Purple Plus Mattress Review 2023

Purple Plus Mattress Review

Meet the Purple Plus Mattress! If you’re looking for a super comfy bed that’ll have you snoozing like a champ, you’ve come to the right spot. We’re going to give you the lowdown on what makes the Purple Plus Mattress awesome and why it might be the key to your best night’s sleep ever.

With its innovative Purple Grid technology along with other features makes this mattress is ready to transform your nights. 

It’s time to say goodbye to restless sleep and hello to the coziest slumber you’ve ever experienced. The Purple plus Mattress is here to make your dreams sweeter.

Purple Plus Mattress Review

Product Details

Mattress Material

Memory Foam






100-night sleep


Free for North America (USA and Canada)


Fully refund

Side Sleepers
Side Sleepers

Ideal for light and average weigh side sleepers

back sleeping
Back Sleepers

Ideal for light and average weigh side sleepers

stomach sleepers
Stomach Sleepers

Ideal for stomach sleeper of any weigh

Who is this Purple Plus Mattress recommended for?

The Purple Plus Mattress is a versatile choice.It can accommodate a wide range of people and their sleeping preferences.

Recommended for

The Purple plus mattress is best suited for the following types of sleepers.

Back Sleepers

Purple plus mattress Back sleepers

The Purple Plus Mattress is highly recommended for back sleepers. It’s innovative Purple Grid technology and hyper-elastic polymer grid is designed to deliver optimal support and comfort for back sleepers.

Back sleepers generally wants mattress that is firm enough to support spinal alignment. And also soft enough for pressure points like shoulder and hips. 

The Purple Plus mattress fulfill these requirements for light and average weight back sleepers (weighs approx from 130 pounds to 230 pounds.  

Moreover, The Purple Grid’s open design promotes airflow, which is vital for back sleepers who can be more sensitive to overheating during the night. 

Hiedi” on amazon reviewed that her back didn’t hurt after using it. As she is a back sleeper and due to Purple Grid technology, her spine alignment is proper.

“I love that my back hasn’t hurt since I bought it. I do wished it was a little more plush but that’s probably why my back was hurting because my other bed was too soft. I’m a back sleeper. I have always had a butterfly pillow for support and loved it but now I am having to buy the purple harmony pillow because I don’t sink in the bed like before so my favorite pillow is too low so I wake up with my neck and shoulders hurting. I ordered the pillow today so I know when I get it I will be complete”

Side Sleepers

The Purple plus Mattress is an excellent choice for side sleepers. The technical reasons behind this recommendation lie in its innovative Purple Grid technology. 

Side sleepers typical needs a firm mattress that does not let them sink too deep yet it should be soft enough to make them feel comfortable. 

The hyper-elastic polymer grid is designed to cradling the hips and shoulders. 

This cushion helps hips, shoulder and spine alignment, so you don’t wake up with uninterrupted sleeps. 

The side sleepers of average or light weight (230-pound approx.) will find it comfortable to sleep in.

Side sleepers on Amazon have good things to say about this mattress with respect to side-sleeping.

Anne says:

I have never slept so well on any mattress. The top layer is wonderfully soft and squishy, yet there is good support for a side-sleeper. I no longer need to sleep with a pillow between my knees for hip pain, and I don’t wake up with neck or lower back pain any more. I often wake up in the same position I went to sleep in. I LOVE this mattress!

So “Anne” didn’t mention her weight group but we can assume she lies between light weight or average weight group and she enjoyed her sleep as side sleeper on Purple Plus mattress.

Stomach sleepers (light weight approx 130 pound):

People who like to sleep on their stomach find purple Mattress good. Due to its purple grid technology, core of body does not sink so you don’t feel pressure on pelvis, hips and shoulder. One of the Reasons behind their likeness is when they lie on purple plus mattress GelFlex Technology makes them comfortable with reduced temperature. 

But people who weigh more than 130 pounds find it uncomfortable and should not use Purple plus mattress.

