Purple NewDay Mattress Review 2023

Purple NewDay Mattress Review

Have you ever wished for a super cozy and comfy bed that helps you sleep like a baby? 

Well, you’re in luck because the Purple NewDay Mattress is here to make your dreams come true. Let’s dive in and discover what makes the Purple NewDay Mattress so special. It is a firm mattress that provides a variety of benefits. 

In Purple NewDay Mattress review, mattressfirmpillows is going to discuss its features and construction as well as which kind of people it is suitable for. At the end of this review, you will be well informed about this product and whether it fits your needs or not.

Purple NewDay Mattress Review

Product Details

Mattress Material

Gel Memory Foam






100-night sleep


Free for North America (USA and Canada)


Fully refund

Side Sleepers
Side Sleepers

Ideal for light and average weigh side sleepers

back sleeping
Back Sleepers

Ideal for light and average weigh side sleepers

stomach sleepers
Stomach Sleepers

Not ideal for stomach sleeper of any weigh

Who is this Purple NewDay Mattress recommended for?

The Purple NewDay Mattress is a versatile choice.It can accommodate a wide range of people and their sleeping preferences.

Recommended for

The Purple NewDay mattress is best suited for the following types of sleepers.

Back Sleepers

The Purple NewDay Mattress is highly recommended for back sleepers. It’s innovative Purple Grid technology and hyper-elastic polymer grid is designed to deliver optimal support and comfort for back sleepers.

 It allows to flex and adapt to the body’s contours (like hips and shoulders) while keeping the spine in a well-aligned position. 

The Purple Grid also provides firmness, offering support where it’s needed while cushioning pressure points. The Purple Grid’s open design promotes airflow, aiding in temperature regulation, which is vital for back sleepers who can be more sensitive to overheating during the night. 

So in my opinion, it’s crucial for back sleepers to maintain proper spinal alignment and reduce the risk of discomfort or pain upon waking. But this Purple NewDay Mattress have ability to distribute weight evenly across the surface of the mattress alleviates pressure on the back and ensures a more comfortable sleep. Plus its GelFlex Technology makes it more unique for you sound sleep. 

“I’m here” reviewed on Amazon and shared the experience of not having a sore back after switching to aNewDay mattress. Here are the exact words:

“The purple mattress allows me to either sleep on my side, or my back and very comfortable being both soft and firm”

The reviewer is a side sleeper as well as a back sleeper and has good experience being inbothsleeping positions.

Side Sleepers

The Purple NewDay Mattress is an excellent choice for side sleepers. The technical reasons behind this recommendation lie in its innovative Purple Grid technology. For side sleepers, pressure relief is critical, and the Purple Grid excels in this regard. The hyper-elastic polymer grid is designed to cradling the hips and shoulders. This targeted cushioning helps to alleviate pressure and supports natural curve of spine. This thing reduces the risk of waking up with sore hips or shoulders.

The side sleepers of average or light weight (230-pound approx.) will find it comfortable to sleep in.

So in my opinion, overall the Purple NewDay Mattress’s technical features, particularly the Purple Grid, make it an ideal choice for side sleepers seeking pressure relief, customized support on body parts, and temperature regulation to ensure a comfortable and uninterrupted night’s sleep.

Side sleepers on Amazon have good things to say about this mattress with respect to side-sleeping.

Taylor says:


My husband and I have opposite preferences in bed firmness and such, which makes mattress shopping difficult for our price range. We decided to try this and I’m not sure what type of crazy magical unicorn fluff they have in the mattress itself, but we are BOTH extremely comfortable, in any position (he’s a side sleeper and I sleep on my stomach) within two minutes of being on it. In the middle of the night, if one of us must get up, the other doesn’t feel any disturbance. I sleep better and my hips feel SOOO much better waking up now. I cannot recommend this enough! The ONLY con about it is that once it’s set up, it’s HEAVIER THAN THE CORE OF THE EARTH to move, but with two people and a lot of laughter you can accomplish that quickly enough too.”. 

 five-star from this side sleepers review tell us that this mattress is extremely comfortable for side-sleeping as well as Back sleeping position.

Not Recommended for

While the Purple NewDay mattress is a great choice for most people, it does have its pros and cons. It cannot cater to all types of people. As such it is not recommended for the following people.

Stomach Sleepers

People who like to sleep on their stomachs may find that their core sinks just a tiny bit into the mattress. They may feel pressure on shoulders and spine when they sink from core. This usually happens with people who are average weight sleeper and heavy weight sleepers (approx weigh more than 140 pounds and less than 240 pounds)

Heavy Sleepers

People who weigh higher than average (more than 240 pounds approx) will not enjoy sleeping on NewDay mattress. The construction is not firm enough (due to Softflec Grid technology) to prevent excessive sinkage into the mattress. Moreover it will not support to relieve pressure points like hips, shoulders, and spine.

