Casper Wave Hybrid Snow Mattress Review 2023

Casper Wave Hybrid Snow Mattress

The Casper Wave Hybrid Snow mattress is one of Casper’s luxury offerings. This expensive mattress is aimed at providing a cool sleeping experience with plenty of support for the body. 

In the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow mattress review, Mattressfirmpillows will check what kind of features this mattress has, how well it provides comfort, and whether it is worth the hefty price tag. Let’s get into it.


Experience the epitome of cool comfort with the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow mattress—an absolute must-have for those who crave the perfect sleep sanctuary. Dive into a realm of tranquility as the cutting-edge cooling technology of the Wave Hybrid Snow ensures you enjoy a refreshingly cool night’s sleep. Embrace the soothing embrace of this mattress, designed to cater specifically to hot sleepers. Elevate your nights, seize the cool, and revel in the unparalleled luxury of the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow—a true game-changer in the world of rejuvenating sleep!

Product Details

Mattress Material







100-night sleep


Free for North America (USA and Canada)


Fully refund

Side Sleepers
Side Sleepers

Ideal if you weigh up to 130 lbs

back sleeping
Back Sleepers

Ideal if you weigh up to 130 lbs

stomach sleepers
Stomach Sleepers

Not Ideal for Stomach Sleepers

For Whom is the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow Mattress Recommended?

Before we begin, let me simplify some things for you. This is a long review and I don’t want to waste anyone’s, so let’s just take a quick glance at the type of people who will love this mattress and who won’t. 

Casper Wave Hybrid Snow is Recommended for

This mattress is highly recommended for the following types of people;


Hot Sleepers

This mattress has a very specific construction that aids with dissipating trapped body heat. As such, even people who tend to sweat in their sleep will be cool throughout the night.

Back Sleepers

The various comfort and support layers in this mattress provide for an extremely comfortable back sleeping experience. This is especially true for people who have back pain.

Side Sleepers

Average and lightweight sleepers will be quite snug in this mattress even when sleeping on their sides. The construction of this mattress is able to support them for extended periods of time.


This mattress has amazing edge support and motion isolation. That translates to a large sleeping surface and minimal disturbance from movement. 

Not Recommended for

The Casper wave hybrid snow is not recommended for the following people.

People on tight Budget

The Casper Wave Hybrid Snow is one of Casper’s luxury mattresses. It has a hefty price tag, so if you are budget-conscious I would suggest looking at the Casper Element series instead of this one.

Stomach Sleepers

Strict stomach sleepers will not be able to stay comfortable for long. However, if they can alternate between different postures, then they will have a better experience.

Heavy Sleepers

Unfortunately, heavy people (230 pounds and over) will not find comfort on this mattress. It is just a tad bit too soft to properly support them. They will need to find a firmer option if they want a good rest.

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How is the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow Designed/Constructed?

Now that we’ve established the target audience for the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow mattress, let’s delve into its construction to understand how it shapes its distinctive features.

The Casper Wave Hybrid Snow is categorized as a medium-firm mattress, boasting a total of six layers. The initial layer functions as a cover but is strategically designed to dissipate heat away from the body. The subsequent five layers comprise various types of foams and a layer of spring coils.

Among these layers, three are crafted from AirScape, each incorporating unique attributes. One layer is infused with a cooling gel, while the final layer is comprised of spring coils. Let’s closely examine the role and benefits of each layer.


Thin AirScape Layer with Cooling Gel

This is the first layer. It is made of Casper’s proprietary AirScape foam. It has precision perforations in it that enable heat to escape. The layer of cooling gel also helps heat to transfer away from the body quickly.

Second Layer of AirScape with Heat Delete Bands

This is another layer of AirScape that is thicker, has precision perforation, and has six bands of heat-conductive material on top. These bands conduct heat away from the body and let it dissipate into the air thereby keeping the sleeper extra cool.