Who are Not recommended for Purple plus Mattress:

While the Purple plus mattress is a great choice for most people. But it cannot cater to all types of people. As such it is not recommended for the following people.

Stomach sleepers (weigh more than 130 pounds to 260 pounds):

People who like to sleep on their stomachs may find that their core sinks just a tiny bit too much into the mattress. They might feel pressure on their hips and shoulder.  This usually happens with people who weigh more. 

But people who weigh more than that and prefer sleeping on their stomachs should not use it. They can try out some of the other options by Purple Plus Mattress.

Heavy Sleepers

People who weigh higher than average will not enjoy sleeping on Purple plus mattress. The all-foam construction is not firm enough to prevent excessive sinkage into the mattress. This can cause issues like poor sleeping posture and result in various kinds of aches and pains.

If you belong in this category, you should check out some of Casper’s firmer variants to see what fits your needs.

Stomach sleepers (weigh more than 140 pounds)

People who like to sleep on their stomachs may find that their core sinks just a tiny bit into the mattress. They may feel pressure on shoulders and spine when they sink from core. This usually happens with people who are average weight sleeper and heavy weight sleepers (approx weigh more than 140 pounds and less than 240 pounds). These people like to have firm mattress which do not sink when lying over it.

Heavy weight sleepers:

People who weigh higher than average (more than 240 pounds approx) will not enjoy sleeping on purple plus mattress. The construction is not firm enough to prevent excessive sinkage into the mattress due to all foam mattresses. Moreover it will not support to relieve pressure points like hips, shoulders, and spine. Heavy sleepers find it uncomfortable and aching. So they should try some other options of Purple Mattress.

How is the Purple Plus Mattress Designed/Constructed?

Purple Plus Mattress

The Purple plus Mattress is built in a special way to make it super comfy for sleeping. It’s a dual-layer, all-foam 11 inches mattress.

The top cover is made of SoftFlex that is constructed in non-toxic materials, Such as recyclable, food-grade and food contact grade material. It is best for those people who face hypo allergies issues from mattress.

Breathable, stretch material flexes seamlessly are some important factors of SoftFlex cover

The top layer is 2 inches thick. It is made of a Purple GelFlex Grid (Hyper Elastic Polymer), non-toxic moisture wicking treatment.

First comfort layers consist of 2 inches and made of polyurethane foam

This soft bouncy layer lets the mattress contour around the hips and shoulders. That’s why making it a perfect choice for side sleeping posture.

The second layer is made of firmer material and consists of 3 inches polyurethane foam and called the support layer.

This layer prevents people from sinking into the mattress. This firmness is what helps with spine alignment for back sleepers. 

And the base layer consists of 4″ polyurethane foam. This layer helps to support stabilization and less bounce in Purple Plus mattress. 

A costumer named “SCW” submitted his review after using Purple plus Mattress as below:

Great support, comfy, has really helped with lower back pain. Not too soft, not too hard, it’s just right. Goldilocks approved!

SCW submitted his review and is super satisfied after using Purple plus mattress. 

The combined height of both these layers is 11 inches and the support layer is 9 inches thick.

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What are the Features of Purple Plus Mattress?

Now, we will discuss the features available in the Purple Plus Mattress.

Purple Grid Technology:

The heart of the Purple Plus Mattress is the Purple Grid. This technology consists of a hyper-elastic polymer material formed into a grid pattern. The grid is designed to be both soft and supportive simultaneously.

The hyper-elastic can quickly adapt to pressure and return to its original shape.  It effectively captures pressure points, such as hips and shoulders, neck and spine. 

Ensuring the rest of your body remains properly aligned. 

It is also highly breathable, which helps with temperature regulation.

Motion Isolation

Purple mattresses have good motion isolation. Thanks to the independent grid columns, and with special technology, movements on one side of the bed are less likely to transfer to the other side, making it an excellent choice for couples.

The Purple Grid is made of a hyper-elastic polymer material that’s arranged in a grid pattern.