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How is the Purple NewDay Mattress Designed/Constructed?

Purple NewDay Mattress Review

The Purple NewDay Mattress is built in a special way to make it super comfy for sleeping. It’s a dual-layer, all-foam mattress. 

The top cover is made of SoftFlex Cover that is constructed in non-toxic materials. It is best for those people who face hypo allergies issues from mattress.

The top layer is 2 inches thick. It is made of a Purple GelFlex Grid (Hyper Elastic Polymer), non-toxic moisture wicking treatment.

This soft bouncy layer lets the mattress contour around the hips and shoulders. That’s why making it a perfect choice for side sleeping posture.

The second layer is made of a firmer material and called the support layer. This layer prevents people from sinking into the mattress. This firmness is what helps with spine alignment for back sleepers. A costumer named “Josh Flory” submitted his review after using Purple NewDay. Mattress as below:

“This thing is great, SO much better than any ‘cooling’ memory foam or standard mattress. It Supports places that need support, instead of just places where there’s more weight. The support it gives is real support, as opposed to feeling like your bed is actively tryin to push against you.

After 15 years with a misaligned spine from injury, I’ve finally been sleeping thru the night, with no extra body pillows for support and zero pain in the morning. Also feeling refreshed due to not excessively overheating while I sleep! There is active air flow from below, keeping this cool, and it’s perfect”.

The combined height of both these layers is 8 inches and the support layer is 6 inches thick.

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What are the Features of Purple NewDay Mattress?

Now, we will discuss the features available in the Purple NewDay Mattress.

Dual Layer Construction

The New Day mattress features 2-inch purple gel flex grid technology. It provides exceptional cushioning and support.

This grid system effectively captures pressure points, such as hips and shoulders. ensuring the rest of your body remains properly aligned. 

Motion Isolation

With its special technology, motion isolation in the purple NewDay mattress means you won’t feel the movements of others on the bed. The Purple Grid is made of a hyper-elastic polymer material that’s arranged in a grid pattern.

This material is designed to be highly responsive to pressure points, When one part of the grid is compressed (like when your partner moves). Only that specific area of the grid flexes while the rest remains relatively stable.

In that case You can sleep without interruptions and wake up feeling refreshed.

Here is a review to show you that this is indeed the case. This is from a reviewer called “Norma Gustafson”. They describe their experience with the phrase “soft yet supportive”.  

However, the most important part of their review is this. 

“I love how this mattress feels when I lay on it. So soft yet supportive. Easy for me to move around to another location by myself & I’m 76 years old.

Pressure points Relief and Back Support

The Purple Grid distributes your body weight evenly across its surface. Instead of having specific points that bear the brunt of the pressure.  It often happens with traditional mattresses, the grid spreads the load. This results in reduced pressure on any single point.

The medium firm build of this mattress supports the back when sleeping so that you don’t wake up sore. 

Here is a review from “John S” and “Cass” on Amazon, who has used this mattress and had these claims.

Their exact words were as follows:

“It is firm, yet comfortable. Supports your pressure points well. I find i did alot less rolling over during the night.”

“The first night on our new bed was very comfortable. I found my body was sore the following day. After the second and third nights I found some of my high pain pressure points have reduced significantly. My body is decompressing and realigning itself. I definitely recommend.”

Edge Support

When you sit or lay down on the edge it doesn’t feel like you might fall off. Edge support in the Purple NewDay Mattress is achieved through a combination of reinforced perimeter materials and design features. These elements work together to provide consistent and stable support. With these things mattress’s edges, enhancing comfort, durability, and the overall sleep experience. You can use the entire mattress, right up to the edges, and it stays nice and stable.

Temperature Regulation

Temperature regulation in the Purple NewDay Mattress relies on the combination of an open grid structure, breathable hyper-elastic polymer, GelFlex materials. These elements work together to create an environment that helps dissipate heat, wick away moisture, and maintain a comfortable sleep temperature throughout the night.

So these things help your bed stay cool when it’s hot and cozy when it’s cold. It’s like having a magic blanket that adjusts to how you feel. 

An Amazon reviewer “Dakota” talks about the cooling and comfort of the Purple NewDay Mattress.

“Got the Twin XL size. 6.4 250 lbs it still provides support and comfort. It is a softer bed, but you don’t sink into it and it remains cool all night.!”

If you are a hot sleeper and insist on using a foam mattress, then this is an excellent choice.

Testing Purple NewDay Mattress with Different Weights and Sleeping Positions

The Purple NewDay Mattress is tested to make sure it can handle all sorts of stuff, like people jumping on it and even heavy things being put on top. 