Zoned Support Layer

This is yet another layer of foam made with AirScape, but it has a middle zone that is much firmer than the edge zones. The firmer zone falls under the hips, waist, and lower back. It provides support to people in the back sleeping position.

Gel Pod Layer

This layer has multiple gel pods as well as several circular support zones. The support zones are spread throughout the layer while the gel pods are present in two vertical bands near the center of the mattress. They provide pressure relief while providing support.

The Coiled Spring Layer

The final layer of this mattress consists of coiled springs that purely provide support. This layer has a firm border for providing excellent edge support. 

All of these layers combined form the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow mattress.

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What are the Features of Casper Wave Hybrid Snow Mattress?

Now, that we have understood the construction of the mattress, let’s take a look at its various features and how well it performs in core mattress functions.

Motion Isolation/Transfer

First of all, we have motion isolation/transfer. Depending on the build of the mattress, it may transfer a lot of movement or very little. Typically, little to no transfer is preferred by most people as it results in less disturbance. 

The Casper Wave Hybrid Snow mattress has great motion isolation, i.e., it transfers very little motion. This is due to the multilayer foam construction of this mattress. When you have four layers of foam, any motion gets absorbed to near completion. As such this mattress is great for couples and people who share their beds with a large pet such as a dog.

Pressure Relief

This is a luxury mattress. As such, Casper tried to give it everything and they succeeded. The pressure relief in this mattress is immaculate. The zoned support layer as well as the gel pod layer ensures that the shoulders, back, hips, and waist are never in pain. They ensure that any pressure from the weight of the sleeper is evenly distributed throughout the mattress so that no spot feels extra pressure. 

This results in none of the sensitive spots on your body being under undue pressure. An average and lightweight sleeper will have no issues with pressure on their body. The Casper Wave Hybrid Snow mattress will make sure of that.

This short Amazon review by Paul C. perfectly encapsulates our thoughts on the pressure-relieving capabilities of this mattress.

“Have had this mattress for about 9 months. It is fantastic. No back pain, very comfortable

Edge Support

The Casper Wave Hybrid Snow mattress has a solid support layer. I am talking about the final layer that has spring coils for support. As we saw in the construction, this particular layer has a very firm border specifically for providing great edge support. 

Most foam mattresses have terrible edge support if they do not have reinforced edges. Since the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow mattress is a hybrid mattress, it has way better edge support. You can sit on the sides without them giving way under your weight. This means that all of the surface of the mattress is available for your use. You won’t have to scoot towards the middle to avoid feeling like you will fall off the edge. 

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Cooling and Temperature Regulation

As the “Snow” in the name suggests, this mattress is designed for cooling. From the construction, we saw that its cover and at least two of its layers are dedicated to cooling. The perforations in the AirScape layers and the heat delete bands do a great job of dissipating heat and taking it away from the body. 

This is why this mattress is the perfect fit for hot sleepers who tend to sweat in their sleep. The cover, the perforated foam, and the conductive heat delete bands will all make sure that no excess heat is trapped near the body thereby keeping the sleeper cool through the night.

Here is a short and sweet review by Eric (an Amazon Customer) that wraps the cooling capabilities of this mattress nicely.

“Substantially reduced chronic back pain. Comfortable and reasonably cool.”

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Evaluating the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow Mattress Across Various Weights and Sleeping Positions

Here is the breakdown of the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow mattress for all three weight classes and all three sleeping positions. 

Light Weight Sleepers in all three positions

Lightweight sleepers are people who weigh less than 130 pounds. Let’s see how comfortable this mattress feels for them.

Light Weight Side Sleepers

A lightweight side sleeper will feel as if the mattress is firmer than stated, but it will have adequate comfort. The soft and springy comfort layers provide enough cushioning for the shoulders and hips that they don’t feel pain even in extended side sleeping sessions.