This material is designed to be highly responsive to pressure points. 

Here is a review to show you that this is indeed the case. This is from a reviewer called “Nicole”. They describe their experience with the phrase “game changer as no feeling of other’s movement”.  

However, the most important part of their review is this. 

“This mattress is a game changer. No more hip and back pain. You can’t feel others’ movement. Best purchase to-date”

Open Grid Design:

The open grid structure of the Purple Grid is a standout feature. GelFlex Grid allows for excellent airflow with over 1400 air channels within the mattress, reducing heat retention and helping to keep the sleeper cool.

These elements work together to create an environment that helps dissipate heat, wick away moisture, and maintain a comfortable sleep temperature throughout the night.

This technology regulate your bed temperature makes your bed more cool. 

An Amazon reviewer “bobhdus” talks about the cooling and comfort of the Purple plus Mattress.

“I really like this mattress. It took awhile to get answers from purple people but we decided to get the mattress that was medium firmness. I personally if I could’ve had more info might have gone with the soft version. My favorite part of this mattress is that it never feels too warm under the covers while sleeping. It’s not necessarily cold either it just doesn’t feel too warm. It’s pricey but I think it’ll last a long time.”

We can assume that “bobhdus” satisfied with its GelFlex technology for heat retention. So, If you are a hot sleeper and insist on using a foam mattress, then this is an excellent choice.

Pressure points Relief and Back Support

Pressure points Relief and Back Support

The Purple Grid technology excels at pressure relief. When you lie on the mattress, the grid collapses under areas of pressure (like hips and shoulders), providing customized support and reducing pressure points. 

Purple Grid technology is known for its durability. It doesn’t lose its shape or break down easily; in fact it ensures a longer lifespan for the mattress.

Due to the Purple Grid, it distributes your body weight evenly across its surface. So when you wake up you feel fresher ready to conquer the world.  

“Debbie” reviewed on Amazon and shared the experience of having a quality sleep and even bought a pillow with mattress. This combination makes her feel like sleeping on clouds. Here are the exact words:

I love my purple mattress! It is comfortable & supportive. My quality of sleep has improved greatly! I also bought the purple pillow. The mattress & pillow are a winning combination!

Base & edge layers for support

Beneath the Purple Grid, there’s usually a base layer made of high-density polyurethane foam or a similar material. This layer provides overall structural support and stability to the mattress.

When you sit or lay down on the edge it doesn’t feel like you might fall off.

Edge support in the Purple plus Mattress is achieved through a combination of reinforced perimeter materials and design features. These elements work together to provide consistent and stable support. With these things mattress’s edges, enhancing comfort, durability, and the overall sleep experience.

You can use the entire mattress, right up to the edges, and it stays nice and stable.


Purple mattresses are typically CertiPUR-US certified, meaning they meet specific standards for content, emissions, and durability.

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Testing Purple plus Mattress with Different Weights and Sleeping Positions

Testing a purple plus mattress is like finding the perfect hug for your sleep, where comfort whispers its approval in every peaceful night’s dream.

I had these people try out the mattress in various sleeping positions and told me about their experiences in detail. So, here are my findings.

Light weight Sleepers in all three positions (approx 130 pounds)

As the experience can vary with sleeping positions, I tested for all three positions as well. Here are the results. For the record, light sleepers are those who weigh 130 pounds or less.

Light Weight Side Sleepers

The Purple plus Mattress is fantastic for people who like to sleep on their sides. 

It supports your shoulders and hips very well so that you won’t feel uncomfortable or aching. The reason behind this is polymer elastic technology. Light weight side sleeper doesn’t sink from core of body that’s why most of participants liked using purple plus mattress.  

GelFlex Grid technology combined with breathable Ultra Comfort Foam provides extra conforming pressure relief and makes this mattress more unique. 

So, the testing of light weight side sleeping position had the best result. The feedback from all participants makes it great choice as it comfort hips and shoulders.

