable to spine


  • May less firm
  • It May not be comfortable for heavy people

Wellsville Mattress Latex Hybrid

Wellsville Mattress Natural Latex Hybrid

Highlights: The Wellsville Natural Latex Hybrid comes in full size of this mattress under $1910 with dimensions of 21.7″L x 21.3″W x 55.2″ Th.


Best For:

  • Stomach sleepers
  • Adults
  • Back sleepers
  • Teens

Wellsville 14-inch Latex Hybrid Mattress is available in plush top style with two colors Grey and White. It is also filled with Memory Foam material. This plush responsible 2-inch Latex memory foam layer offers a premium and springy feel. There are two cooling layers of ultra-plush Gel Memory Foam that dissipate and capture heat. It has durable 6.3-inch pocketed coils that support and cradle for true hybrid quality.

It delivers in full compression and rolling form which is convenient for setup and delivery. The full-size mattress measures 54 inches by 75 inches in dimension. It is 95 pounds in weight.


Your ultimate sleep experience starts with this plush foam that cradles your body with springy and responsible softness. Their supportive individually enclosed coils add the time-tested bounce of an innerspring mattress. It is ideal for adjustable bed frames; the 11-inches mattress deals a lower profile look when related to the 14-inch option.

Wellsville Natural Latex Hybrid Mattress has a unique feel that is both contouring and responsible. It is a perfect match for customers looking for a firmer mattress that offers a little push-back unlike the sink-in feel of memory foam.

Natural Latex Hybrid mattress is springy due to their latex layer which offers stable support that keeps your body floating on the top of your bed, instead of sinking into it. Its design allows support, contour, and cradle the natural curves of the body while properly aligning the spine bone.

It has a material of Latex foam which is 1.5 inches. The thickness of ultra-plush memory foam and supportive transition foam is 1 inch. The coils of steel have 6-inches thickness, and the supportive base foam has 1.5 inches.

Wellsville natural latex hybrid mattress is CertiPUR-US certified which means it has been independently tested for safety of materials used, performance, physical, and environmental stewardship.

Their careful construction guarantees no prohibited phthalates, no CFCs, ozone-depletes, mercury, heavy metal or lead, PBDEs, formaldehyde, and low emission (VOCs) for indoor air quality.

Natural Latex instantly responds to your actions, molding to your sleeping comfort and then bouncing back as you change positions. Encased pocketed coils independently respond to quick comfort to body weight.


  • Supportive coils
  • Adjustable to bed frames
  • Maintain the spine alignment


  • May feel stiff
  • Not recommended for firm mattress lovers

General characteristics of Wellsville Mattress:

Mattress Firm Level

With four unique models and a variety of different heights to choose from, Wellsville offers a comprehensive firmness range to suit all of their customer needs;


The plush firmness level is best for side and combination sleepers looking for hip and shoulder pressure relief. If you like feeling more “in” your mattress than “on” it and superior cushioning, plush satisfies this preference.

Medium firm

It is a medium firmness level supreme for all sleepers, including stomach and back sleep styles. The medium firm provides the cushioning you crave with the support you need for spine placement.


It is the best choice for back and stomach sleepers who still need a mattress that provides adequate give and responsiveness.

Extra firm

This type of extra firm model provides superior support and weight circulation, optimal for stomach sleepers. You will feel more “on” than “in” this mattress.

Edge Support

Wellsville’s mattress structures a high-density foam base that certifies durability and helps with edge-to-edge support. These mattresses don’t have an edge support system like challenging mattress brands. 

The foam base gives decent edge support to these mattresses, but it’s no match for other brands that have custom dual perimeter edge support systems such as Saatva.

Motion isolation

Wellsville models provide the best motion isolation, but their hybrid models perform exceptionally well. Individually wrapped coil systems of Wellsville mattresses are designed to absorb movement and eliminate motion transfer for sound sleepers.

Hybrid models of Wellsville are especially well-suited to those couples who turn and toss in their sleep.

Bed Frame Compatibility

Wellsville mattresses have a design for adjustable bed frames that are their ideal match. You can pair your Wellsville mattress with any foundation or frame, but an adaptable frame works best with these mattresses.

Wellsville Vs Tempur-Pedic Mattress

The Wellsville 14’’ and the 11’’ air cool gel memory foam models are available with a flex head design as an alternative to being enforced into 2 twin XL pushed together into king size bed.

  • Memory foam is a byproduct of the NASA space system and its formation is now in the public domain so Wellsville has developed its models based on NASA research while Tempur-Pedic didn’t have involvement in the formation or development by NASA.
  • Wellsville air gel foam mattresses have multiple layers of gel-infused memory foam that help condense extreme heat buildup commonly experienced in Tempur-Pedic mattresses dating back to the 1990’s while, whereas Tempur-Pedic mattresses don’t apply cool gel-infused memory foam.
  • Wellsville mattresses, termed after the Wellsville mountain range in Utah, are eco-friendly and compressed for efficient logistics and shipping. 

These are the differences between Wellsville and Tempur-Pedic Mattresses.

Who Should Buy The Wellsville Mattress

  • If some people like memory foam but don’t want to get too hot so Wellsville mattress is the best option for them. Their foam models feature ventilated top layers to retain things cool while conveying the comfort you love.
  • Wellsville mattress is the best option for those who want a mattress that’s easy to clean. They feature a zip-off mattress cover that makes it easy to wash and clean any spills or stains from the mattress. This is the best feature if you like snacking in bed, or if you have pets or kids.
  • If anyone doesn’t like the bed-in-a-box so it is the best option for him/her. They are all about delivering you a luxury experience, which means that if you are buying in a store or from a third-party retailer, you will receive a Wellsville mattress without a box.

Who Should Avoid Wellsville Mattress

Wellsville mattress’ design is compatible with adjustable frames so, if you don’t have an adaptable bed base or, you don’t need to invest in one so this may not be the best choice.

In addition, Wellsville has no online store to buy, so purchasing this mattress is not as easy as hitting the confirmation button. But, if you are buying from a third-party retailer so you may see some damage or other issues. That’s why it is not for them who don’t want to face this type of issue.

Final Thoughts

Wellsville mattresses are the best choice if you want luxury quality and comfort. They feature their mattresses with certified materials from CertiPUR-US to improve your relationship with deep and comfy sleep.

They are especially for teens, adults, and side and back sleepers. Also, they provide the best skeleton and spine alignment to your whole body. You will not feel sinking in moods.

We have gathered valid information about Wellsville mattress reviews by which you can choose mattresses according to your specified needs.

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Wellsville mattresses manufacturers select high-grade materials for well-crafted mattresses and then processes them.

Wellsville mattress sales Organic latex, gel-infused, phase change material memory foam. They are the pinnacle of luxury. Through the best design, skilled craftsmanship, and defined detail, Wellsville goes beyond and above the limits of refinement and elegance.

There are many health risks associated with mattress off-gassing. For most sleepers, the compounds emitted during off-gassing are generally injurious.

Wellsville mattress doesn’t sell it online because they do have not a store but you can buy from a third-party retailer such as iFoam, Amazon retailers, etc.

Wellsville mattress is made in the United States and certified from CertiPUR-US certified foams company.

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