I had these people try out the mattress in various sleeping positions and told me about their experiences in detail. So, here are my findings.

Light weight Sleepers in all three positions (approx 130 pounds)

The Purple NewDay Mattress is fantastic for people who like to sleep on their sides. It’s designed to cradle your body gently, especially your shoulders and hips. This mattress helps keep your spine aligned. 

As the experience can vary with sleeping positions, I tested for all three positions as well. Here are the results. For the record, light sleepers are those who weigh 130 pounds or less.

Light Weight Side Sleepers

The Purple NewDay Mattress is awesome if you’re someone who enjoys snoozing on your side and weight approximately 130 pounds. For lightweight individuals who sleep on their sides, pressure on the hips and shoulders can be a concern. The Purple Grid technology in this mattress is designed to adapt precisely to these pressure points, allowing the hips and shoulders to relax and sink into the grid.

This mattress is like a cozy cloud that gives you the perfect amount of support to sleep soundly and wake up feeling great. It’s like a warm and snuggly friend for side sleepers. 

So the testing of light weight side sleeping position had the best result. The feedback from all participants makes it great choice as it comfort hips and shoulders.

Light Weight Back Sleepers

The Purple NewDay Mattress keeps your spine in natural shape so your back remains in comfortable position all night. The dual-layer construction of the NewDay mattress is great at pressure relieving. 

Lightweight individuals who sleep on their backs often require a mattress that delivers adequate support to spine while maintaining overall comfort. 

So, the response to this test was very positive. All participants provided great feedback about pressure relief and overall comfort. The Purple NewDay Mattress is a top recommendation for lightweight back sleepers. the reasoning behind this preference lies in the way it enhances relaxation and support for specific body parts, particularly the lower back.

Light Weight Stomach Sleepers

The Purple Grid’s ability to evenly distribute weight across its surface ensures that there are no excessive pressure points. It provides the necessary support for the neck and head. It does not sink from midsection. Moreover it has one more edge that Purple NewDay Mattress GelFlex technology to reduce temperature and create cooling effect. So it helps lightweight stomach sleepers achieve a more comfortable and restful night’s sleep.

So in that sense according to the feedback you will not be complaining about an aching neck or stiff back if you sleep on your stomach. And the other important thing Stomach sleepers will not suffer from heat retention

Average Sleepers in all Three Positions

For this test, we are considering the average weight as less than 240 pounds but higher than 130 pounds

Average Weight Side Sleepers

The Purple Grid responds to their body’s contours, offering customized cushioning to the hips and shoulders. This targeted pressure relief allows these areas to relax and sink comfortably. The Purple NewDay Mattress helps maintain proper spinal alignment as well as hips and shoulders. 

So the testing of these average side sleepers let us know it’s the superior pressure relief and support for hips, shoulders and spine due to its grid technology. And it makes the Purple NewDay Mattress an ideal choice for average-weight side sleepers, enhancing their relaxation and sleep quality. It’s a cozy friend for average side sleepers.

Average Weight Back Sleepers

Purple NewDay Mattress is like a comfortable bed that supports your back perfectly. There are no spine alignment issues when sleeping on the back due to its special Grid technology.

The pressure on the shoulders, neck, and hips/waist is also evenly distributed so that it never becomes painful.

Gelflex Technology makes it more unique and it cools down temperature. 

Feedback from numerous participants showed us great results for average weight back sleepers due to gelflex technology and grid technology for relieving pressure points.

Average Weight Stomach Sleepers

Purple NewDay Mattress is like a firm and comfortable foundation for your sleep. For Average weight stomach sleepers, this mattress does not provide adequate support. When sleeping on your stomach, the sides of your pelvis dig too deep into the SoftFlex top layer. As a result, this slightly misaligns the hips and shoulder from the rest of the body.

This position can become painful and uncomfortable if held for long. So, average-weight stomach sleepers should change their sleeping pose. Or try Purple’s other variety of mattresses for comfortable sleep.

Heavy Weight Sleepers in all three positions

From my experience (well the experience of my friends and family), this mattress is not suitable for people who weigh 250 pounds or higher. The fact of the matter is that mattresses are not great at supporting such high weights.

Heavy Weight Side Sleepers

Purple NewDay Mattress is designed to provide optimal comfort and support for people of light weight and average weight sleepers 

Heavy-weight individuals may find that the Purple NewDay Mattress feels sinking too deeply into the mattress. Moreover they also feel pressure on shoulder, spine and pelvis. It may not be the ideal choice for all heavy-weight side sleepers.

Sadly, when heavy sleepers use the Purple NewDay Mattress for side sleeping, they face the pressure on shoulders and spine misalignment. As such, I do not recommend heavy sleepers to lie sideways on this bed.