Light Weight Back Sleepers

The Purple plus Mattress keeps your spine alignment in comfortable and right position. The dual-layer construction with supportive foam core makes purple plus mattress great at pressure relieving. 

Moreover, its GelFlex Technology with 1400+ air grid reduces temperature so that you feel cooler while laying over it. 

So, the response to this test was very positive. All participants provided great feedback about pressure relief and overall comfort. The Purple plus Mattress is a top recommendation for lightweight back sleepers.

Light Weight Stomach Sleepers

The Purple plus mattress’s polymer elastic grid technology creates even distribution of weight when you lay down over it. It ensures relief in pressure points of hips, spine, and shoulders. It provides the necessary support for the neck and head. It does not sink from midsection. 

Moreover, it has one more edge that Purple plus Mattress has SoftFlex top cover that is breathable, stretchy and hypo allergic free.  

So in that sense according to the feedback you will not be complaining about an aching neck or stiff back if you sleep on your stomach. And the other important thing Stomach sleepers will not suffer from heat retention or any sort of allergy.

Average Sleepers in all Three Positions

For this test, we are considering the average weight as less than 240 pounds but higher than 130 pounds.

Average Weight Side Sleepers

The Purple Grid responds to their body’s contours, breathable Ultra Comfort Foam provides extra conforming pressure relief. This targeted pressure relief allows these areas to relax and sink comfortably with edge support. The Purple plus Mattress helps cushioning to spine, hips, and shoulders. 

So, the testing of these average side sleepers let us know it’s the superior pressure relief and support for hips, shoulders, and spine due to its grid technology. The dual layer of supportive foam helps to sink comfortably but not too much. It’s a cozy friend for average side sleepers.

Average Weight Back Sleepers

Purple plus Mattress is like a comfortable bed that supports your back perfectly. 

Due to dual layer construction along with ultra comfort foam spine alignment in even form and distribute weight in equal amount. 

The pressure on the shoulders, neck, and hips/waist is also evenly distributed so that it never becomes painful and doesn’t sink too deep. 

GelFlex Technology makes it more unique, and it cools down temperature. 

Feedback from numerous participants showed us great results for average weight back sleepers due to GelFlex technology and grid technology for relieving pressure points.

Average Weight Stomach Sleepers

A purple plus mattress is not suitable for an average weight stomach sleeper. It does not provide proper support and digs too deep into SoftFlex top layer. And because of this you might feel pressure on hips, neck, and shoulder. 

This position can become painful and uncomfortable if held for long. So, average-weight stomach sleepers should change their sleeping pose. Or try Purple’s other variety of mattresses for comfortable sleep.

Heavy Weight Sleepers in all three positions

From my experience (well the experience of my friends and family), this mattress is not suitable for people who weigh 250 pounds or higher. The fact of the matter is that mattresses are not great at supporting such high weights.

Heavy Weight Side Sleepers

Purple plus Mattress is appropriate to give comfort and support for people of light weight and average weight sleepers.

Heavy-weight individuals may find that the Purple plus Mattress feels like sinking too deeply into the mattress. 

Moreover, they also feel pressure on the shoulder, spine, and pelvis. It may not be the ideal choice for all heavy-weight side sleepers.

Sadly, it may not provide the necessary deep contouring and support needed by heavier individuals in the side sleeping position. As such, I do not recommend heavy sleepers to lie sideways on this bed.

Heavy Back Sleepers

For heavier individuals who mostly sleep on their backs, the grid may not provide the firm support for proper spinal alignment. This lack of firmness can lead to discomfort and aching with back support. That’s why purple plus mattress makes it less suitable for heavy weight back sleepers. 

In that sense I do not prefer to choose Purple NewDay Mattress. But you can choose some other varieties from Purple Mattress.

Heavy Weight Stomach Sleepers

The Purple Plus mattress might not be the best choice for heavy weight stomach sleepers. As it doesn’t offer enough support to keep your spine aligned when you sleep on your stomach. This can lead to uncomfortable pressure points in areas like your hips and chest, making it less suitable for stomach sleeping.