Light Weight Back Sleepers

Back sleeping for the average-weight person is amazing on the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow. This is the ideal customer for this mattress. They will have all of the benefits of this mattress and none of the drawbacks. I am talking about impeccable cooling, great pressure relief, no tacoing, and great spine support. If you fall in this category and have the budget to buy this mattress, you should buy it.

Light Weight Stomach Sleepers

As long as you are lightweight, stomach sleeping in the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow mattress won’t be a problem. The main issue with stomach sleeping is that the midsection (i.e., the hips and waist) sinks too much into the mattress. With the zoned support that is not going to happen. So, lightweight sleepers will find stomach sleeping to be comfortable.

We also recommend you to checking out our review of the Casper Sleep Original Foam Mattress for more details and insights into its features.

Average Weight Sleepers in all three positions

This is the weight class that benefits the most from the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow mattress. This weight class consists of people who weigh anything between 130 to 230 pounds. Let’s see how comfortable they feel in various sleeping positions.

Average Weight Side Sleepers

An average-weight side sleeper will actually be heavy enough to feel the support from the gel pod layer. They will find that their shoulder and hips sink through the comfort layers and the mattress hugs them comfortably. The sinkage is just enough to keep the spine in alignment. This results in a really comfortable rest. 

Average Weight Back Sleepers

Back sleeping for the average-weight person is amazing on the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow. This is the ideal customer for this mattress. They will have all of the benefits of this mattress and none of the drawbacks. I am talking about impeccable cooling, great pressure relief, no tacoing, and great spine support. If you fall in this category and have the budget to buy this mattress, you should buy it.

Average Weight Stomach Sleepers

Unlike light stomach sleepers, the average-weight stomach sleeper can only find this position comfortable if they don’t hold it for too long. I would not recommend strict stomach sleepers to strictly sleep in that position if they want to buy this mattress. If you really don’t have a choice, then I recommend checking out a non-hybrid and firmer option.

We suggest checking out this review as it might provide valuable insights and enhance your understanding of the Casper Mattress. You’re likely to find it beneficial for making an informed decision.

Heavy Weight Sleepers in all three positions

Now, let’s talk about the heavy-weight sleepers. Heavyweight is classified as anyone weighing over 230 pounds.

Heavy Weight Side Sleepers

Long story short, heavy-weight sleepers will not be comfortable in this position. They will sink right into the mattress. There is simply not enough support in a foam-dominated mattress. I suggest such people look for mattresses more suitable for heavy people.

Heavy Weight Back Sleepers

Heavy-weight back sleepers can actually use this mattress somewhat reliably. In this position, the weight of the sleeper is evenly distributed on the mattress and there are no points that exert extra pressure. What that means is that heavy sleepers can sleep on the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow mattress comfortably. But I do not recommend buying this mattress if you are going to use it daily. 

If you don’t believe me, here is a review by Rich Dave that corroborates these claims.

“I’m using the Wave Hybrid and while it took some time to adjust too, I no longer wake up with a stiff back. I weigh 245 and find the mattress to be firm. We use both mattresses with adjustable bases.”

Heavy Weight Stomach Sleepers

Unfortunately, there is just no way for a heavy-weight stomach sleeper to have a good rest on this mattress. The pressure exerted by the pelvis backed up by the heavyweight will make the mattress “taco” around the sleeper in an uncomfortable manner. I suggest you find a firm mattress if you are going to be stomach sleeping a lot.

Feel free to explore our insights into the Casper Sleep Original Hybrid Mattress through our detailed review. We recommend giving it a read for a thorough understanding and informed decision on your sleep investment.

What are the Prices and Sizes Available for Casper Wave Hybrid Snow?




Check Price

Twin XL

80"L x 38"W x 13"Th

76 lbs


75"L x 53"W x 13"Th

100 lbs


80"L x 60"W x 13"Th

111 lbs


80"L x 76"W x 13"Th

145 lbs

California King

84"L x 72"W x 13"Th

143 lbs

User-Friendliness and Customer Service Excellence: Casper Wave Hybrid Snow Mattress

A great product alone does not make for a good shopping experience. The customer service surrounding the product is also important. So, let’s see how Casper handles it.