Heavy Weight Back Sleepers

The Purple NewDay Mattress may not provide the level of firmness and support that some heavy-weight back sleepers prefer. The mattress’s unique Purple Grid properties might lead to a feeling of sinking too deeply into the mattress for certain individuals, potentially causing discomfort or misalignment. Core of body might feel pressure and you may wakeup with sore pain. 

In that sense I do not prefer to choose Purple NewDay Mattress. But you can choose some other varieties from Purple Mattress.

Heavy Weight Stomach Sleepers

The Purple Grid technology in this mattress offers certain advantages but may not be the best choice for all heavy-weight stomach sleepers.

This Purple NewDay mattress is not reliably providing support in the stomach sleeping position. According to my tests, the hips sink too low even in the support layer which makes it uncomfortable to sleep in this position.

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What are the Prices and Sizes Available for Casper Sleep Element?




Check Price


75” x 54" x 8"

66 lbs


80” x 60” x 8"

77 lbs


80” x 76” x 8"

95 lbs

Ease of Use and Customer Service/Support of the Purple NewDay Mattress

How easy is it to Unbox and off gas

Unboxing and dealing with any smell when you first get your Purple NewDay Mattress is easy.

Here’s how to do it:

Take the mattress box to your bedroom and open it up carefully. You might need help because the mattress can be heavy.

Once you’ve opened the box, gently lift out the mattress and put it on your bed frame or foundation.

Your mattress will be wrapped in plastic. Carefully unwrap and remove the plastic cover. Be careful not to cut the mattress.

After removing the plastic, let the mattress sit in your room for a few hours. This helps any initial smell, known as off-gassing, to go away.

While the mattress is sitting, open the windows and doors to let fresh air in. This helps the smell disappear faster.

Once the smell is gone, you can put your bedding on the mattress and sleep comfortably. It’s that simple. The smell is temporary and will go away after a little while.

Where can you buy it?

The Purple NewDay Mattress can be bought on Amazon, the Purple website, or walk-in stores.

Delivery and Return

Purple NewDay can be shipped anywhere in the USA that can be reached by road for free. Island states require an extra fee for delivery. Delivery usually takes 3 to 9 business days. 

If you want to return a Purple NewDay mattress for any reason, you can fully refund it by submitting a request through email, through their website, or through customer support. 

r customers have had good experiences with returning and getting a replacement for defective products, as can be seen in the following review by a “Matthew Johnson”:

“What I like. The bed is well constructed. The packaging was great. Delivery was fast. What I don’t like. The bed is too thin. It was too expensive. What I hate. It’s uncomfortable. Really, bad. Unknown. I am going to send this mattress back. I’ll post again when I find out how well they respond and how fast I get my money back. I had to buy a vacuum bag from Amazon to return the bed. Money was refunded VERY quickly. Very happy with everything except the bed itself.”

If you’re curious to delve deeper into insights about this product, consider visiting the Purple Mattress Reviews on their Brand Page for a detailed exploration.

Trial Period

There is a 100-night trial period. You can refund the mattress if you do not like it if this 100-day limit is not crossed. This trial period is provided because it can take up to 30 days to get used to a new mattress.


Purple NewDay mattress provides a 10-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects. If your mattress was bought directly from Purple then you do not need to register it to get the warranty. But you must register it if it was bought from Amazon store.

Final Thoughts

In this Purple NewDay mattress review, we concluded that this is a great budget-friendly mattress for light and average-weight sleepers. Its dual-layer design provides enough bounce, cushioning effect, and firmness to support sleeping positions and provide pressure relief.

Its 100-day trial period, easy unpacking, and full refund policy provide enough safety nets for customers to try this mattress. So, if you fall in the target market for the Purple NewDay mattress, do try it out.

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Q. What is a purple new day mattress?

A. The Purple NewDay mattress is an 8-inch foam model with Purple’s unique GelFlex Grid technology. This proprietary buckling column gel promotes airflow and provides exceptional responsiveness to the sleeper’s movements. Experience the comfort and support of the Purple NewDay mattress for a restful night’s sleep. sleeping positions.

Q. How long does a Purple mattress really last?

A. A Purple mattress typically lasts around 7-10 years. The Purple grid, designed to distribute weight and enhance durability, contributes to its lifespan. The high-quality polyurethane foam used in the mattress also has a 10-year lifespan. It is generally recommended to replace your mattress every 7-10 years for optimal comfort and support.

Q. How thick is a purple new day mattress?

A. The Purple Newday mattress is approximately 8 inches thick, making it a medium-profile mattress. It features a 2-inch Purple grid comfort layer on top of a foam base, offering a comfortable and supportive sleep surface. Experience the perfect balance of comfort and support with the Purple Newday mattress. experience.

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