According to my tests, the hips sink too low even in the support layer which makes it uncomfortable to sleep in this position.

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What are the Prices and Sizes Available for Purple plus mattress?




Check Price


  75” x 38" x 11"

  65 lbs

Twin XL

  80” x 38” x 11"

  69 lbs


  75” x 54” x 11"

  92 lbs


  80” x 60” x 11"

  109 lbs


  80” x 76” x 11"

  138 lbs

California King

  84” x 72” x 11"

  137 lbs

Ease of Use and Customer Service/Support of the Purple plus Mattress

How easy is it to Unbox and off gas

Unboxing and dealing with any smell when you first get your Purple plus Mattress is easy.

Here’s how to do it:

Use scissors or a utility knife to carefully cut open the top of the box. Be cautious not to damage the mattress inside.

Once the box is open, gently lift the mattress out of the box. It may be heavy, so you may need assistance. Place it on your bed frame or foundation.

The mattress will be tightly wrapped in plastic. Carefully cut the plastic open, being cautious not to cut the mattress itself. 

it’s normal for it to emit a slight odor during this time. You may also notice some wrinkles or creases; these usually disappear as the mattress fully inflates.

Once the Purple Plus Mattress has fully expanded, you can put your fitted sheet and other bedding on it. Give it a few days to fully settle, and you’re ready to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep.

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Where can you buy it?

The Purple NewDay Mattress can be bought on Amazon, the Purple website, or walk-in stores.

Delivery and Return

Purple NewDay can be shipped anywhere in the USA that can be reached by road for free. Island states require an extra fee for delivery. Delivery usually takes 3 to 9 business days.

If you want to return a Purple NewDay mattress for any reason, you can fully refund it by submitting a request through email, through their website, or through customer support.

Trial Period

There is a 100-night trial period. You can refund the mattress if you do not like it if this 100-day limit is not crossed. This trial period is provided because it can take up to 30 days to get used to a new mattress.


Purple plus mattress provides a 10-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects. If your mattress was bought directly from Purple then you do not need to register it to get the warranty. But you must register it if it was bought from Amazon store.

Final Thoughts

In this Purple plus mattress review, mattressfirmpillows concluded that this is a great budget-friendly mattress for light and average-weight sleepers. Its dual-layer base support foam design provides enough bounce, cushioning effect, and firmness to support sleeping positions and provide pressure relief.

Its 100-day trial period, easy unpacking, financing, and full refund policy provide enough safety nets for customers to try this mattress. So, if you fall in the target market for the Purple plus mattress, do try it out.

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Q. What are the benefits of the Purple Plus mattress?

A. The Purple Plus mattress offers several benefits including excellent heat dissipation with over 1,400 air channels in its hyperelastic material. It also provides relief in high-pressure areas like the lumbar region, shoulders, and hips through its contoured GelFlex layer. Experience improved temperature regulation and targeted pressure relief with the Purple Plus mattress. sleeping positions.

Q. What is the difference between purple mattress and Purple plus?

A. The main difference between Purple Mattress and Purple Plus® is that Purple Plus® mattresses have a dual layer of Base Support foam instead of just one layer, along with a breathable Ultra Comfort Foam layer. This dual layer provides enhanced support and stability for the mattress. Upgrade to Purple Plus® for added features and benefits.

Q. Is the Purple Plus too soft?

A. No, the Purple Plus is not too soft. We rated it as a 5 on our 10-point firmness scale, which is considered medium firm. This makes it suitable for various types of sleepers. Sleepers weighing below 130 pounds may prefer a softer feel, while those above 230 pounds may require a firmer mattress for adequate support.

Q. Is Purple Plus mattress good for heavy people?

A. Yes, the Purple RestorePlus™ Hybrid Mattress is ideal for heavy individuals. With an additional inch of grid height for enhanced pressure relief and a combination of foam and coils for support, it caters to their needs. User feedback confirms that movement transfer is minimal.

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