Unboxing and off gassing Casper Wave Hybrid Snow

Casper Wave Hybrid Snow_unboxing and off gassing

The Casper Wave Hybrid Snow mattress arrives rolled up in a box. To unbox it simply remove the cardboard packing and cut away the wrapping plastic. The mattress will start inflating after getting exposed to air. It is advised to provide a few hours for the mattress to fully decompress and inflate to its original size. Here is a small review by Cristina Arroyo that really sells the fact that this mattress is easy to unpack.

“Very comfortable, easy to unpack, pricey but worth it. We did so much research and this is the best option for us. Very happy with our mattress!”

There may or may not be a chemical smell after the initial unpacking. This smell will go away in a few hours or a few days depending on the ventilation. It is recommended that you unpack the mattress in an airy space to get rid of the smell quickly.

Where can you buy it?

You can buy the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow from Amazon or the Casper website. As for walk-in stores, you can buy them from stores such as:

  • Target 
  • Costco
  • Walmart
  • Denver Mattress
  • Home Outfitters

And others. 

If you’re curious to explore further, make sure to check out the Casper Mattress Reviews brand page for a detailed look at their offerings.

Delivery and Return

Casper ships its mattresses through postal services such as UPS and FedEx. They can deliver to anywhere in the contiguous United States and Canada. Alaska and Hawaii require an extra delivery fee though. 

For an additional fee, Casper also provides a “white glove service” where they remove your old mattress and set up your new mattress in its place in the proper fashion. However, they will only do so for the same number of items that they deliver i.e., one mattress delivered means only one old one gets removed.

Trial Period

There is a 100-night trial period. Casper has a policy where you must use the mattress for at least 30 nights before you can return it. That’s because 30 nights is the amount of time that it takes for the body to acclimate to a new mattress. After 30 nights have passed and you still don’t like the mattress, you can return the mattress within 100 nights. 


There is a 10-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects such as bad construction that results in premature cracking and faulty zippers for the cover. Indentations that are deeper than 1 inch are also covered.

However, normal wear and tear is not covered by the warranty.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow Mattress Review proves that this mattress is a great all-rounder. It ticks everything on the comfort checklist. It provides adequate support, great cooling, amazing pressure relief, and almost perfect motion isolation. Of course, when you get so many good features in one package, the price understandably becomes higher.

Personally, I think that is a fair trade-off. I would recommend paying this price if you are a light or average-weight person because you will absolutely get the most bang for your buck. With that said, you have read the review and It will help you make an informed decision about whether you want to buy or not buy the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow mattress.

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Q. Is Casper Hybrid snow worth it?

A. Yes, the Casper Hybrid Snow is worth considering as it offers better overall performance, superior cooling, and slightly less sinkage compared to the average mattress. However, it comes at a higher price point and has lower bounce and higher motion transfer levels. Consider these factors when deciding if it suits your preferences and budget.

Q. How firm is the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow?

A. The firmness of the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow Mattress is 6/10, making it slightly softer than the typical medium-firm mattresses in the industry. Those who desire a firmer mattress may find it too soft for their preferences.

Q. Is the Casper Wave worth the extra money?

A. Yes, the Casper Wave Hybrid is worth the extra money. Despite the higher price, this mattress offers enhanced durability compared to similar options. It can withstand wear and tear effectively, making it a better long-term investment. Additionally, the Casper Wave Hybrid is available in standard mattress sizes, providing convenience for all users.

Q. Is the Casper Select Hybrid at Costco the same as the Casper?

A. No, the Casper Select Hybrid at Costco is not the same as the Casper Original. While the Casper Select has an extra layer of memory foam and costs less, it is exclusively available to Costco members. Therefore, the Casper Select Hybrid is a distinct option offered exclusively at Costco.

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